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Do you want your laundry to come out of the drum as dry as possible? Then a 1600 rpm washing machine is the right choice for you! Find out everything you need to know about 1600 rpm washing machines here!

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1600 RPM washing machine

Dries laundry best before the tumble dryer dries it completely

Before we tell you more about this type of washing machine, let’s go a little deeper into what a RPM is. The RPM of a washing machine indicates how many rounds the drum spins per minute during the spin cycle. The higher the RPM, the faster the drum spins, the drier your laundry will come out of the washing machine.

If you want your laundry to come out of the drum as dry as possible, choose a washing machine with 1600 rpm. This is what we call a ‘high rpm’ washing machine. 1400 rpm is also considered a high number of revolutions, but it means that your laundry stays slightly wetter. A 1600 rpm washing machine has a residual moisture content of 44%, while a 1400 rpm washing machine has a residual moisture content of 50%.


In both cases you will still need to hang your laundry or put it in the dryer, but at 1600 rpm (rounds per minute) this is less time. Also, your dryer will not have to work as hard to get your laundry completely dry.

Most washing machines have a 1400 rpm speed. Therefore, this option is the most commonly chosen. But if you don’t have a dryer, a 1600 RPM is very nice.

If you don’t care about the RPM of your washing machine, you can also choose 1200 RPM or less. This may be an option for you if you put your laundry in the dryer anyway.

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Want to know what the best washing machines of 2022 are with 1600 rpm? We have compared several washing machines that all run at 1600 rpm, to come up with a list of the best models at the moment.


We have taken into account the fill weight, the noise level, the different wash programs, the energy class and the customer reviews. Is your new 1600 rpm washing machine on the list?

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An energy-saving washing machine has energy label A and uses less water and energy. When you invest in an energy-efficient washing machine, you almost always recoup this investment.

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A quiet washing machine makes little noise when spinning the wet laundry. Is your washing machine located near your bedroom or living room? Then consider a quiet washing machine.

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A large family requires a larger washing machine, and also a higher fill weight. A smaller family will suffice with a washing machine with a smaller fill weight.

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Buying a 1600 rpm washing machine: what to look out for

Washing machines are very sophisticated machines, with lots of options and specifications. RPM is important, but there are of course many other things to consider when buying a new washing machine. See the overview below to find out exactly what you need to consider.

Washing machine type

There are 2 different types of washing machines: the front loading and the top loading washing machine. The front loading washer is the most common and most popular. It has the door at the front of the drum, so you can place a dryer on top of the front loading washer.

The top loading washer has the door on the top. These models are also often a bit narrower and higher, so you don’t have to bend over as much. Washing machines with 1600 rpm, however, are almost always a front loading washing machine.

Energy rating

If you want to save on your energy bill, choose an energy-efficient washing machine. These are definitely also available with a 1600 rpm speed. Of course, a washing machine uses more energy the harder the drum turns. However, most energy is consumed in heating the water. This is therefore what washing machine manufacturers cut back on when making their washing machines more energy efficient. The terms “energy class” and “energy label” are often used interchangeably. But they mean the same thing. If you want an energy-efficient washing machine with 1600 rpm, you should look to see if they have energy class A, B or C. Of these, a washing machine with energy class A uses the least energy per wash. Efficient washing machines are often more expensive to buy, but in use they save you money by keeping your energy bill low. In addition, they are also much better for the environment. Win-win!

Filling weight

How many kg of laundry fits in the drum is indicated by the fill weight. This is also called the capacity of the washing machine. Exactly how much fill weight you need depends on several aspects, but the number of people you share the washing machine with plays the biggest role – i.e. the size of your household. For this reason, the fill weight is one of the most important things to look at when buying a new washing machine.

If you are a 1 or 2 person household, it is best to choose a washing machine with 6 or 7 kg fill weight. If you are with 3 or 4 people, an 8kg fill weight is better. Do you have a household of 5 people or more? Then we recommend looking at washing machines with 9 kg or 10 kg fill weight. Other reasons to go for more capacity could be because you do a lot of sports or wash more often due to an allergy.


Noise Level

The noise level of a washing machine measures how much noise a washing machine produces when the appliance is at its loudest – during spinning. This is indicated in decids (dB). You would almost think that a washing machine with a high rpm automatically falls under the group of “loud washing machines,” but this is not necessarily true. There are several reasons why some washing machines are quieter than others. Indeed, this can be due to the RPM, but also to the type of motor, the quality of the materials and whether the washing machine has dampers.

Loud washing machines produce 78 dB or more. 74 dB to 77 dB is considered “normal” for a washing machine. Appliances that produce 72 dB or 73 dB fall under the category of ‘quiet washing machines’ and if they generate 71 dB or less of noise, they are ‘extra quiet’. Most 1600 rpm washing machines have the ‘normal’ or ‘extra quiet’ noise level.

If your washing machine will be in a shed or in the attic, you don’t have to pay as much attention to the noise level. But if you put it in an open kitchen or in a room next to a bedroom, you’d rather not have your washing machine be louder than 73 dB.

