Duo drain washer and dryer set

A washer and dryer set is not the same as a washer-dryer combination. In a set you have two separate appliances and that means you need a separate drain connection for both. Not everyone has the luxury of a double drain, but fortunately the duo drain or the Y-piece was invented for that. This allows you to place the washing machine and dryer next to each other and connect them both to one drain. Here you can read everything you need to know about this product.

Duo drain washer and dryer set



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What is a washer dryer duo drain?  

With a duo drain, you have an attachment for your single drain, to which you can connect two drain hoses. This turns a Y drain into a double drain. With some brands, this product is also called a splitter.

Not every dryer needs a drain point, with a condenser dryer you can also choose to have the water collected in a condensate pan. The advantage of this is that you no longer need a drain point, but then you have to accept that you will have to empty the condensate tray from time to time. Once you forget this, the condenser dryer will no longer work properly and you run the risk of the device breaking down faster.

You simply buy this product at the hardware store or in an online store, there is no need to look for brand specific options, all universal products will work well.

Y-piece for washer and dryer drain    

The name already tells a bit what a Y-piece is, namely a Y-shaped piece that you can place on the drain. Both ends of the Y then form a new point to which you can connect a drain hose, one for your washing machine and one for the dryer. It’s a handy solution when you want to put your washer and dryer next to each other in a place where only a single drain is available.

In fact, if you put both hoses into the drain pipe without a Y-piece, there’s a chance that they’ll slip loose, causing water to end up anywhere but in the pipe. At the end of the piece there are two openings, you put the drain hose from your washing machine into the large one and the one from your clothes dryer into the small one.

The product can not only be used for washing machines and dryers, you can also use it for your dishwasher, for example. Fortunately, the item is very affordable, the price including VAT is often still under €20 (without shipping costs).

Frequently asked questions about a duo drain for a washer and dryer set

Have you looked at various Y drains, splitters and other items and maybe even already put them in your shopping cart, but you still have doubts? Then read here what the most frequently asked questions on this subject are.

Can washer and dryer go on the same drain?

Yes, but to make it possible to actually connect the drain hoses, you often need an attachment in the form of a splitter. This allows you to connect two drain hoses to the same drain point without any problems.

What diameter drain washer?

In general, the drain hose of a washing machine has a thickness of at least 40 mm, otherwise there is too much risk of leaks and blockages. To be sure, always measure the thickness of the hose, you can do this by wrapping a piece of string around it, cutting it and then laying that same string along a ruler.

How to make a drain for the washing machine?      

Always use the splitter’s instruction manual to determine how to attach everything. In most cases, you can just put the attachment on the drain point without needing any additional tools. Sometimes washers are included with your order, these will keep the water from leaking.

Make sure there are no kinks in the drain hose and that it goes straight down. Ideally, the drain hose should be at least 15 centimeters deep in the pipe and the drain point should be no higher than 1 meter, this way pumping out the water is easiest.

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