Bosch heat pump dryer

Are you looking for a Bosch heat pump dryer? We understand that, as Bosch is the most popular brand for tumble dryers in the Netherlands. Everything you need to know about Bosch dryers is on this page.

Bosch heat pump dryer



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Information on Bosch heat pump dryers

Bosch is a great brand. Reliable and diverse. The originally German brand has been around for more than 135 years and sells household appliances all over the world.

The Consumers’ Association conducts an annual survey of clothes dryer brands and how they perform. The survey not only found that Bosch is among the best tumble dryer brands, but that they are also the most popular brand for tumble dryers in the Netherlands. Almost a quarter of all respondents in the 2024 survey by the Consumers’ Association had a Bosch clothes dryer.

For brand satisfaction, Bosch received an 8.8 from the respondents. This puts them in second place after Miele. If you look at the assessment of the price-quality ratio, Bosch unfortunately does less well. This is because Bosch dryers are in a higher price range. However, the same goes for Miele, Siemens and AEG.

If you are planning to buy a Bosch heat pump dryer, it is useful to know what brand-specific features you may run into. These features are designed to make your laundry as easy as possible. This feature takes the worry out of servicing your Bosch dryer. Bosch AutoClean automatically removes lint from the dryer. This keeps the appliance drying efficiently and you do not need to remove lint from the filter or door opening yourself.


Using sensors, your Bosch dryer measures how moist and warm it is inside the drum. This way your laundry is protected from extremely high temperatures, does not dry unnecessarily and does not use more energy than necessary.

Fill Up

Did you forget some laundry? The refill function from Bosch allows you to add forgotten items at a later point in the wash cycle.

Home Connect

The Home Connect app from Bosch lets you control your Bosch appliances remotely via your smartphone. No matter where you are, the Home Connect app puts you in control of your Bosch heat pump dryer.

Iron Assist

Do you hate ironing or simply do not have the time? With the Iron Assist function from Bosch, you can remove the worst creases from your clothes without any effort. Sometimes you won’t even need to iron at all.

Self-cleaning Condenser

This feature also takes work out of your hands. Normally, you need to clean the condenser of your heat pump dryer once in a while to make sure it can do its job optimally. With a self-cleaning condenser, the heat pump dryer does it for you.


This is a wireless technology that allows you to connect your Bosch dryer and your Bosch washing machine. By doing this, the dryer is able to choose the drying programme that best suits the type of washing you have in the drum at that moment.

Bosch Exclusiv

Products from the Bosch Exclusiv line come with a range of features to make your life as easy as possible. These products are of the highest quality. Dryers in this line are particularly good for delicate fabrics and wool, among others. This line is sold only at certified retail outlets.

Best Bosch heat pump dryer

Are you looking for the best Bosch heat pump dryer? You have come to the right place! The top 5 below are the best Bosch heat pump dryers from 2024. In making this selection, we have compared a lot of dryers from the Bosch brand, including energy class, special drying programs, fill weight, noise level and special features. These Bosch heat pump dryers have been awarded the best review.

Buying a Bosch heat pump dryer; what should you look for?

Do you want to buy a Bosch heat pump dryer? That is a good start. Bosch is a reliable and good brand, and the heat pump dryer dries the most economically. But of course, there are more aspects that are important when buying a new heat pump dryer. After reading the tips below, you know exactly what to consider when shopping for a Bosch heat pump dryer. Still can’t work it out? Don’t hesitate to contact us or your dealer for personal advice. Together, we can find the perfect heat pump dryer for you! Drying with a heat pump dryer is the most economical, and therefore good for the environment and your wallet. Heat pump dryers are so energy efficient because they use a heat pump and a refrigerant. They dry at lower temperatures, which makes them better for your laundry than conventional dryers. When looking at energy consumption, condensing dryers are in second place. Condensate dryers use a higher temperature and can therefore dry your laundry faster, although this does cost more energy. The energy consumption of air extraction dryers is even higher, so we do not recommend this type of dryer. Bosch currently produces mainly heat pump dryers, but also sells several condenser dryers.

Energy rating

The energy label on a dryer indicates how efficiently it dries. Often you will pay more in purchase for a better energy label, but in use these dryers are much cheaper. An energy efficient dryer is not only good for the environment, but also for your energy bill. Do you want to dry energy efficient? Then choose a heat pump dryer with energy class A++ or energy class A+++. By choosing an energy-efficient dryer instead of a conventional condenser dryer, you can save up to €888 over the course of its lifetime. Bosch heat pump dryers all have at least energy class A++, and most have energy class A+++.

Condensation drain

With Bosch heat pump dryers, you usually have a choice of how you want to drain the water: collection in a tank or drainage. By using a water drainage hose to direct the water away from the dryer, you don’t have to worry about the condensation drain. For this reason we recommend drainage via the water outlet. This is a low maintenance choice. If you don’t have a drain in your laundry room, a tank is a good alternative. The fill weight of a dryer indicates how many kg of wash fits into a full drum. But how much fill weight do you need? We recommend that you buy a dryer that has at least the same load as your washing machine. That way, you can always fit all your wet laundry directly into the dryer. Are you buying a new washing machine and a new dryer? Check out the following list for guidance:

  • Having a household of 1 or 2 people? If so, choose a heat pump dryer with a drying capacity of 7kg.
  • Having a household of 3 or 4 people? Then choose a heat pump dryer with a drying capacity of 8 kg.
  • Having a household of 5 or more? Then choose a heat pump dryer with a 9 kg or more drying capacity.

Most Bosch heat pump dryers have a 8 kg fill weight, but they also have several models with 7 kg and 9 kg fill weight.

Ease of use

Heat pump dryers have the latest technology to make drying as easy as possible for you, and Bosch is no exception. These include a self-cleaning condenser, an indication of the remaining time, changeable direction, child lock and several special drying programmes for items such as wool, sportswear, small items and shirts. Still, the noise can be distracting, for example if you wash and dry at night or you have thin walls. If you are looking for a quiet heat pump dryer, look at the noise level. This tells you in decibels (dB) how much noise the appliance produces. Dryers are rated in 3 categories: Loud (67 dB or above), Normal (65 dB or 66 dB), and Quiet (64 dB or below).

Building Quality

The build quality of a dryer indicates its expected lifetime and drying performance. For this purpose, dryers are divided into 3 categories: basic class, middle class and top class. However, not every supplier and manufacturer is as open about the build quality of their products. If this is the case, it may be useful to look at the brand and price range. Together with Miele, AEG, Siemens and Samsung, Bosch is one of the best brands when it comes to dryers according to the Consumers’ Association. Bosch is even on the second place. However, these brands are on the expensive side, that is why they score low on value for money according to the Consumers’ Association. If you are looking for a dryer with a good price-quality ratio, Whirlpool, Indesit and Zanussi are interesting brands for you.

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