Washing machine 1200 rpm

A 1200 rpm washing machine has a spin speed of 1200 rpm. The residual moisture percentage of these washing machines is on average 52%. Are you looking for a washing machine with 1200 rpm? Below we show you the best 1200 rpm washing machines of 2024.

Washing machine 1200 rpm



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Washing machine with 1200 rpm

The speed of a washing machine is very important. Before you buy a washing machine, it is good to know what exactly ‘RPM’ means, and how many revolutions you want your new washing machine to make. Spin speed tells you how many rounds the drum makes per minute while spinning. Spin speed determines how dry your laundry will be when it leaves the machine. The more revolutions, the drier your laundry will be.

1200 RPM is generally considered a fairly low number of revolutions – your laundry will still be quite wet when you take it out of the washer. For this reason, many people prefer a washing machine with a higher speed, such as 1400 or 1600 rpm. A 1600 rpm washing machine will ensure that your laundry is as dry as possible.

The downside of washing at a high number of rpm, however, is that your laundry will be damaged more quickly – your clothes, bedding and towels will not last as long. Another reason to go with a lower RPM is that you might want to put your laundry in the dryer anyway. Want to know all the pros and cons of a 1200 rpm washing machine?

Best 1200 RPM washing machines of 2024

Want to know what the best 1200 RPM washing machines of 2024 are? We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best washing machines that run at 1200 rpm while spinning. In compiling this list, we’ve looked at factors such as the fill weight, noise level, different wash programs, energy rating and customer reviews. Find out more about the best 1200 rpm washing machines of 2024!


Best washing machine 1200 rpm

The Samsung WF45R6100AC is perfect for your home. This high-efficiency front load washer has a substantial maximum capacity of 4.5 cu. ft., helps you fit more in every load and cut down on laundry time. Measuring 31.4 inches deep, 38.75 inches high and 27 inches wide and weighing just 201 lbs., the standard size will allow you to fit it in small laundry spaces and closets. Stack it on a matching Samsung dryer, either model DVE45R6100C or model DVG45R6100C or prop it on the matching Samsung WE402NC pedestal to customize your laundry space. The left swing metal door allows you to look inside your washer. Impressively economical with an Energy Efficiency Rating of Tier I, consuming a measly 80 kWh/year. It comes with a powerful maximum spin speed of 1200 RPM allowing your washing machine to remove most of the water from your clothes at the end of a wash cycle. 10 wash cycles provide you with the most important presets you need: Bedding, Delicates, Heavy Duty, Normal, Permanent Press, Rinse & Spin, Sanitize, Speed Wash, and Whites. It also comes with 7 additional washing options so you can choose the optimal way to clean a specific load. Features include a steam function that provides powerful stain removal without pretreatment while still being gentle on your clothing. Self Clean+ gives your washer the ability to remove 99% of common household bacteria and remind you to clean the drum every 40 wash cycles. Enjoy a quiet wash with the VRT Plus Technology which reduces vibration and noise when your machine is running. The Swirl+Drum interior is designed so the water will flow more easily to help remove extra moisture in your clothes. Choose between 5 temperature levels, as some stains and dirt wash more easily with hot or cold water. This washer is Accessibility Certified with ADA Compliant4, AUI, Braille so more people are free to use it. With Smart Care, any problem you encounter with your washing machine can be easily solved with a smartphone app, saving you the trouble of calling customer service. Discover more of its impressive features when you bring this machine home. The Samsung WF45R6100AC comes with a power cord. Stacking kit model SKK-8K sold separately.
The Samsung WF45R6100AP high-efficiency front load washing machine looks great with its platinum exterior finish. The 4.5 cu. ft. maximum capacity is just right for you and your family. It has a left swing, round metal door and surface measurements of 31.4 inches deep, 38.75 inches high and 27 inches wide at just 201 lbs. The standard width along with being stackable will allow you to place this machine in many different home layouts. You can pair it with matching Samsung dryers: DVG45R6100P (gas) or DVE45R6100P (electric), both sold separately. Power efficient with a Tier I Energy Efficiency Rating, consuming only 80kWh per year. Impressive! The maximum spin speed is 1200 revolutions per minute (RPM). It includes 10 different wash cycles: Bedding, Delicates, Heavy Duty, Normal, Permanent Press, Rinse & Spin, Sanitize, Speed Wash, and Whites. On top of this machine’s many different features is the steam function, which provides powerful stain removal without the need for pretreatment. Self Clean+ keeps your washer drum fresh and clean, while Smart Care allows for easy troubleshooting from the convenience of your smartphone. The GE VERT Plus Technology which reduces noise and vibration allows for an overall quieter wash. The Swirl + Drum interior improves the drum pattern and lets the water flow more quickly and therefore limiting excess moisture. The Closet Depth Fit3 provides space-saving design, great for flexible installation in any laundry space. The ADA Compliant4, AUI, Braille accessibility feature, allows easy use of this machine for more people. 5 Temperature Levels for the ideal temperature to wash your clothes gently and thoroughly. Other features include adjustable legs, control lock, control sounds on/off, cycle status indicator, delay start, door window, end-of-cycle signal, remote diagnostics, water heater and more. The Samsung WF45R6100AP comes with hoses and a power cord. The matching pedestal WE402NP can be bought separately.

