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Are you looking to buy a new AEG heat pump dryer? Then you've come to the right place! On this page, you can read everything you need to know about AEG heat pump dryers.

AEG heat pump dryer



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Information about AEG heat pump dryers

AEG is a German origin brand that sells household products worldwide. According to the Consumers’ Association, AEG is also the maker of the best heat pump dryers of 2024!

Despite the fact that Miele, Bosch and Siemens get a higher mark for brand satisfaction according to the Consumers’ Association, AEG has the heat pump dryers that score best. These are the AEG T9DENS87 and the AEG T9DEN87CC. Both dryers dry your laundry excellent and in an energy efficient way.

Washers from AEG are generally expensive to buy. For this reason, AEG scores less well when you look at the price-quality ratio, according to the Consumers’ Association. This also applies to similar brands Miele, Bosch, Siemens and Samsung.

Dryers now offer all sorts of features to make drying as easy as possible for you. What features you can expect with a dryer varies by brand. Below you will find explanations of some of the brand-specific features of AEG heat pump dryers.

AEG ProSense technology

Using this technology, your clothes will not be dried longer than necessary. The dryer measures how hot and how long it needs to dry your laundry, keeping your clothes looking great for longer and using less energy.

AEG SensiDry technology

Some types of laundry, such as silk, business shirts and delicate fabrics, need special care to last longer. SensiDry Technology ensures your clothes are only dried at relatively low temperatures, so they are not exposed to unnecessary heat. SensiDry Technology also shortens the drying time. The AEG AbsoluteCare system uses intelligent drum movements (changeable rotation) and modified temperatures to ensure that clothes, such as an everyday business shirt or ski jacket, stay in better shape. Using AEG FiberPro means you don’t have to sort your laundry before putting it in the dryer. You can load wool pullovers, cotton t-shirts, business shirts and sportswear all at the same time. The unique 3DScan sensor detects the humidity in the laundry and adjusts the drying programme and the temperature inside the drum accordingly.

AEG Protex drum

If you do not like ironing, choose an AEG heat pump dryer with a Protex drum. These dryers have an interchangeable rotation that ensures your laundry dries evenly and comes out with less violent wrinkles.

Best buy AEG heat pump dryer

AEG is one of the best brands when it comes to dryers. And if you need a heat pump dryer even more so! This is because in a survey of heat pump dryers by the Consumers’ Association, AEG came out on top. These are the AEG T9DENS87 and the AEG T9DEN87CC. Of course, AEG has even more excellent heat pump dryers on offer. In the list below, you’ll find our top 5 of the best AEG heat pump dryers of 2024. In making this selection, we looked at the number of kg, noise level and drying programmes. Is your new heat pump dryer among them?

Best AEG heat pump dryer; what to look for

You know you want to buy a heat pump dryer, and that it has to be from AEG. That’s a good start, but there are obviously more things to consider when buying a dryer. So below you’ll find our tips for buying an AEG heat pump dryer. Are you still struggling and want personal advice? There are several types of dryers, the heat pump dryer, the condenser dryer and the airflow dryer. Drying with a heat pump dryer is the most energy-efficient way of drying, and therefore good for the environment and your wallet. Heat pump dryers are so energy efficient because they use a heat pump and a refrigerant. They dry at lower temperatures, which is why they’re better for your laundry than traditional condenser dryers. When looking at energy consumption, condensing dryers are in second place. Condensate dryers use a higher temperature and are therefore faster at drying bedding and clothes, although they do cost more energy. The energy consumption of air extraction dryers is even higher, so we do not recommend this type of dryer. AEG manufactures mainly heat pump dryers, but also has condenser dryers and an occasional extractor dryer on offer.

Energy rating

The energy label of a clothes dryer indicates how energy efficient the dryer is for drying. Often you will pay more for a better energy label, but in use these dryers are much cheaper. An energy efficient dryer is not only good for the environment, but also for your energy bill. If you want an energy efficient dryer, choose a heat pump dryer with energy class A ++ or A ++. By choosing an energy-efficient dryer instead of a condenser dryer, you can save up to €888 over its lifetime.

Condensation drain

With AEG heat pump dryers you usually have a choice of how you want to drain the water, either collecting it in a tank or draining it via a water outlet. By using a hose to direct the water away via the water outlet, you don’t have to worry about the condensation drain on your dryer. For this reason we recommend drainage via the water outlet. This is a low maintenance choice. If you don’t have a drain in your laundry room, a tank is a good alternative. The fill weight of a dryer indicates how many kg of wash fits into a full drum. But how much fill weight do you need? We recommend that you buy a dryer that has at least the same load as your washing machine. That way, you can always fit all your wet laundry directly into the dryer. Are you buying a new washing machine and a new dryer? Check out the following list for guidance:

  • Having a household of 1 or 2 people? If so, choose a heat pump dryer with a drying capacity of 7kg.
  • Having a household of 3 or 4 people? Then choose a heat pump dryer with a drying capacity of 8 kg.
  • Having a household of 5 or more? Then choose a heat pump dryer with a 9kg drying capacity or more.

Most AEG heat pump dryers have a 8kg fill weight, but they also have several 7kg and 9kg dryers.

Ease of use

Heat pump dryers have the latest technology to make drying as easy as possible for you, and the AEG brand is no exception. Such features include a self-cleaning condenser, app-based controls and a range of drying programmes for items including woollens, cotton t-shirts, business shirts and outdoor clothing. These programs will keep your garments feeling special, dryer after dryer.

Noise level

The average dryer, especially a heat pump dryer, is a lot quieter than most washing machines. Still, the noise can be distracting, for example if you wash and dry at night or you have thin walls. If you are looking for a quiet heat pump dryer, look at the noise level. This tells you in decibels (dB) how much noise the appliance produces. Dryers are rated in 3 categories: Loud (67 dB or above), Normal (65 dB or 66 dB), and Quiet (64 dB or below).

Building Quality

The build quality of a dryer indicates its expected lifetime and drying performance. For this purpose, dryers are divided into 3 categories: basic class, middle class and top class. However, not every supplier and manufacturer is as open about the build quality of their products. If this is the case, it may be useful to look at the brand and price range. AEG is together with Miele, Siemens, Samsung andBosch one of the best brands when it comes to dryers according to the Consumers’ Association. However, these brands are on the expensive side, so they score low on value for money according to the Consumers’ Association. If you are looking for a dryer with a good price-quality ratio, Whirlpool, Indesit and Zanussi are interesting brands for you.

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