Washing machine and dryer set lifetime

There is no difference in the longevity of a washer and dryer set compared to a stand-alone washer and dryer, but there are a few things

Washing machine and dryer set lifetime



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What is the lifespan of a washing machine?  

The average lifespan of a washing machine depends on a number of factors, such as the fill weight, speed, energy class, water consumption and of course how often you use it. It is also safe to assume that a more expensive washing machine will have a better build quality, allowing you to use it for longer.

It can also definitely pay off to get a new washing machine as your household gets bigger or smaller. When a drum is too full or too empty, a washing machine has to work harder than it should and this causes the total lifespan to drop significantly.

Of course, whether you are lucky also plays a bit of a role, there is always a story of that one family member who has been using the same cheap washing machine since 1980. Don’t forget that a very old washing machine often still has an old energy label, making the energy and water consumption considerably higher. In the end, you will be able to save significantly on your annual costs when you buy a new washing machine.

What is the lifespan of a clothes dryer?  

For the life of a dryer the same factors play a role as with a washing machine, but also the quality of the various components plays an important role.

For example, a dryer with a brushless motor wears significantly less than a model that still works in the old way. This is because a carbon brush creates a lot of friction, so wear is faster. In addition, the noise level of these dryers is also much lower and they consume less energy.

Also, if your dryer has parts made of stainless steel, it will last longer. This is because the machine is not susceptible to rust, so everything will continue to work properly and always look like new as well.

Wash dryer vs. washing machine life  

The life of a washing machine varies between 6 and 14 years, the main indicator for this is the brand. A cheaper washing machine will last much less than a slightly more expensive model. eWe have listed here for the most popular brands for you how long a washing machine lasts:

  • Whirlpool = 1370 washes
  • Zanussi = 1701 washes
  • Bauknecht = 1545 washes
  • AEG = 1777 washes
  • Bosch = 1929 washes
  • Siemens = 1946 washes
  • Miele = 2351 washes

So the best tested washing machine is the one from Miele, But that does not mean that you can count on this longevity. It’s an estimate based on the lifespan of existing appliances.

You can work out how many years the washing machine will last by dividing that figure by the number of times you wash each week, and then dividing that by 52.

Say, for example, that you have a Bosch washing machine and wash three times a week, and you get the following calculation: 1929/3 = 643 / 52 = 12.4 years.

This information is important when trying to decide what is the best washing machine for you. For example, if you know that you wash an above-average amount of laundry, it doesn’t make sense to buy a washing machine with a low lifespan, because then you run the risk of having to buy another one in a few years.

For clothes dryers, the following applies:

  • LG = 2000 drying cycles
  • Whirpool = 2000 drying cycles
  • Bauknecht = 2000 drying cycles
  • Zanussi = 2200 drying cycles
  • Electrolux = 2200 drying cycles
  • Samsung = 2200 drying cycles
  • Bosch = 3750 drying cycles
  • Siemens = 3750 drying cycles
  • AEG = 3750 drying cycles
  • Miele = 5000 drying cycles

The calculation goes the same, So for a Zanussi dryer you can expect a lifetime of 2200/3 = 733/52 = 14.1 years.

A washer-dryer combination, when both appliances are united in one device, generally lasts a little shorter, because you naturally use the device more often. Washer dryer sets are a more convenient investment, because you also only need to replace one appliance

How can you extend the life of your washer and dryer set?   

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your good washer dryer set will last longer, the most important of which is, of course, maintenance.

For example, with your washing machine, always make sure that you do a regular (2 or 3 times a year) boil wash with vinegar or a dishwasher tablet, so that lime residue is removed from the drum and hoses. Also clean the detergent compartment, the door rubbers and the lint filter. For extra convenience, choose a washing machine with a self-cleaning detergent drawer.

Always be careful what you wash, clothes with metal items attached, such as belts and buckles, can damage the inside of your drum. It’s best to wash these in a bag or pillowcase, which is also better for the rest of your clothes. Finally, your washing machine will also last longer if you always have a full drum and don’t use too much or too little detergent. The appliance performs optimally under the right conditions, and the risk of complications is reduced as a result. Most washer and dryer sets are matched so that they always have the same fill weight, so you can always wash as much as you dry.

With a clothes dryer, it’s important to clean all the parts regularly. Remove lint from the filter after each drying cycle and always remove condensation water on time.

Please also note that the dryer should be located where there is sufficient ventilation space at the back and sides of the appliance. If you don’t have that much space, you can place the clothes dryer on top of the washing machine. A dryer that is not level will also be damaged much faster. This is because the appliance will move too much

If you are looking for the right washer dryer set, it is best to choose to buy an energy efficient washer and dryer. Also, a quiet washer is often an indication that the appliance will last a long time, because the appliance has less friction on the inside.

Frequently asked questions about the lifespan of a washer and dryer set

To make sure you make the right choice when it comes to your new washer and dryer set, we’ve listed the questions most often asked here:

What is the lifespan of a clothes dryer?

On average, a clothes dryer lasts about 2,500 drying cycles. At 3 drying cycles per year, that is equivalent to 15 years. Once you use the dryer more often, this number goes down quickly.

Which dryer will last the longest?

Are you looking for a new dryer and do you care about making it last as long as possible? Then take a look at the dryers from Siemens and AEG. Miele models have an even longer lifespan, but tend to be considerably more expensive.

Which lasts longer heat pump dryer or condenser dryer?

A heat pump dryer lasts considerably longer than a condenser dryer, because the system is more economical and wears out less easily. Keep in mind, however, that a heat pump dryer is considerably more expensive to buy, but its longer lifespan means you’ll almost always recoup your investment.

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