Washing programs and ease of use

Washing machines are offering more and more options to make washing easier – so that every wash is a snap. These include a load sensor, delayed start, add wash, a self-cleaning detergent drawer, automatic detergent dosing and control via an app. Do you want to make washing a breeze? Then choose a washing machine with (one of) these features.

Because everyone wants something different, there are many different wash programs. If you need certain wash programs, make sure the washing machine you buy actually offers them. There are special wash programs for delicate fabrics, stains, sportswear, baby clothes, extra hygienic washing and shirts, among others. Be aware, however, that the high RPM of 1600 can often only be used for cotton laundry programs. For other laundry, it is better not to use high rpm, otherwise your garments may not last as long.


Advantages and disadvantages of 1600 rpm

If you are considering a 1600 rpm washing machine, the only competitor is a 1400 rpm washing machine. Most washing machines sold now have such a high rpm. But what exactly are the differences? And which RPM is better? We’re happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the 1600 rpm washing machine for you.


  1. The main advantage of a 1600 rpm washing machine compared to 1400 rpm is that your laundry comes out drier. At 1600 rpm you have a residual moisture percentage of 44%, while at 1400 rpm it is 50%. In either case, you can continue to let your laundry air dry. The difference isn’t huge, but at 1600 rpm your laundry won’t have to hang around as long. In addition, if you do decide to put your clothes or bedding in the dryer, your dryer doesn’t have to work as hard to get it completely dry. Which is nice, because dryers generally use more energy than washing machines. Therefore, this allows you to save energy and therefore money.
  2. Another point: if you want to wash at a lower speed, you can always do that. Most washing machines allow you to set the rpm per wash.


  1. Because the washing machine has to work harder during the spin, it uses more energy. How much more energy this is varies from washer to washer. There are also plenty of 1600 rpm washing machines with energy class A, B and C. Energy class C already counts as an energy efficient washing machine.
  2. In addition, your laundry often has more wrinkles if you wash it at a higher rpm. At 1400 rpm or lower, this will be less.
  3. And finally, there are more washing machines with a maximum 1400 rpm. So if you go for a (slightly) lower rpm, you do have a lot more choice immediately. The number of washing machines that can run at 1600 rpm is increasing.

Washing machine 1600 rpm assortment

Whirlpool WTW4816FW |

Whirlpool WTW4816FW

The Whirlpool WTW4816FWis a top load washer with a maximum capacity of 3.5 cu. ft., perfect for your everyday laundry needs. The yearly energy consumption is clocked at 274kWh per year and offers a total of 12 different wash cycles....
LG WM3400CW |


The LG WM3400CW front load washing machine has a total maximum capacity of 4.5 cu. ft., giving you more room to do more laundry with fewer loads. The Energy Efficiency Rating is marked Tier II, and it uses just 100kWh...


If you are looking for a new washing machine, the beautiful GE GFW850SPNRS front load washer might just be the right one for you. Wash more clothes at once with a substantial 5.0. cu. ft. maximum capacity. Consuming just 158kWh...
Electrolux ELFW7637AT |

Electrolux ELFW7637AT

This wonderful front load washer with a total capacity of 4.5 cu. ft. is the perfect new appliance you've been looking for. Highly efficient with an Energy Efficiency Rating of Tier II and a maximum spin speed of 1300 RPM....
Maytag MVW6230HW |

Maytag MVW6230HW

The Maytag MVW6230HW top load washer has an ultra~large maximum capacity at 4.7 cu. ft. Available in classic colors of White and Metallic Slate, it will look great in many laundry room setups. It consumes 341kWh of energy per year....
Maytag MVWC565FW |

Maytag MVWC565FW

The Maytag MVWC565FW top load washer is built to be the most powerful machine in its class. The 4.2 cu. ft. maximum capacity is enough to take on larger loads including bedding, comforters or jackets. Take care of stubborn stains...
LG WM3900HWA |


The LG WM3900HWA front load washer comes in either White or Graphite Steel. With a particularly large capacity of 4.5 cu. ft., it’s big enough to take on the large loads you throw at it. Enjoy a powerful machine with...
Samsung WF45R6100AC |

Samsung WF45R6100AC

The Samsung WF45R6100AC is perfect for your home. This high~efficiency front load washer has a substantial maximum capacity of 4.5 cu. ft. Impressively economical with an Energy Efficiency Rating of Tier I, consuming a measly 80 kWh/year. It comes with...
Electrolux EFLS627UIW |

Electrolux EFLS627UIW

Another Amazing washer from Electrolux comes in the form of the EFLS627UIW front load washer. Decently sized with a total maximum capacity of 4.4 cu. ft., it allows you to wash more clothes in less loads. The exterior is coated...
Samsung WA50R5400AW |

Samsung WA50R5400AW

The Samsung WA50R5400AW is a top load washer featuring a maximum load capacity of 5.0 cu. ft. It uses just 165kWh of energy per year while delivering a maximum spin speed of 750 RPM. Have freedom of choice with 12...
Electrolux ELFW7637AW |

