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The GE GTD72GBPNDG is a wonderful top load matching gas drier with a maximum load capacity of 7.4 cu. ft. It boasts a total of 12 unique dry cycles to help you get through any kind of laundry swiftly. The Sanitize Cycle reduces bacteria by 99.8%. Wrinkle Care reduces the probability of creases forming. Quick Dry completed a load in a short time. Warm Up clothes quickly and release set wrinkles. With My Cycle Settings, you can preprogram your own settings and save them for future use. Sensor Dry prevents over drying while the Damp Alert lets you know when garments are its ideal dampness. Check Vent Alert notifies you when the vent needs to be cleaned. Choose from four drying levels and four temperature options. Enjoy all these and many more great features with the GE GTD72GBPNDG.

GE GTD72GBPNDG product review

Welcome the GE GTD72GBPNDG top load matching gas drier into your home. With an impressive 7.4 cu. ft. capacity, you can take on piles and piles of laundry in fewer loads. It weighs only 118 lbs., and measures 30.5 inches deep, 46 inches high and 27 inches wide making it the perfect size for smaller laundry rooms and spaces. The reversible glass door gives you more options in placement. With long venting capability of up to 120 ft., it’s easy to position this drier anywhere you want. Three exhaust vent locations include the bottom, left side and rear. The aluminized alloy steel drum is durable and resists corrosion and rusting for years and years of use. With interior lighting, unloading and loading laundry is more convenient.
The GE GTD72GBPNDG features 12 dry cycles to handle your every drying need. Air Fluff lets you dry without heat for your most gentle fabrics. Mixed loads can handle everyday loads. Warm Up gives your clothes a quick refresh and relaxes wrinkles. Quick Dry gets a small load done in no time. Avoid repeatedly having to set up your dryer with the My Cycle Settings which lets you save your personal preprogrammed settings for future use. Sensor Dry helps prevent over drying of fabrics thanks to the innovative dual thermistor technology which monitors temperature and moisture in the dryer continually. Protect your family with the Sanitize Cycle which helps in sterilizing fabrics by using high temperature levels. Smart home ready so you can get notifications on any of your smart devices. Get notified when your load is at the ideal moisture level for ironing or final air drying with Damp Alert. The Vent Sensor alerts you when it detects blockage and restricting in your vent. Get all these along with great standard features like interior light and a removable up-front lint filter.

The GE GTD72GBPNDG does not come with additional accessories.

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