Energy label washing machine

If you are looking for a new energy efficient washing machine, you should always pay close attention to the energy label. The most efficient washing machines have energy label a and the least efficient g. Furthermore, the label indicates the energy consumption per 100 washes, how much laundry fits in the drum, how much water consumption an average program has and what the noise level of the standard program is. Since March 2022 there is a new label, which is significantly different from the old energy label. On this page we explain you everything about the energy label of a washing machine!

Energy label washing machine



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What is on the energy label of washing machines?

In this section we will tell you exactly what label information you can find on the energy label and what you can do with this information. So you know exactly what a new washing machine can and cannot do.

Qr code

All new energy labels have a QR code in the upper right corner. Once you scan this you will see more information about the washing machine. This information is not commercial and comes from the European Union. For example, you will find specifications about the dimensions of the washing machine.

Energy efficiency

Below the QR code is a table from A to G, where the A is green and the G is red. Next to it is a black icon containing the letter of the washing machine’s energy label. On the old label, the most economical label was A+++, but now the criteria have been tightened, so this has been dropped.

Energy consumption

Under the table you will find the energy consumption of the washing machine expressed in kWh per 100 washes. Please note that all information is calculated based on information obtained from the eco 40 60 program. All new washing machines have this program as a requirement. The figure given here is an average of several washes with a full, half-full and quarter-full drum.


Under this heading is indicated what the fill weight of the washing machine in kilograms is. This shows how much laundry will fit in a full drum. For a small household of 2 people, 7 to 8 kilograms will be enough.

Please note the type of laundry, for large items such as comforters and curtains you will need a washing machine with a larger fill weight.

Programme duration

Below the clock icon you will find the duration of an eco 40 60 program. The total duration is indicated in hours:minutes. This program will get your laundry clean again if it is not too dirty.

Water consumption

By the clock there is an icon of a faucet. This shows how many liters per wash the washer consumes. Again, this is for the eco 40 60 program, it may be that there is another program that uses less water.

Centrifuge result

On the second row, the first is an icon showing a wrung out t-shirt. The information below this indicates how dry your laundry is coming out of the drum. Classes A to G are used for this information, with Class A being the driest.

Sound level

The noise level of the washing machine can be found under the speaker icon and is shown in dB and in classes A to D. It is important to know how much noise a washing machine makes during the spin, as this determines where you will put it.

The loudest washing machines have a noise level of 78 decibels or more (D), normal washing machines have 74 through 77 decibels (C), a washing machine with 72 or 73 decibels is quiet (B) and an extra quiet washing machine has 71 decibels or less (A). A washing machine with class A or B can easily be placed next to the bedroom, because the amount of noise is not disturbing.

Revised energy label for washing machines since 2022

Since March 2022, every washing machine has a new energy label, which again contains new information. With the old labels, the classes went from A+++ to D, where D was the least efficient. On the new energy label, the classes are from A to G, with the most energy-efficient washing machine having energy label A.

If you have a washing machine with an old label that has energy class A+++ on it, it may well be that the same washing machine will end up in energy class D with the new label. This does not mean that your washing machine is less efficient, but it does mean that there are stricter requirements. There is simply room for washing machines that consume even less energy, so the most efficient devices of a few years ago suddenly have a lower energy label.

Buying a new washing machine by the label

The new label for washing machines gives you a lot of information, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you really want to pick the most energy-efficient washing machine.

  1. Watch the power consumption

The new energy label shows the power consumption per 100 washes. Here you should keep in mind that a washing machine with a large drum capacity will always consume more than a washing machine with a smaller capacity. This does not mean that it is not an economical washing machine.

  1. Buy a washing machine of the right size

It makes no sense to buy an economical washing machine if you don’t choose the right fill weight. A large washing machine that is only half full uses more energy than it actually needs to. Always choose a drum that matches your load size to avoid using too much water and energy.

  1. Consider other programs

Please note that all the information on the label relates to the eco 40 60 program, but that you do not use this program for all your laundry. Some clothes can also be washed on a lower temperature programme. This way, you’ll use less energy than the new energy label suggests.

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