Silent heat pump dryer

A heat pump dryer is considered a quiet heat pump dryer when it produces 63 dB of noise. A quiet heat pump dryer can be very nice when the device is placed next to a bedroom. Below, we have listed the best silent heat pump dryers of 2024 for you!

Silent heat pump dryer



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How much noise do dryers make?

The first question we will answer is: When is a heat pump dryer quiet? There are generally three levels of this: loud, medium and soft. The decibel rating of a washing machine may not mean anything to you, so we explain what to expect below:


A tumble dryer falls into the hard category if it has a noise level of at least 67 dB. A noise level of 67 dB is comparable to air conditioning set at a medium setting, a normal conversation between two people, a dishwasher, or a sewing machine.


An average noise level for a clothes dryer is around 65 or 66 dB. You can compare this to a car driving 10 feet away, an electric shaver, or a hard rain. It is quiet enough not to interrupt a normal conversation.


A heat pump dryer that is very quiet has a soft noise level of less than 64 dB. You can easily put it near your bedroom without the noise waking you up. If you have a noisy or a house, then it is a good idea to invest in a heat pump dryer with less than 64 dB.

The decibel number indicated on a heat pump dryer is always maximum, so you may find that some programs are quieter than the decibel number indicated. As you might have noticed, the differences are not that big and even the loudest dryer is quieter than an average washing machine.

What is the difference between a normal heat pump dryer and a silent heat pump dryer?

It is logical to think that a silent heat pump dryer is less easy to use than a normal heat pump dryer or a normal condenser dryer. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this because other than the noise level, there is no difference between different heat pump dryers.

There is, however, a lot of difference between a condenser dryer and a heat pump dryer. A condenser dryer uses a technique where warm air is blown through the drum, once that air has gone through the machine, it comes out moist again. The release of this air causes quite a bit of noise. A condenser dryer will then draw in new air, which is heated and blown through the machine, and this too can be heard clearly.

Silent heat pump dryers use a completely different technique. The air is not constantly blown outside, but is reused. The damp air passes through a cooling element, which removes the moisture and allows it to be reheated and blown back into the drum. This means that the heat pump dryer does not need to draw in new air and blow out old air every time, which makes a huge difference to noise levels.

Best quiet heat pump dryer by 2024

What the best quiet heat pump dryer for you is depends on your needs and wishes. There are plenty of choices, so you may choose to look at some other features besides the noise level.

For example, consider a self-cleaning condenser. A condenser sits on the outside of the heat pump dryer and it makes sure your laundry dries. If it is not clean, it will not be able to dry your laundry properly. A self-cleaning condenser will flush itself out, so you never have to worry about how your heat pump dryer is doing. If you don’t like cleaning, the best heat pump dryer for you is equipped with a self-cleaning condenser.

The water that is used can be drained in two ways, either into a tank or down a drain. If you choose to drain the water into a reservoir, you should be aware that you should empty it regularly. A full tank can cause your heat pump dryer to dry less effectively and water left in a tank for a long time can start to smell. If you don’t feel like emptying the tank every time, you can also choose to connect the heat pump dryer to the drain, where the water will run off through a drainage hose. However, be aware that in some cases the water discharge may make more noise. If you have a drain hose that is longer than 1.5 metres, the water has to work harder to move and you may hear the occasional slurping sound.

The golden tip for a quiet heat pump dryer

If you want to make sure that your heat pump dryer makes as little noise as possible, make sure that it is always completely straight. Especially in an old house, the floor may be uneven and even a quiet dryer will make more noise than necessary. It is therefore best not to place the heat pump dryer directly on the floor, but for example on a piece of cardboard or a rug. You can also choose to place a drip tray underneath the heat pump dryer.

When you want to place your dryer on top of your washer, make sure you always use a stacking kit. It will ensure that the two appliances stay firmly together, and that will also reduce friction and noise.

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