The difference between 1200, 1400 or 1600 rpm

But what is the difference between 1220, 1400 or 1600 rpm? A washing machine that makes 1200 rpm during the spin has a residual moisture percentage of about 52%. For 1400 rpm it is about 50% and a 1600 rpm washing machine 44%. A 1600 RPM washing machine will get your laundry as dry as possible, but the differences are small.

Buy a 1200 RPM washing machine; what to look for?

As we mentioned earlier, the RPM is an important aspect of your washing machine. But of course, there are other specifications and features to look out for when buying a new washing machine. Below are our tips for buying a washing machine with the RPM 1200.

Type of washing machine

There are two types of washing machines: the front-loading and the top-loading washing machine. In general, there are far fewer 1200-rpm machines available than 1400-rpm machines, but the advantage is that you have a free choice between a top-loading and a front-loading machine – the top-loading machine is often not available at a high speed.

The front-loading machine is by far the most popular; it has the door at the front of the drum, so you can put a clothes dryer on top of it. The top loading washer is not as common, but it does have its advantages. A top loading washer has the door on the top and is often a bit higher. The capacity of a washing machine, also known as the fill weight, indicates how many kg of laundry can fit in the drum. How much fill weight you need depends largely on the size of your household – the more people, the more fill weight you want. For a single or couple, we recommend a 6kg or 7kg washing machine. For a small family, an 8kg load would be better. If you have a household of 5 or more, look for machines with a 9kg or 10kg load. 1200 rpm washing machines are available with different load capacities.

Energy Rating

The energy rating of a washing machine, also known as the energy label, indicates how efficiently a washing machine uses electricity per wash. Energy-efficient washing machines are rated A, B or C, with an A-rated washing machine using the least energy per wash. Energy-efficient washing machines are often a bit more expensive to buy, but more economical to run – and the best choice for the environment, too.

Washers running at 1200 rpm are unfortunately often not the most energy-efficient, but some models have energy class C, which falls under the heading of “energy efficient”.

Centrifugal Noise Level

The noise level of a washing machine indicates how much noise it produces in decibels (dB) when it is at its loudest – during the spin cycle. During the spin cycle, the drum spins hard, which can cause vibrations and a lot of noise. 78 dB or more is considered loud, 74 dB to 77 dB is considered normal, 72 dB and 73 dB is considered quiet, and 71 dB and below is considered extra quiet.

Higher rpm often comes with higher noise levels, but this is not necessarily the case. The type of motor, the quality of the materials and whether or not the washer has dampers all contribute to how loud a washer is. Most 1200 rpm washing machines have a noise level between ‘normal’ and ‘extra quiet’.

Ease of Use

Washers are offering more and more options to make washing easier for you. For 1200 rpm washing machines, this includes a load sensor, delayed start, add wash and a self-cleaning detergent drawer. Choose a washing machine with the extra features you think you need.

Wash programs

All washing machines offer different wash programs. Depending on the makeup of your household, you may need certain programs such as special wash programs for delicate fabrics, stains, sportswear, baby clothes, extra hygienic washing and shirts.

Preferences and disadvantages of a 1200 rpm washing machine

We promised to take a closer look at all the pros and cons of a 1200 rpm washing machine. Why is a low RPM washing machine good? And why do others choose a higher RPM? We answer those questions here.


  • Lower rpm will not damage your laundry as easily, so you can enjoy your clothes, bedding and towels for longer.
  • Your laundry will come out of the machine with a residual moisture content of 52%. This gives you the choice of continuing to air dry your laundry, or putting it in the dryer.
  • Washers use less energy at lower rpm.
  • With a slower spin, you will find less wrinkles in your clothes and bedding.


  • With a high spin, your laundry will be drier. This means it won’t have to hang out or go in the dryer as long. Because a washing machine is generally more energy efficient than a dryer, it is more economical to use a high RPM machine.
  • You don’t have much choice, with the majority of washing machines having a maximum spin speed of 1400 rpm.
  • With a high RPM washing machine, you can set a lower spin speed for each wash. Washers with a maximum spin speed of 1200 do not allow you to go up.
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