Washer dryer combo deals

Looking for a sale on a washer-dryer combination? Read what to look out for here.

Washer dryer combo deals



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What is a wasdroogcombinatie

Before we show you the best washer/dryer combi deals at the moment we will first explain what a wasdroogcombinatie is. Would you like to be able to wash and dry your laundry, but don’t have the space (or money) for two appliances? A washer and dryer is the best solution. It allows you to dry and wash your clothes with just one appliance.

As we have already told you, we will show you the best washer-dryer deals on this page. These are models that currently have a nice discount or cashback promotion. Are you curious about this list? Then click on the link below!

Cashback on washer-dryers

Many washer-dryers have a cashback promotion that allows you to get money back after your purchase (and thus score a nice discount!). What this means and how it works is explained below:

A cashback promotion, what is that?

As we already explained in the introduction, with a cashback promotion you get your money back after you have paid for the product. This money will be refunded to you by the manufacturer. Do not be afraid that you have to pay the full amount in the beginning, you will get a part of it back. How much cashback you get varies from promotion to promotion.

How does it work?

After you buy a wasdroog combination you must first register the purchase before you get your money back. Usually, when you make your purchase, you will be given information and a link to a website where you must register the purchase. Fill out the form on the website completely and submit it.

How long does it apply?

There are two dates to look out for with a casback promotion. These are the period in which you must have made the purchase and the date for which you must register the purchase. You can usually read this information on the product’s page. So don’t forget to register your purchase with the manufacturer!

When will the money be in my account?

After you register the product online the company will usually let you know how long it will take for the money to be back in your account. In most cases this takes about a month.

Buy a washer dryer with black friday

Can’t find a great deal for you right now? Then you can always wait to buy a wasdroogcombinatie until Black Friday. Black Friday came over from America and has become very famous in Europe. Black Friday always takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving always falls on the 4th Thursday in November, the Friday after that many Americans took a day off. On this day off they often went Christmas shopping. Because many people bought presents on this day, companies often gave nice discounts to attract the attention of consumers and thus increase sales. This concept has stuck and is called “Black Friday”, with this day companies often have great discounts. So you might also be able to buy the washer dryer you have your eye on with a nice discount.

Wash dryer subscriptions

If you can’t find the perfect washer dryer deal? Then you can also choose to buy a washer dryer combination with a subscription. This way you pay a low monthly fee to pay for the washer dryer. This avoids having to spend a large amount of money all at once.

Washerdryer Buying Guide

Before buying a new washer dryer, it is useful to know what to look for. To help you do this we have created a buying guide below. This guide will help you choose the best washer/dryer combination for you.

Energy label

Looking for an energy efficient washer/dryer combination? Then pay attention to the energy label of the appliance. The energy label goes from A (most energy efficient) to F (least energy efficient).

Please note: A washer dryer has a maximum energy label of C. These appliances are therefore not very energy efficient.

Centrifugation noise level

In addition to the energy label, also check the noise level. This indicates how loud the washer-dryer is during the spin cycle.

Fill weight

The fill weight determines how many kilograms of laundry you can wash and dry in one go. You choose this fill weight according to how many people you have in your household. First, choose the wash weight:

Single or couple; 7 kg wash weight

Family with 1 or 2 children; 8 kg wash weight

Family with 3 or more children; 9 kg wash weight

Please note that the dry weight is always lower than the wash weight. So you can always dry fewer kilos of laundry than with a washer-dryer. Some of the clothes in the drum will therefore have to be dried on a clothesline.


Please note the different wash programs that the washer dryer has. If you have certain garments that cannot be washed with a normal wash program, it is useful to be able to use a special program for this.

Also, you have a number of wash programs that wash your load of laundry thoroughly. This can be useful if you suffer from house dust mite, for example. Something like this can also be useful if you often need to remove stubborn stains from clothing.

Extra features

There are many different washer-dryer combinations on the market. You can make it as crazy as you want with the number of features you want on it. For example, you can choose a wifi capable washer dryer. You can then control it through an app. So take a good look at the extra features you find useful!

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