Washing machine is leaking

When a washing machine leaks, it is usually because of the door seal. Over time the door sealing can get holes through which water can escape. Besides this cause it can also be that the water inlet, drain or detergent drawer is leaking or that the door is not closing properly.

Washing machine is leaking



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Causes of the leak

There could be many different reasons why your washing machine is leaking. To figure out how to fix the leak, first of all you need to look at the cause of the problem. To do this, find out exactly where the water is coming from. Below are the most common causes of a leaking washing machine.

  • The water inlet is leaking
  • Make sure that the water is not leaking.Leaky drain
  • The door does not close properly
  • The detergent drawer is leaking
  • There is a crack in the cuff

Where is your water leaking? First of all, unplug your washing machine and check all the above parts, as well as the water inlet and outlet, to find out where the leak is. Have you found the cause? Here is what you can do for each type of leak.

Washer water inlet

Check that the inlet hose is secure at both ends and check for damage. Sometimes tightening the swivel can solve the problem. Do you find any damage? Then this part must be replaced. You can easily do this yourself. You can buy a new washing machine connection and/or water inlet hose online or at a hardware store.

Washing machine drain

Does water leak from your washing machine drain? If so, you can easily fix it yourself. If your drain hose is damaged, you can buy a new one – online or at a hardware store – and attach it yourself. Is there water leaking from the drain pipe? The drain hose may be in too deep. Remove the drain hose from the drain pipe and have a bucket at hand to catch water and debris. Make sure the drain hose is no deeper than 15 cm into the drain pipe. A support bracket will help keep it from falling too far down the drain pipe.

Door does not close properly

If water is leaking from the front of the washing machine, there is a good chance the door is not closing properly. Often laundry is trapped in the door. This causes water to leak from the front into the bottom of the appliance. In this case, switch off the washing machine, turn off the water supply and pull the plug out of the wall socket. Place a towel behind the washing machine and tilt it slightly backwards. Hold this for 30 seconds to a minute. Then you can put the washer back down, plug it in, and pull the laundry out from between the door.

Crack in the Cuff

If the door of your washer is closed tightly, but water still leaks out the front during washing, the cuff may be damaged. The cuff is the grey rubber ring in the opening of the drum. It doesn’t happen often, but it can develop a tear in it. If the drain of your washing machine is clogged, first clean the trap. Put a bucket under the trap and let the water run out. Then close it again and fill a bucket with boiling water and pack of baking soda. Remove the drain hose from the drain and slowly pour the water down the drain – using a funnel if necessary. Wait five minutes and check that the drain continues to run when you pour water down it. Is the drain still clogged? If it is, use a puller spring to unblock it.

Dishwasher drawer leaks

If water is leaking from the detergent compartment, it is probably because it is time to clean it. This is because there is always some detergent left in the soap tray of washing machines – a lot of dirt and grime gets stuck in there, which can cause it to clog. Take the detergent compartment out of the washing machine and clean it under the tap with a sponge or dishcloth. Do you have two left hands, or is the cause of your leak not listed on this page? Then it’s best to hire a mechanic. For them, a washing machine repair is done in no time.

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