Narrow washer dryer combo

A narrow washer-dryer is about 55 cm wide. This is 10 to 15 cm smaller than a normal combined washer and dryer, which are between 60 and 65 cm wide.
Looking for a narrow washer-dryer? Below we have listed the best narrow washer-dryers of 2023.

Narrow washer dryer combo




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What should you look for when buying a narrow washer/dryer combination?

A narrow washer/dryer combination is basically the same as a normal model, only slightly smaller. You often choose a narrow model because you want to put it in a small space, and there are a number of extra features you should be aware of. Prepare yourself and consider the following features:

The dimensions

an average washer/dryer is between 60cm and 65cm wide, and a narrow model is around 55cm wide. Don’t forget that you need extra space at the front and back of the washer-dryer. At the front you need at least 15 cm to open and close the door properly and at the back you need 20 cm to tuck away all the cables and connections. You should always remember that you need at least electricity to hook up the appliance and you also need somewhere for the water to go. Some washer-dryers have the option to collect the water in a reservoir which you then have to empty yourself, but the water can also be discharged via a drainage hose. A normal washer/dryer has a much smaller fill weight than a standalone washer/dryer, and a narrow model has even smaller fill weight. You should consider that a narrow 60 cm washer/dryer will be able to wash around 8 kg of laundry and dry just 6 kg or 5 kg. For even smaller models you will only be able to dry 4kg of laundry. So with a small combined washer/dryer you should consider that you will always have to dry some of your laundry in an alternative way or that you will always have to run the dryer twice.

The noise level

When you want to place a small washer/dryer in a small space it is not pleasant if it makes a lot of noise. Therefore, you should consider that a noise level below 73 db is considered as quiet and a washer dryer with a noise level above 75 db will probably be too noisy.

Best Small and shallow washer dryer combinations of 2023

A narrow washer-dryer around 60 cm wide fits very well in a small space, but a shallow washer-dryer 38 cm deep fits easily under a sink or shelf.

If you don’t have much room in your home, it’s a good idea to consider all your options. Can’t find a narrow washer-dryer that fits in that corner? A narrow washer-dryer may be just what you’re looking for, but it’s not always easy to find the right model. Sometimes a washer-dryer doesn’t have the right fill weight, noise level or energy label. To make your search a little easier, we have listed the best small washer-dryers of 2022 for you here.


