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Want to buy the best washing machine of 2022? On this page, you'll find everything you need! From tips on what to look for, to a ready-made list of the best washing machines of the moment.

Best washing machine



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Best Washing Machine of 2022

With so many washing machines currently available, it can be difficult to judge which is the best. This is because it is determined by a lot of different aspects, such as the fill weight, energy class, speed, noise level, user-friendliness and the different wash programs. In addition, the build quality of a washing machine also plays a major role. This says something about the durability and robustness of the washing machine, but also about various extra specifications, such as a brushless motor, drum cleaning, and a stainless steel drum, tub and door hinge. Are you going for a new quality washing machine? This is the top 10 best washing machines of 2022 with a good price-quality ratio.

Buy the best washing machine, what to look for?

Want to buy a new washing machine and are you looking for the best buy? No one else knows better than you what kind of washing machine you need. It’s just that new washing machines develop so quickly, and you only need to buy a new one every 10 years. That’s why you might not know what to consider when buying a washing machine. We have put together our tips for finding the ‘Best Buy’ washing machine.

Type, size and fill weight

Practicalities first! To start with, you need to find out whether the washing machine you have your eye on is practical to use in your household. To do this, it is important to determine…

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  • Whether you are going for a front-loading or top-loading machine will determine which side has the door to the drum;

  • how big you want it to be. No doubt you already have a place in mind for the new washing machine. Measure it carefully to make sure that you get the right washing machine for your needs. The size of the drum determines how many kilos of washing you can fit into a full drum, and therefore how much you can wash at one time. A 6kg or 7kg drum is suitable for up to 2 people, 8kg for 3 or 4 people, and 9kg or more for families of 5 or more.

    Energy Rating

    A big advantage of buying one of the best washing machines is that they generally have a better energy rating. An energy efficient washing machine uses a lot less electricity per wash – which is good for the environment, but also keeps your energy bills down. Previously, energy class was known as energy label. If you are looking for an energy-efficient washing machine, it is best to choose one that is rated class A. It may cost a little more to buy, but you will save money in the long run.

    Laundry Quality

    The main task of the best washing machine is to clean your clothes and other laundry thoroughly. All washing machines are rated for their washing quality, which is done according to the following specifications, among others: the wash result A, automatic detergent dosage, a load sensor, a steam function, extra rinse function, a clothes protecting drum, a self-cleaning detergent drawer and drum cleaning. The washing quality is divided between basic, medium and top-of-the-range. Most washing machines have a washing quality of middle class. If you want the best washing machine, you should look for ones that are top of the range. This tells you in decibels (dB) how much noise the washer produces during the spin cycle. 78 dB or more is considered loud, 74 dB to 77 dB is considered normal, 72 dB and 73 dB is considered quiet, and 71 dB and below is considered extra quiet. If your washing machine is going to be placed near living spaces – such as your living room or office – we recommend that you go for an (extra) silent washing machine. The same advice applies to anyone who plans to wash at night.


    Of course, you want your laundry to be as dry as possible. To do this, look at the speed of the washing machine. This tells you the maximum number of spins the drum can make during the spin cycle. For most washing machines, this is around 1400 rpm, but if you want your laundry as dry as possible, you should look at washing machines that make 1600 rpm. Keep in mind that this is for regular cotton wash programs – those for finer loads will not spin as hard and will not get your laundry as dry.

    Building quality

    The build quality of a washing machine is an indication of how durable and sturdy it is. The build quality of washing machines is determined by the following specifications, among others: brushless motor, water protection, a stainless steel drum, tub and door hinge, a balance system, self-cleaning detergent drawer, drum cleaning and a metal enamel housing. New washing machines are divided between the basic class, middle class and top class. Most washing machines have a mid-range build quality, but if you’re going for the best washing machine, you’re better off choosing one with a top-range build quality. Not all brands and suppliers are as open about the build quality of their washing machines. If the build quality is not communicated, the price and brand of the washing machine can be an indication. Expensive washing machines from big brands are not necessarily of good quality, but it can be an indication that the machine is made with good materials.

    Ease of Use

    If you want the best washing machine, you may want it to have extra features that make it easier to wash and ensure that this good washing machine lasts longer. When it comes to ease of use and convenience, new washing machines are offering more and more high tech features and options. These include: delayed start, a clothes protector, add wash in between, a load sensor, app operation, automatic detergent dosing, steam function, a self-cleaning detergent drawer and drum illumination.

    Best washing machine brands

    If you are looking for the best washing machine, you will notice that there are several major brands selling washing machines. Buying a new washing machine from a particular brand can be extra tempting because you may already have experiences with it, or because the brand is well known. A-brands are often known for their use of the latest technology and good quality. As a result, A-brands often have a longer lifespan than cheaper washing machines – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all lower priced machines are bad. If you want to know which brands offer the best washing machines, check out the list below. We have listed them for you below./li>

  • Bosch

  • Samsung

  • Bosch



  • LG

  • Frequently asked questions

    Comparing washing machines is not an easy task. There are so many features and specifications, how do you know what is important to you? To help you understand the best washing machines of 2022, we answer some frequently asked questions about washing machines below.

    What is the best brand for a washing machine?

    The Consumers’ Association regularly conducts research to determine the best washing machines. They look at the satisfaction of users of certain brands. Their research showed that users of a Miele washing machine are the most satisfied. They give Miele an average of 9,4 for brand satisfaction. However, Miele washing machines do not score as well on value for money, as they are relatively expensive to buy.

    In second place are the washing machines of Zanussi, which score very well on value for money. Siemens and Bosch also do very well.

    What is the best washing machine according to the Consumers’ Association?

    The Consumers’ Association tests throughout the year what the best washing machine is. According to the Consumers’ Association, the 5 best washing machines at the moment are: Miele WWG 660 WCS, Miele WSG 663 WCS, Miele WCG 670 WCS, Miele WWG 760 WPS and Miele WSI863.

    Which washing machines last the longest?

    The Consumers’ Association also researches the lifespan of washing machines, which might be something you want to know more about when buying a new washing machine. Their research shows that a Miele washing machine lasts on average a lot longer than most washing machines. A modern Miele washing machine lasts 16,6 years. In second place is the AEG washing machine, which lasts 13.7 years.

    What is the average lifespan of a washing machine?

    When you buy a new washing machine, you naturally hope that it will last a while. Therefore, you might be wondering; how long does a washing machine last? Most washing machines have an average lifespan of 10 to 11 years, but ultimately this depends on several factors, such as how often you use your washing machine, how well you maintain it, the brand, the build quality and whether the washing machine is level.

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