Connecting the washer-dryer combo

Connect a washing machine/dryer combination in the following way:

1. Connect the appliance to the water supply hose and drain hose.
2. Ensure that the washer-dryer is positioned horizontally.
3. Insert the plug into the socket
4. Run a first wash in an empty drum

Connecting the washer-dryer combo



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Selecting the place for the washer-dryer

A combined washer-dryer requires a place with water supply and drainage and an electricity connection. A combined washer-dryer uses the same feed and discharge hoses as a washing machine. Almost all combined washer-driers do not need to be vented, which makes it possible to place the appliance in a closed, small room or even to incorporate it into a cupboard.

It may be that you want to place the washing and drying combination in the kitchen, and there is no supply left to connect another device. In that case you can use the supply for the tap or the dishwasher and split this with a T-fitting to 2 supply- and drain possibilities. This fitting can be found at do-it-yourself stores and online as well.

Step-by-step plan for connecting a washing machine to a dryer

Water supply hose

You turn the water supply hose on the tap and the other side in the right place on the washing machine. Then turn on the tap to check if water is leaking.

Drain hose

Then you connect the drain hose, make sure that the drain hose is attached to the wall with a support bracket. This is not necessary, but it is handy to make sure the hose doesn’t get tangled. When using a support bracket, it should be above the drainpipe, so that the hose can run straight into the drainpipe.


There is probably a cap included, make sure it is around the drain hose (right side up) so you can place it on the drain tube.


Then you connect the electricity and the washer-dryer can do its work.


Do check for water leaks at the first wash and dry.


It is important to find out in advance which parts are needed for the connection and to buy them. Often this is already indicated on the washing machine and it is even possible that they are sold in a standard package (accessory kit). If this is unclear, please contact the seller. Sites often have the possibility to ask questions about products. At Wehkamp and Coolblue there are always people willing to provide you with this information. An optional tap adapter is often used to connect the water hoses to a standard diameter kitchen tap. It is important to put the water drain hose of the appliance in the sink for proper drainage and to avoid water lying everywhere.


The washing machine should be placed in a level position, which is important for the durability and noise production of the washer-dryer. It is also advisable to place the washer dryer with dampers on a hard floor, in that case the washer dryer stands firm but makes less noise, which is also nice if there is another floor underneath it.

Picture of Yannick

A wash geek since 2017

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