Washing machine programs

Listed below are all the wash programs you can encounter on a washing machine: Short/fast program, coloured wax, white laundry, eco-program, ironing-free programme, delayed start & extra rinses. In addition, there are several special wash programs for every type of textile.

Washing machine programs



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Which wash programme should I choose

It is useful to take into account when combining certain items of clothing. For example, there are garments that should not be washed in the black wash, or certain fabrics that should not be combined, because one can harm the other.

To help you get the most out of your washing machine, we have listed a number of washing programmes, explaining the indication for this programme and its duration and temperature. Finally, we give some tips on what you can and can’t do with your clothes in the washing machine.

All washing machine programmes

  1. Short/fast program: this is suitable for clothes that are not very dirty, but need a quick wash. The more expensive washing machines have a half load sensor, when this is not the case, the washing machine will take the same amount of time as the program with the half load, then this program is a godsend.
  2. Coloureds: this program is for clothes with colour. The temperature can often be set independently and ranges from cold to 90°. Washing at 90° is rarely necessary, only in case of very stubborn stains or very dirty/smelly laundry. Please note that less sturdy textiles should be washed at 30°, and a maximum of 60°. Always pay attention to the labels in the clothes.
  3. White laundry: the same applies to white laundry as to coloured laundry. Stubborn stains should be washed at 90°, but washing less sturdy textiles at high temperatures will damage the laundry. So always pay attention to the labels in the clothes.
  4. Eco-program: The eco-program uses less energy and therefore lasts longer. The temperature is lower than the standard program, namely 30°. Always using the eco-programme instead of the standard programme can save you a few bob a month.
  5. Iron-free programme: This programme ensures that clothes come out with as few wrinkles as possible by spinning on a lower setting. This also saves on energy costs as you can skip the ironing. Some fabrics wrinkle a lot on their own and won’t come out wrinkle-free, but the wrinkles are significantly less.
  6. Delayed start: this is a feature and not really a wash program. By choosing this, you avoid starting the machine in the morning and having the wet laundry sitting in the machine for hours before you can get it out. Selects the end time of the wash cycle.
  7. Extra Rinse: This program removes the extra detergent from the laundry, and is therefore useful for people with sensitive skin, allergies or eczema. The extra rinse cycle removes any remaining detergent from the clothes, so the skin reacts less to it.

Special wash programmes

  1. Steam wash program: this program is only on the better washing machines, and adapts itself to the kind of textile in the washing machine. Because of the use of steam the clothes don’t have to be ironed.
  2. Wool programme: wash at 30 or 40° to prevent shrinkage.
  3. Cotton washing programme: cotton washing programme means washing at 30 or 40°.
  4. Washing programme for jeans: jeans are relatively sturdy garments and can therefore be washed at a higher temperature and with a higher spin cycle.
  5. Washing programme for shirts: this programme washes shirts at a moderate temperature and has an anti-crease programme.
  6. Washing program for sportswear: sportswear often contains a special fabric, and in some cases prints as well. These prints can easily come off when the sportswear is washed with the colourful laundry at a high temperature. For this reason, it is recommended that the sportswear is washed long and at a high temperature, but not with a high spin cycle.
  7. Washing programme for underwear: this programme handles your underwear delicately and prevents bras from deforming too much. The spin cycle is therefore less intensive.
  8. Satin wash program: this program delicately washes your satin garments. You can also use it to wash other fragile garments. The spin cycle is also less intensive.
  9. Antibacterial program: stubborn stains are removed better with this program. Please note that the temperature of this program is higher.
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