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The Maytag MED6200KW is a great top load matching electric dryer that comes with a maximum capacity of 7.0 cu. ft. At this capacity, you are able to fit in bulky items like beddings and comforters without any trouble. It features 11 dry cycles to cover just about every setting you want for your daily laundry needs. It comes with nice features like Moisture Sensing, the Quick Dry Cycle and Wrinkle Prevent option. Convenience features like the end of cycle signal and interior drum lighting are also available. Plus, the drum is powder coated for enhanced durability and easy maintenance and cleaning.

Maytag MED6200KW product review

A great electric dryer without all the unnecessary bells and whistles and the enormous price tag is the Maytag MED6200KW. This top load matching dryer has a maximum capacity of 7.0 cu. ft. so it can fit large and bulky items like beddings and comforters without any problem. It weighs just 113 lbs., and measure 28.38 inches deep, 40.69 inches high and 29 inches wide. The reversible, side swing door gives you some flexibility in placement. The vent can be extended for up to 64 ft. and the vent exhaust is located in the rear. The interior drum light illuminates the inside of your dryer so it is more convenient to see when loading and unloading. The steel drum is powder coated for increased durability and easy maintenance.
With 11 dry cycles that include delicates, bulky items and towels, you have a wide range of options to choose from and select the best type of care for your laundry. Four temperature options are available because different fabrics need different heat levels. Enjoy great features like Advanced Moisture Sensing where multiple sensors monitor inside moisture and air temperatures so loads get evenly dried every single time. Get small loads done in less time with the Quick Dry Cycle. Pair it with the Quick Wash Cycle to get your garments ready in a jiffy. Keep wrinkles in control with the wrinkle control option. This option continues to tumble the clothes for up to 150 minutes at the end of the cycle. The wrinkle control cycle controls creases and wrinkles by continuing tumbling your clothes at the end of the cycle with no heat. With Timed Dry, you can choose how long the dryer will run with options from 15 to 90 minutes.
Pair it with your favorite Maytag washer to complete the look! The Maytag MED6200KW does not include accessories.

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