Water consumption washer and dryer set

Regardless of the brand, you can assume that a the average consumption of a washing machine is about 60 liters of water per wash. An economical washing machine may even use as little as 40 liters of water per wash. In 2011, this figure was around 90 liters of water. This just goes to show how beneficial it can be to buy a new washing machine!

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Water consumption washer and dryer set



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Water consumption of a washing machine 

An energy-efficient washing machine is not automatically more economical with water consumption. We can already tell you that a washing machine with energy label F consumes slightly less water than a washing machine with energy class A.

This is because most washing machines with an energy efficient label have an eco 40 60 program which uses relatively more water. This is because the program runs longer and at a lower temperature.

Here we have listed what a washing machine consumes per energy class:

Energy Class A

The annual water consumption of an energy efficient washing machine with energy label A is about 10,500 liters. Per wash, this amounts to about 48 liters.

Energy Class B

With energy class B, the water consumption is slightly higher, at 11,166 liters of water. This is just over 50 liters per wash, making this energy class the least economical.

Energy Class C

You will find the most economical energy class in washing machines with energy class C, here it is namely 8. 383 liters of water per year, which is about 38 liters per wash.

Energy Class D

From energy class D onwards the water consumption goes up again, on average a washing machine with this energy label namely consumes 10,148 liters of water per year. Per wash cycle this is 46 liters.

Energy class E

Eekly enough, the consumption per year at energy class E goes down again, per year you can count on a consumption of 9,989 liters of water, which is about 45 liters of water per wash.

Energy class F

Finally, the consumption at energy label F goes up again slightly, namely to 10,071 liters. Per wash, this comes down to about 46 liters of water each time.

The energy label       

From the energy label you can not only find out what a washing machine consumes per wash in terms of water, but in addition to the water consumption there is much more useful information.

On the energy label is the water consumption always indicated by a tap with the number of liters below. This number is based on the water consumption of the eco 40 60 program. If you use a different program, the consumption may be higher or lower.

You can calculate your annual costs for your washing machine by multiplying the water consumption per wash by the number of times you do the laundry in a year, and then you can multiply that number again by the price per liter of water.

At the moment, for example, the cost of a liter of water in Amsterdam is 0.00087. For a washing machine with energy label A, the consumption per wash is 48 liters. Suppose you wash every three days, then you have 122 washes per year. Your costs will then be: 122 x 48 = 5856 liters of water x €0.00087= €5.10 per year.      

Frequently asked questions about the water consumption of a washer dryer

In this section we have listed the most frequently asked questions about the water consumption of a washing machine, so you can be sure that you have all the information at your disposal.

How much water does a washing machine consume per year?

The annual water consumption depends on the type of washing machine. An AEG washing machine, Samsung washing machine or Bosch washing machine will probably consume less water than a cheaper washing machine, because the more expensive models are equipped with water-saving techniques. So it can always pay off to invest in a more expensive washing machine, because you can eventually save on your water costs.

How much hot water does a washing machine consume?

You always connect a washing machine to a water tap that has cold water coming out of it. Then the water is heated in the machine, which in turn causes your energy consumption to go up. An energy-efficient washing machine will easily pay for itself, as you can save tens of euros on your energy consumption every year.

How can you save on the water consumption washing machine consumes on average?

There are some very simple things you can do to minimize the water consumption of your washing machine. For starters, always wash only with a full drum and don’t use too much detergent either. A half-full drum or an excess of detergent will pump more water into the machine than necessary.

By not using too much detergent, you can also save on the cost of laundry detergent! When you buy a modern washing machine, you can invest in a function that indicates when there is too much detergent with your laundry. In addition, it often comes with many other useful features, such as a self-cleaning detergent drawer.

A drum that is too full is also not good for water consumption. The ideal washing machine for your household is always tailored to the number of people, you may need a larger washing machine to get all your laundry clean.

Does a quiet washing machine also always use less water?

In principle, there is no relationship between the noise level washing, the noise level centrifuging the dryer and the water consumption of the appliance. A quiet washing machine makes less noise because it has, for example, a brushless motor and this does have a positive effect on how much energy is consumed. In addition, an energy-saving washing machine often has a half-load option, which allows you to do small loads without increasing your annual consumption.

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