Electrolux ELFW7637AW

The Electrolux ELFW7637AW is a front~load washer with a maximum capacity of 4.5cu.ft. With an Energy Efficiency Rating Tier II at 1300 RPM and a total of 10 wash cycle options, it's not only economical but powerful, too. Packed with...
Maytag MHW5630HW |

Maytag MHW5630HW

The Maytag MHW5630HW front load washer with a large total capacity of 4.5 cu. ft. is Energy Star rated consuming just 86kWH per year of power. The maximum spin speed of 1160 RPM is enough to finish each cycle with...
Electrolux ELFW7537AT |

Electrolux ELFW7537AT

The Electrolux ELFW7537AT front load washer is just what you’ve been looking for. This washer has a large maximum capacity of 4.5 cu. ft. The energy efficiency rating is evaluated as Tier II, consuming only 85kWh of energy per year....
Whirlpool WFW5620HW |

Whirlpool WFW5620HW

A wonderful new washing is waiting for you in the form of the Whirlpool WFW5620HW front load washer. This machine can take up to 4.5 cu. ft. of laundry at one time, a large capacity that will allow you to...
LG WT7800CW |


Get a great looking top load washer with the LG WT7800CW, available in Graphite Steel or White. The huge 5.5 cu. ft. maximum capacity lets you do more laundry in less loads. Energy Star certified with an efficiency rating of...


Introducing the GE top load washer model number GTW465ASNWW. It has a large maximum capacity of 4.5 cu. ft., enough to fit in bulky items like beddings, comforters and jackets. It delivers a maximum spin speed of up to 750...


The GE GFW550SPNDG is a beautiful front load washing machine with a total maximum capacity of 4.8 cu. ft. The large capacity will allow you to wash more clothes in less loads. It has an energy efficiency rating of TIER...
Hotpoin HTW240ASKWS |

Hotpoin HTW240ASKWS

The Hotpoint HTW240ASKWS is a compact top load washer at a great price point. The 3.8 cu. ft. total capacity is enough to handle your every day laundry needs. Its energy consumption is as little as 187kWh per year while...


From the long trusted, all~American company, GE, comes a brand~new washing machine. Introducing the GE GFW650SPNSN. This front load washer has a large maximum capacity of 4.8. cu. ft., perfect for a growing family. The beautiful satin nickel color covers...
Amana NTW4516FW |

Amana NTW4516FW

Amana NTW4516FW is the top load washer you need. The ample 3.5 cu. ft. maximum capacity is perfect to take on your daily laundry needs. Clean clothes while saving money because this machine only uses 162kWH of energy per year....
Electrolux EFLS627UTT |

Electrolux EFLS627UTT

The Electrolux EFLS627UTT front~load washer has an extra~large capacity at 4.4 cubic feet. The tub is made with stainless steel, so it won’t chip, rust or snag. Equipped with the SmartBoost technology, the detergent and water is premixed before a...


The GE GTW720BSNWS is a high efficiency top load washer featuring a massive 4.8 cu. ft. maximum load capacity. Get savings on your electricity bill because this washer is Energy Star qualified and only uses 165kWh of energy per year!...
Maytag MVWC465HW |

Maytag MVWC465HW

The Maytag MVWC465HW is a large capacity top load washer capable of handling up to 3.8. cu. ft. of laundry. It consumes just 254kWh of energy per year while delivering the most powerful cleaning in its class. The 12 wash...
LG WM9000HVA |


If you need to wash a king~sized duvet, or up to three baskets of laundry, you can save yourself a trip from the laundromat with the LG WM9000HVA front load washer with a massive maximum capacity of 5.2 cu. ft.!...


The GE GFW650SSNWW is a gorgeous front load washing machine with a total maximum capacity of 4.8 cu. ft. The large capacity will allow you to wash more clothes in less loads. It has an energy efficiency rating of TIER...
Samsung WF45R6100AP |

Samsung WF45R6100AP

The beautiful, platinum color exterior of the Samsung WF45R6100AP high~efficiency front load washing machine is paired with impressive function. Because it has a maximum capacity of 4.5 cu. ft., it can hold enough laundry allowing you to run less wash...
LG WM8100HVA |


What more can you look for with the LG WM8100HVA front load washer? The impressive 5.2 cu. ft. capacity will allow to you clean over three baskets of clothing in a single load. This washer has an Energy Efficiency Rating...


From long trusted American company, General Electronics, the GE GFW550SSNWW is a front load washer has a large total capacity of 4.8 cu. ft. Its Energy Efficiency Rating is Tier II, consuming about 158kWH/yr. Powerful, with a maximum spin speed...


The GE GTW500ASNWS is a top load washer with a maximum load capacity of 4.6 cu. ft., enough to fit in bulky items like beddings. It is Energy Star Qualified, consuming only 152kWh of energy per year. With a maximum...


Enjoy washing your laundry with the GE GTW335ASNWW top load washer. With a large maximum capacity of 4.2 cu. ft., it can handle the large loads you throw at it. Consuming just 187kWh of energy per year, this machine is...