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The Whirlpool WGD5620HW is a front load matching gas dryer with a large maximum capacity of 7.4 cu. ft. that allows you to dry more loads of laundry in less time. It features a whopping total of 36 dry cycles that will cover any and every drying need, including the Sanitize Cycle which kills up to 99% of common household bacteria. Enjoy great features like the Wrinkle Shield™ Option, Advanced Moisture Sensing, the EcoBoost™ option, and quad baffles for more effective drying of smaller loads. The Whirlpool WGD5620HW has a powder coated steel drum for increased durability and easy maintenance.

Whirlpool WGD5620HW product review

A good-looking front load matching gas dryer at a great price point, the Whirlpool WGD5620HW does not disappoint. With its total maximum capacity of 7.4 cu. ft., you can dry more clothes in less loads, so you can spend less time doing laundry and more time doing what you love. Stack it on top of your favorite Whirlpool washing machine or prop it on a matching pedestal for increased height (model number WFP2715HW, sold separately). It weighs 157.6 lbs., and measures 31 inches deep, 38.75 inches high and 27 inches wide, Closet-Depth Fit size that allows for more adaptable installation in your laundry space or closet. The 4-way vent exhaust and maximum venting length of 64ft. gives you more freedom to place your new dryer in different configurations. It has four baffles that tumble clothes in randomized patterns to help increase effectiveness in drying for smaller loads. The steel drum is powder coated for increased durability and easy maintenance. The reversible glass door allows you to see the drying motions.
Designed with intuitive controls, the dryer guides you in choosing the right cycle combinations and customize up to 36 of your own settings to get the right type of fabric care for every kind of material. It has four temperature settings to let you choose the best temperature depending on the fabric. Kill 99.9% of known household bacteria with the Sanitize Cycle using high temperature levels. The Wrinkle Shield™ Option protects from creases and wrinkles setting in by continuing to tumble the laundry every five minutes after the cycle is complete. With Advanced Moisture Sensing, sensors monitor temperature and humidity within the dryer to adjust drying time and ensure that your clothes are not overdried. Get amazing drying performance while using less energy with the EcoBoost™ option. This feature uses less heat and a longer drying cycle to achieve lower energy consumption.
The Whirlpool WGD5620HW comes with a power cord.

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