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The GE GTD45EASJWS is the perfect electric drier you’ve been looking for. This top load matching drier has a total maximum capacity of 7.2 cu. ft. so it can take on piles and piles of laundry quickly. Choose from four wash cycles to help you get the work done. With four heat selections, you can give every load the appropriate drying temperature. Prevent wrinkles with Extended Tumble, which allow the machine to keep tumbling the clothes without heat. With Sensor Dry, rest assured that garments are dried at the ideal moisture level. The aluminized alloy drum resists corrosion and the end of cycle signal lets you know when the cycle is completed so you can take your laundry out in time. The GE GTD45EASJWS has a lot of must have features.

GE GTD45EASJWS product review

If you are looking for your next GE drier, the GTD45EASJWS might just be the one for you. This top load matching electric drier has a huge maximum capacity of 7.2 cu. ft. to let you do more laundry at once and save time in doing chores. It weighs just 101 lbs., and with compact measurements of 29.5 inches deep, 44 inches high and 27 inches wide, it will fit in many rooms with different configurations. Get more flexibility in placement with its long vent capability of up to 120 ft. and 4-way venting (rear, right, left and bottom). The reversible glass door allows you to peek inside and see the drying action. Know exactly when the cycle is completed with the adjustable end of cycle signal. The drum is made of aluminized alloy which improves energy efficiency and resists corrosion. With the adjustable end of cycle signal, you will know exactly when the cycle is completed so you don’t leave your clothes in the drier for too long and prevent creases and wrinkles from setting in. The interior light helps make loading and unloading laundry more convenient.
Doing laundry should be simple. Avoid overcomplicating things and too many choices with four dry cycles that can handle any job you theow at it. Four heat selections allow you to choose the right kind of temperature for different fabric types. Prevent creasing and wrinkling with Extended Tumble which programs the machine to keep tumbling without heat after the cycle is over. With Sensor Dry, your clothes will look great and fresh because dual thermistors continually monitor the temperature and moistures levels during the cycle to prevent over drying. Decide how long you want each load to tumble with Timed Dry. De-Wrinkle garments within 20 minutes or give your clothes a fast refresh with Quick Fluff. Discover all these must-have features and more.
The GE GTD45EASJWS does not come with additional accessories.

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