Washing machine maintenance

You can maintain a washing machine in the following way: Turn on a hot wash program of at least 90 degrees Celsius. Use a cloth to clean the inside and outside of the washing machine, don't forget the rubber rim! Clean the detergent dispenser drawer. Clean the drain pump, make sure the washing machine is disconnected from the power and clean the drain pump with an old toothbrush.

Washing machine maintenance



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Cleaning tips

  1. Make sure you clean the washer door rubber band after every wash. You may find that dirt remains behind it, or even a sock has disappeared into it. You’d prefer to remove this before you run a new wash.
  2. If you use a dispenser to dispense your detergent, it may not clean itself. The newest washing machines do this, but the older and cheaper versions can leave some detergent behind. In that case, wiping with a cloth is sufficient.
  3. The filter is one of the most crucial parts to clean, and the one that gets forgotten the most. By cleaning it once in a while you prevent it from getting clogged and you make sure the washing machine runs more economically (by using less water and energy).
  4. Cleaning the drain pump is a job that needs to be done every now and then, especially when the washing machine doesn’t seem to be working properly anymore. Make sure you unplug the washing machine beforehand. The pump is best cleaned with an old toothbrush.
  5. A major cleaning of the drum itself doesn’t have to take much effort: put a good splash of vinegar or a half cup of soda in an empty drum and run a 90° program, the washing machine will be free of grease, dirt and limescale and smell wonderful.

Maintenance tips

  1. Make sure you leave the door of the washing machine open between washes, this way the drum can ventilate and the washing machine will not start to smell musty as quickly.
  2. Leave the dispensing tray open so it can dry after the wash, even with a self-cleaning tray.
  3. Run a wash at 60° once or twice a month to prevent bacterial growth.
  4. Follow the dosage recommendations on the detergent packaging.
  5. Do not wash too often at a high temperature, this is not only good for your energy bill but also prevents limescale.
  6. Check and clean the water inlet filter every six months.
  7. Check and clean the lint filter and drain pump from time to time.
  8. Avoid loose objects such as pens or coins in clothing, especially small pre-work items can end up in the pump or damage the door/drum.
Picture of Yannick

A wash geek since 2017

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