A dishwasher is a machine that does the dishes for you in a mechanical way. This way, you no longer have to do the dishes, but they are done for you.
Looking for a new dishwasher? You'll find out everything you need to know about buying a dishwasher here. We'll also explain in detail how to find the right dishwasher for you, as well as answer the most common questions about buying one.




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Buying a new dishwasher

There are many aspects to consider when buying a new dishwasher, and sometimes one of those aspects is extra important. With so many different dishwashers on the market, we understand that you may want to take a more focused look at a dishwasher. To be able to better focus on a new dishwasher, the following is useful to know: A dishwasher can be divided into three categories, namely: Built-in, undermount and freestanding dishwashers.

Before you can continue your search for a new dishwasher, you first have to choose which type of dishwasher you would like to have in your home. We have listed information for each type of dishwasher so that you can make the best choice. Clicking on the buttons will show you the best dishwashers in that category!

Detached dishwasher

Set up completely detached in your kitchen. View the top 5 best freestanding dishwashers by 2024

Built-in dishwasher

Installs behind a kitchen cabinet and under the kitchen worktop. View the top 5 best built-in dishwashers of 2024

Undermounted dishwasher

Installs under the kitchen worktop. Check out the top 5 best undermounted dishwashers from 2024

Types of built-in dishwashers

Would you like a built-in dishwasher? A built-in dishwasher is neatly incorporated into your kitchen or another cabinet so you don’t have a separate appliance in your room. The big advantage of this is that the new dishwasher then blends in perfectly with the current interior of your home! A built-in dishwasher can be divided into three different categories, namely: Undermount, semi and fully integrated dishwashers. Below, we provide information about these three different types of built-in dishwashers. By clicking on the buttons you will see the top 5 best dishwashers within that particular category!

Fully Integrated Dishwasher

This model is completely installed under the kitchen worktop and behind one of the kitchen cabinets. Check out the top 5 best fully integrated dishwashers from 2024

Semi-integrated dishwasher

This model will be hidden away under the kitchen worktop and will be partially behind a front panel. You will only see the control panel at the top. View the top 5 best semi integrated dishwashers from 2024

Undermounted dishwasher

This model will only be installed under the kitchen worktop. So you will still see the entire front of the dishwasher. This model is only placed under the kitchen worktop, so you will still be able to see the whole front of the dishwasher. This also applies the other way around, if you have a small family you won’t need such a large dishwasher. To help you out, we’ve made a list of the best dishwashers for a large or small family. Click on the button below to check out the 5 best dishwashers for your family!

Dishwasher for a small family

A small family with 1 or 2 people? Go for this dishwasher

Family dishwasher

A family with 3 or 4 people? Go for this dishwasher

Dishwasher for a large family

A large family with 5 or more people? Then choose this dishwasher

Dishwasher brands

Choosing a dishwasher is not always easy. This is because there are many different brands that offer dishwashers, and within those brands there are also a large number of different models. This can make choosing a dishwasher very tricky. To help you in your quest for a new dishwasher, we tested the best dishwasher brands of 2024. Our top 9 can be found below! By clicking on the brand, we will show you the top 5 best dishwashers within that brand.

Choose additional features

In addition to the type, brand or size of your dishwasher, you can also choose additional features that the dishwasher may have. For example, do you think it’s important that a dishwasher doesn’t use a lot of electricity and water? Then it’s best to choose an energy-efficient model. Or if your dishwasher is next to the living room where you’re always watching TV, it’s not practical for it to make a lot of noise. There are a number of additional features to choose from. Clicking on the feature you are looking for will take you to a page where we show you the top 5 best dishwashers with those features. The dishwashers in this top 5 score very highly in tests that have been carried out on them. They have been tested for: build quality, washing quality, ease of use, lifetime, price-performance ratio, the reviews of current users and much more. So you can be sure that you are buying a good dishwasher!

Efficient dishwasher

The best dishwashers with energy label A.

Inexpensive dishwasher

The best dishwashers for under €400

Small dishwasher

A compact dishwasher up to 45 centimetres wide.

Silent dishwasher

A quiet dishwasher produces 43 decibels or less of noise

Dishwasher with an extra clean wash cycle

The best dishwashers that give your dirty dishes an extra clean wash.