Best narrow washer dryer combo

If you are looking for a washer dryer combo for your summer home, apartment or other places with limited space, the Magic Chef MCSCWD27S5 is a great solution. This ventless unit has a 2.7 cu. ft. capacity that can handle up to 26.4 lbs. of clothes for washing and up to 17.6 lbs. for drying. It weighs just 160 lbs., and measures 23.4 inches deep, 33.5 inches high and 23.4 inches wide. Enjoy some energy savings because this unit only uses an estimated 90 kWh annually. The maximum spin speed is clocked at 1300 RPM, assisting in giving you dryer clothes at the end of every cycle, as well as extra cleaning power. The left swing, glass door lets your see the washing and drying action. This versatile washer dryer combo has a total of 16 wash cycles including Active Wear, Bulky Items, and Delicates. Run the special Tub Clean cycle, designed to help keep your washer fresh while removing residue from your detergent and other laundry chemicals. The De-wrinkle option relaxes the fabrics near the end of the cycle, to help your clothes come out wrinkle-free. Choose from 3 soil levels, depending on how dirty each load is. Some soils clean better in cold temperature settings, some in warmer temperature settings. This unit lets you choose among 5 temperature levels to best suit the type of dirt. When you can't run your laundry right way, Delay Start can be configured to start from one to 24 hours later. This machine is fitted with electronic controls with LED display for intuitive use and operation. Child Lock ensures that the door stays closed when it should. Know exactly when the cycle is finished with the end-of-cycle signal. With the advanced vibration control, your washer dryer runs more quietly than others. The Magic Chef MCSCWD27S5 comes with hoses and a power cord.
If you are looking for a replacement for your old washer and dryer, or you just simply need to make more space in your home, the Whirlpool WFC8090GX is one you should consider. This washer dryer combo will not only save you some space, but because it is ventless, you can install it virtually anywhere. With a maximum capacity of 2.8 cu. ft., this appliance has the largest capacity of washer dryer combos currently available in the market. It weighs 209 lbs. and measures 24 inches deep, 33.25 inches high and 24 inches wide, a compact dimension that will fit even in the tightest laundry spaces. This appliance uses just 209 kWh of power per year. With a maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM, your clothes come out drier at the end of the cycle. The intuitive, touchscreen controls allow the machine to guide you in choosing the perfect combination of settings for the right type of fabric care. The window-type glass door lets you to peer inside to watch the washing and drying action. With a total of 28 wash programs and 7 dry cycles, there is a perfect setting for every time of challenge you throw at it. The Wrinkle Shield option helps prevent wrinkles and creases from setting in by tumbling clothes for up to 12 hours after the cycle finishes. The TumbleFresh option does the same, but after the wash cycle, in situations when you can’t run the dry cycle right away. The Sanitize Cycle is designed to eliminate up to 99.9% of known household bacteria by using high temperature levels. When you are in a hurry, the Quick Wash cycle gets your clothes ready in a shorter time. Use the Cold Wash cycle on clothes with vibrant colors to ensure the hues stay bright. The Presoak option lets you skip soaking outside of the washer by adding extra time before the cycle starts. This Whirlpool washer dryer combo is smart home ready and can be connected to your smartphone or tablet so you can control it remotely. The Whirlpool WFC8090GX comes with hoses and a power cord.
The modern looking exterior of the LG Signature LUWM101HWA Washer/Dryer combo paired with its feature-packed resume make it a very attractive appliance. With a capacity of up to 2.8 cu. ft., it can hold up to 4-7 full sized bath towels. You can pair it with the LG Sidekick™ Pedestal Washer (model #LUWD1CW) and wash even more laundry at once. Of course, it is also Energy Star Rated (Tier I) and uses just 120 kWh of power per year so you can expect some savings on your electricity bill. The maximum spin speed is clocked at 1600 RPM ensuring your clothes come out drier. The drum is illuminated so you can peer into the glass, window door (which swings to the left) and watch the washing or drying action. The NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Drum is designed to last years and years of use as it resists rusting and corrosion. This machine is compactly sized to fit in smaller laundry spaces at 26.5 inches deep, 33.5 inches high and 23.63 inches wide. It weighs around 208 lbs. Now let’s talk technology. This premiere machine has a trove of great features! With the modern Quick Circle Interface, you can conveniently and easily control two washers (including the SideKick™) at once thanks to its unique circle LCD display in the main washer. It monitors usage trends and displays the cycles you use most frequently. LG’s Auto Dosing System automatically determines the appropriate amount of detergent or fabric softener depending on the type of soil or amount of laundry and delivers it at just the right time for the optimal clean. This machine comes with 17 wash programs including TurboWash®, Prewash, Hygienic Rinse, and FreshCare™ options. With the TurboWash® 2.0 Technology, you can expect to wash loads up to 20 minutes faster without sacrificing the cleaning performance. The FreshCare feature™ will tumble finished loads of wet laundry for up to 19 hours to keep it fresh and prevent wrinkles from setting in. This washer/dryer combo is also smart home ready, equipped with the LG Smart ThinQ® technology, so you can enjoy features like SmartDiagnosis™ using your smart device. The LG Signature LUWM101HWA comes with hoses.
Discover the Super Combo Washer-Dryer EZ 4400 N/W's space and time saving convenience. This ultra-compact combination, which has a load capacity of 13 pounds (1.57 cu ft), is just 33.5 x 23.5 x 22 inches (HxWxD), weighs only 161 lbs., and is a popular among families who live in apartments, condos, or other confined areas. You can continue to work in the same area while doing your clothes with little disruption because it operates quietly at 60 dBA, which is even quieter than a typical conversation. With just 96 kWh of power used annually, the EZ 4400 N/W satisfies the strictest energy regulations, saving you time, money, and aggravation. The stainless-steel drum is designed to last for a very long time and is very simple to clean and maintain. For simple loading and unloading, the door has a left swing and a 180-degree pivot. With features like Auto Water Level and Sensor Dry to make washing less of a hassle and a 1200 RPM motor that dries your clothes more quickly than ever, this all-in-one compact washer and dryer is packed with convenience. With Sensor Dry, you can avoid over drying and wrinkles, and the Auto Water Level function will stop water wastage. With Winterize, you can get the machine ready for the cold weather in as little as 2 minutes; all you need to do is add the antifreeze, choose Winterize, and press a button. The Super Combo is the only washer-dryer in the world that allows you to select between venting or condensing mode, giving you the most amount of freedom to do your laundry wherever you need to. You can choose to wash, dry, or do both with its 7 wash cycles and 11 dry programs, which help protect your garments. In addition, using it is incredibly simple. This appliance is easy to use because of the user-friendly control panel and color-coded LCD display. The progress bar lets you know how much longer the cycle will last, and Child Lock helps to protect your kids. Delay Start lets you to schedule a delay of 1 to 24 hours, allowing you to wash your laundry whenever it's most convenient for you. The Deco EZ 4400 N/W comes with hoses and a power cord.
For households with a smaller laundry space, the Deco DC 4400 CV is a great option. This washer/dryer all-in-one combo takes care of your laundry in one machine. With a 1.6 cu. ft. capacity, it can handle up to 13 lbs. of laundry at once, making it perfect for smaller families. It weighs just 161 lbs. and measures 22 inches deep, 33.5 inches high and 23.5 inches wide, it has a left-swing glass door. Enjoy some savings on your electricity bill because it only uses 96 kWh of power per year. The 1200 RPM maximum spin speed ensures your clothes come out drier at the end of the cycle. The color-coded LED display makes operation intuitive. This machine is equipped with 8 wash cycles and 11 dry programs, 15 patents and is the only dryer in the world that lets you allow to choose between condensing and venting mode. Avoid water wastage and fill the tub with the perfect amount of water every single time with the Auto Water Level feature. The Refresh function freshens up clothes with a 12-minute hot dry cycle to get it ready in no time. Use Time Dry to set the drying time to 60 minutes or just let the Auto Dry Level decide for you when the laundry is dried at the optimal point. With the help of the built-in diagnostics, multiple sensors inside the machine keep track of all operations and detect faults by displaying 12 error codes that aid in component malfunction diagnosis. With Delay Start, you can program the wash or dry program to start later for up to 24 hours. Child Lock ensures the door stay locked during the wash and dry cycle, preventing any accidents. The Self Clean option is an 8-minute rinse cycle to clean the drum for next use. With an easy-to-open coin trap, you no longer need to call the plumber to remove coins. Automatic Wrinkle Guard ensures that clothes stay wrinkle free, even if you forget it, by tumbling the clothes every five minutes so wrinkles don’t set in. The Deco DC 4400 CV is packed with so many great features! It comes with hoses and a power cord.

