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The Magic Chef MCSCD3W is a small countertop dishwasher that is just 17.4 inches wide and is ideal for small places such as apartments, condos, or small kitchens. It has digital display and easy-to-use electrical controls. Choose from five different programs to get the best wash for your dishes. The self-cleaning mechanism keeps your dishwasher clean, and the built-in 5L water tank eliminates the need for an external water supply. It comfortably seats 2-3 people and operates silently (56 dBA) while consuming only 104 kWh per year. The upper rack is removable, and the primary rack has folding tines for easy organization. All your dishes will be cleaned thoroughly thanks to the upper and lower dual spray arms. Utensil baskets, a water pitcher, a vegetable basket, a detergent scoop, and a removable filter are among the accessories included.

KitchenAid KDTE334GPS product review

The Magic Chef MCSCD3W is a mini countertop dishwasher perfect for small apartments and office kitchens. It measures just 17.4 inches wide. 18.3 inches deep and 18.3 inches high, so it can fit into even the tightest spaces. It weighs only 27.6 lbs. so it is easy to move around and store away. This little dishwasher can fit 2 to 3 place settings comfortably by removing the top rack and loading flatware in basket in the main rack. Run the dishwasher even when you are in the same room and forget it’s even on, because the sound rating is just 56 dBA, making it extremely quiet. Plus, it consumes a measly 104-kilowatt hours of energy per year, so you are sure to make savings on your monthly electricity bill.
The Magic Chef MCSCD3W is tiny but looks very modern. The electronic controls are easy to use with its digital display. It’s very easy to operate, just fill the tank water twice with the included pitcher, and you are ready to go.
This compact dishwashing machine features 6 wash cycles including quick wash, for those times when you are in a hurry. Rinse your produce by using the rinse cycle and adding baking soda. Run the self clean cycle to refresh your dishwasher with just one push of a button. It has dual spray arms to make sure all your dishes are washed and rinsed thoroughly. The built-in 5-liter water tank means you don’t need an external hookup to operate. Other accessories include utensil baskets, produce basket, detergent scoop and a removable filter. All of them are easy to install and remove so you can customize your dishwasher according to your needs. Plus, the blue interior light lets you easily view the inside of your machine, so you can watch the cleaning and drying action.

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