What to look for when buying a dishwasher

Before buying a new dishwasher, it’s helpful to know what to look for. To help you do this, we have compiled a list of the most important things to consider when buying a dishwasher:

Type of dishwasher

Before buying a dishwasher, you need to decide what type of dishwasher you want to buy. A dishwasher can be divided into two main categories:

Detached dishwasher:A detached dishwasher is an appliance that one usually places loose in a kitchen or utility room. The exterior of these machines is usually white or stainless steel.

Installed dishwasher: A built-in dishwasher is not something you put in the kitchen on its own, but rather you build it into your kitchen.

Integrated dishwasher: A built-in dishwasher is not something you set up on its own, but rather something you build into your kitchen. A front panel is fitted to the front of the dishwasher that is exactly the same as the rest of the kitchen cupboards. This allows the dishwasher to blend in perfectly with your interior. The control panel on a fully integrated dishwasher is on the inside.

Semi Integrated Dishwasher:These dishwashers are installed fully inside your kitchen with a front panel just like a fully integrated dishwasher. The only difference is that a semi integrated dishwasher has a control panel on the front that you can see. This panel is usually on the top and is around 10 to 15 centimeters. The advantage of this is that you can control the dishwasher from the outside.

Undermounted dishwasher:These dishwashers are only installed under the kitchen worktop. The dishwasher does not get a front panel, which means you are looking at the dishwasher’s own appearance. However, you can control these dishwashers from the front.


When buying a built-in dishwasher, it is very important to pay attention to the niche measurements and the size of the front panel. Measurement is knowledge, and by knowing the dimensions of the dishwasher you can prevent it from not fitting in your kitchen. You can usually find out the minimum niche dimensions the dishwasher needs to have on the product page of the dishwasher itself. It is important to measure these dimensions to the nearest millimetre!


It is also useful to consider the noise level of the dishwasher. If your dishwasher is right next to your living room, it’s not convenient if you can’t hear the television at night. The noise level can be divided into three categories:

  • Silent: 43 dB or less
  • Normal: 44-48 dB
  • Hard: 48 dB or more

At first glance, the difference between 43 and 48 dB may not seem like much, but it’s worth noting that the sound doubles every 3 decibels.

Energy label

In addition to the noise level, it is useful to look at the energy label of the dishwasher. If you don’t take this into account, you could end up buying a dishwasher with energy class e. This is not only bad for the environment, but also for your wallet!

With a dishwasher with energy label a, you spend 36 euros a year on water and energy costs, while a dishwasher with energy label F costs around 110 euros. An energy-efficient dishwasher can save you up to 74 euros annually. Over its entire lifetime, you can therefore save around 851 euros! So it’s not just good for the environment, it’s good for your wallet too!

Number of Couverts

When it comes to a dishwasher, the ‘payload’ is not expressed in kilograms, as with a washing machine, but in the number of couverts. Couverts is used as a unit to represent the size of the load of a dishwasher. A couverts is a set of eating utensils for one meal for one person.

Most people choose a dishwasher based on the number of place settings. You can use the following as a starting point:

  • Household with 1 or 2 people: 6-10 place settings.
  • Household with 3 or 4 persons: 11 – 13 place settings
  • Household with 5 or more persons: 14 through 15 place settings

Frequently asked questions when buying a dishwasher

What is the best dishwasher?

The best dishwasher has top notch build quality and top notch wash quality. It also has the highest possible energy label, namely energy label A, which means it uses little energy and water. Usually, the dishwashers from Miele, Siemens and Bosch come out best in the test. Looking for a good quality dishwasher?

What is the average lifespan of a dishwasher?

The lifespan of a dishwasher is on average 11.5 years.

Where to buy a dishwasher?

You can buy a dishwasher online from a webshop or from a store. However, ordering your dishwasher online has some major advantages, namely: you can compare lots of models at the same time, most online shops will deliver the dishwasher for free and sometimes even install it right where you want it. An example of reputable companies where you can order a dishwasher online are coolblue.nl and bol.com.

What is a good cheap dishwasher?

A cheap dishwasher costs less than €400 euros. If you are looking for a good cheap dishwasher, always pay attention to the build and wash quality. These details determine the life of the dishwasher and how well it washes dirty dishes. You should also make sure that the cheap dishwasher does not have a very low energy label.

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