Advantages of a small washer-dryer

Before you buy, always think about the advantages and disadvantages that a small washer-dryer might have. A single disadvantage can weigh much more than three advantages. The biggest advantage of a small washer/dryer is that it combines a washing machine and a dryer, so there is no need to buy separate items.

You’ll save space with a narrow washer/dryer

A narrow washer/dryer might just fit in that corner where you currently have nothing. It makes the most of all the space in your home, allowing you to fit more items in or create more room.

You won’t be doing half the washing

Specially for a small household, a narrow washer/dryer is a good idea. Because the fill weight is very low, sometimes as little as 4 kg, you will never have a half-empty drum.

Disadvantages of a small washer/dryer

The disadvantages of a small washer/dryer can be a real dealbreaker. If you are looking for a washer-dryer with a large load or a fast cycle time, a narrow washer-dryer may not be the right choice for you. A small combined washer/dryer will naturally also have a small load capacity. In addition, a washer-dryer always has a different fill weight for washing and drying. For example, if you have 8kg of laundry to wash and only 6kg/5kg to dry, you may have to dry some of your laundry in an alternative way.

You can choose to turn the machine on again to dry just your remaining laundry, or you can dry the remaining portion on a rack. Whatever you choose, it will always take a little more time. For a large household you will need at least 10kg of wash weight to get all your laundry clean, a 4 person household will need at least 8kg and a 3 person household will need between 7kg and 6kg. Also take into account the amount of laundry, in a household that does a lot of sports, you automatically have more laundry. The best way to find out how many kg you need is to simply weigh your laundry once. So you won’t always be able to get all the features you’re looking for. Also note that a small washer/dryer, say 8kg/4kg, is not necessarily narrow. Because the drum of a narrow washer-dryer is significantly smaller, it takes longer to completely dry your laundry. This is because a small space cannot accommodate as much hot air, so it can take up to 2.5 hours for 6kg of laundry to dry completely.


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