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The Magic Chef MCSCWD27S5 is a freestanding washer dryer combo with a 2.7 cu. ft. capacity. It uses just 90 kWh of power per year while running on a maximum spin speed of 1300 RPM. Choose from 16 wash cycles and 4 dry programs to take care of any type of laundry. With 5 wash temperatures, 3 soil level selections to customize your wash cycle, electronic LED controls for easy use, child lock, delay start from one to 24 hours, Tub Clean cycle to keep your washer fresh, De-Wrinkle option to help relax fabrics, and more great features for you to enjoy.

Magic Chef MCSCWD27S5 product review

If you are looking for a washer dryer combo for your summer home, apartment or other places with limited space, the Magic Chef MCSCWD27S5 is a great solution. This ventless unit has a 2.7 cu. ft. capacity that can handle up to 26.4 lbs. of clothes for washing and up to 17.6 lbs. for drying. It weighs just 160 lbs., and measures 23.4 inches deep, 33.5 inches high and 23.4 inches wide. Enjoy some energy savings because this unit only uses an estimated 90 kWh annually. The maximum spin speed is clocked at 1300 RPM, assisting in giving you dryer clothes at the end of every cycle, as well as extra cleaning power. The left swing, glass door lets your see the washing and drying action.
This versatile washer dryer combo has a total of 16 wash cycles including Active Wear, Bulky Items, and Delicates. Run the special Tub Clean cycle, designed to help keep your washer fresh while removing residue from your detergent and other laundry chemicals. The De-wrinkle option relaxes the fabrics near the end of the cycle, to help your clothes come out wrinkle-free. Choose from 3 soil levels, depending on how dirty each load is. Some soils clean better in cold temperature settings, some in warmer temperature settings. This unit lets you choose among 5 temperature levels to best suit the type of dirt. When you can’t run your laundry right way, Delay Start can be configured to start from one to 24 hours later. This machine is fitted with electronic controls with LED display for intuitive use and operation. Child Lock ensures that the door stays closed when it should. Know exactly when the cycle is finished with the end-of-cycle signal. With the advanced vibration control, your washer dryer runs more quietly than others.
The Magic Chef MCSCWD27S5 comes with hoses and a power cord.

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