Cleaning the dishwasher

You can clean and sanitize a dishwasher in the following ways: First of all, empty the dishwasher. Then remove the filter from the dishwasher and then remove all the debris from here. Check the amount of detergent salt in the bottom of the dishwasher and replenish it if necessary. Then run a program with dishwasher cleaner and let it run until it is done. Finally, dry the whole inside with a cloth to make sure all the dirt is removed, and don't forget the rubber edges!

Cleaning the dishwasher



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How to clean a dishwasher?

Cleaning a dishwasher only takes ten minutes and involves following these steps:

Step 1: Empty the dishwasher

Make your dishwasher empty. You can leave the racks in though, so that they get clean right away too. If you search the internet for cleaning your dishwasher, you will also find sources that say you should take out the racks. The choice is entirely up to you, but keep in mind that you will have to clean the racks by hand.

Step 2: Clean the filter

Take the filter out of the dishwasher and remove any food that remains. Wash the parts of the filter separately with a damp cloth and a little detergent. You can also then place the filter in a bowl of boiling water, a teaspoon of baking soda and half a lemon. Put the filter back together and place it back in the dishwasher.

Step 3: Check the baking soda

Every dishwasher has a round button on the bottom where the baking soda reservoir sits. This keeps limescale from building up on your glasses. Step 4: Run the dishwasher with machine cleaner

There are several products available specifically designed to clean your dishwasher. Most brands that offer dishwasher tablets also have a bottle of detergent in the range. You place this in one of the racks and then the liquid will clean your dishwasher.

Step 5: Dry the inside

When the empty dishwasher has run the program with the detergent, it will continue to dry. Once the program has finished open the door and wipe down the inside with a soft cloth. Dry the dishwasher well to make sure no dirt sticks to it. Don’t forget the rubber edges on the side, where dirt often gets stuck. Now your dishwasher is clean!

Why do you need to clean a dishwasher?

You need to clean your dishwasher to keep it working properly. This is because all the leftover food particles that come from your dirty dishes can get stuck in the machine and if that builds up, you’ll suffer from blockages. For example, the debris can get into the pump, preventing the water from draining out properly.

As a result, your dirty dishes won’t get clean or water will be left on the bottom of the dishwasher, causing it to smell. In the worst case scenario, a clog like this will even prevent you from using your dishwasher at all. Cleaning your dishwasher regularly will ensure that it will function properly for longer and you will always have perfectly clean dishes.

When should you clean your dishwasher?

There are two things that very clearly indicate that it is time to clean your dishwasher.

Your dirty dishes won’t get clean anymore

It’s time to give your dishwasher a good cleaning if your dirty dishes no longer come out of the dishwasher completely clean. This is because there’s a good chance that the spray arms or filter are clogged with debris, preventing the water from passing through the dishwasher properly.

Unpleasant odors are coming from your dishwasher

A second indication that it’s time to clean your dishwasher properly is when your dishwasher smells. In this case, the pump or drain hose is probably clogged, preventing the dirty dishwater from draining properly. It will then stay at the bottom of your dishwasher and start to smell. Cleaning your dishwasher will get rid of those bad smells fast.

Always make sure you rinse your dirty dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, to reduce the chance of food residue getting left behind! Keep your dishwasher clean by cleaning your dishwasher following these steps.

Picture of Yannick

A wash geek since 2017

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