Washer dryer combo with steam function

A combination washer dryer with a steam function steams the laundry at the end of the drying cycle. This steam ensures that the laundry comes out of the washer-dryer with fewer wrinkles. You can also use the steam function to freshen up your clothes or for extra hygienic washing. The advantage of this is that the washer-dryer uses less water and the clothes wear less quickly. Looking for a washer dryer with steam functionality? We have made an overview of the best steam dryers of 2024 for you below!

Washer dryer combo with steam function



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What is a steam generator?

A steam generator blows hot air through the drum at the end of the programme, smoothing out creases. This means that you don’t have to iron your garments as long, if at all.

In addition, a steam generator can also be used to freshen up your clothes, or for extra hygienic washing if you are allergic to dust mites, for example. The steam that is blown through the drum also means that your washer-dryer uses less water, which means that your clothes wear less quickly.

Direct drive

When you choose a washer-dryer, you often do so to save space. It can easily fit into a space that you wouldn’t normally use, which is very efficient.

In a small space, it’s nice when your washer-dryer has a low noise level. To do this, look for models that are equipped with direct drive. This type of motor reduces vibration during the spin cycle, which leads to much less noise.

The average noise level of a washer-dryer with direct drive is under 73 db, which is considered quiet. Bear in mind that this is the 73 db spin noise level, so when your washer-dryer is only washing, it will be even quieter.

The brushless motor is also much more energy efficient and durable. A direct drive washer/dryer therefore lasts much longer than the average washer/dryer.

Best Steam Dryer of 2024

Are you looking for a washer/dryer? Then it’s important to consider a number of features. As you can see above, the noise level of the spin cycle can be between 73 db and 78 db, with anything under 73 db being considered very quiet.

The fill weight is also important. For a washing and drying combination, the fill weight for washing is always greater than for drying. For example, you can wash 8 kg or 9 kg, but dry only 6 kg or 5 kg. This means that in some cases you may have to take some of your laundry out of the drum and dry it in an alternative way. So you need to think carefully about what kind of laundry you have and what you want to dry with your machine. For example, you might choose to dry towels and bedding with the washer-dryer and hang your clothes on a drying rack.

Besides the noise level and fill weight, you should also consider the energy label. Generally, washer-dryers are not known for being very energy efficient, which means you have a more limited choice when looking for an energy efficient model. Finally, there are a few small features to consider. A self-cleaning detergent drawer and automatic detergent dosing can make your life a lot easier, for example.


Best washer dryer combo with steam function

The GE GFQ14ESSNWW washer dryer combo is an all-in-one solution for your laundry needs. Whether you just don’t have the space for a separate washer and dryer, or you just want to do the laundry with less steps using just one machine, this electric front load washer/dryer is one to consider. With a 2.4 cu. ft. capacity, it can fit loads of up to 8 lbs. It weighs just 183 lbs. and the compact measurements of 25.62 inches deep by 33.25 inches tall by 23.43 inches wide is create for homes with less space for laundry. The window door is left swing. This 2-in-1 machine consumes just 108 kWh of power per year, so you can save on your electricity bills. The stainless-steel drum resists rust and corrosion. Turn it into a smart device by adding the optional Wi-Fi connect part (#PBX23W00Y0), sold separately. Equipped with a 1450 RPM maximum spin speed, the washing and drying actions are enhanced. Your clothes come out cleaner and dryer. With 14 wash cycles and 5 dry cycles, you can customize the way you clean your clothes freely. Wash anything from undergarments with Delicates to stained fabrics with Stain Wash with Steam. With features like Delay Start, you can schedule when to start the cycle according to your schedule for up to 24 hours. Use the Extra Rinse option when you need fabrics to be rid of detergent and fabric softener remnants. The Time Saver option lets you wash smaller loads at a faster rate so your garments will be ready in no time. This washer/dryer comes with 5 heat selections because some soils dissolve better in cooler temperatures, while some others in warmer temperatures. The load sensing adaptive fill automatically fills the drum with the appropriate amount of water depending on the size of the load. Add Time when you feel like your clothes need extra drying care. With convenience features like an adjustable end-of-cycle signal, child lock, cycles status indicators, LED cycle countdown and rack dry, doing the laundry is a little bit less of a hassle. Fill and load hoses are included.
For all your laundry needs, the GE WM3998HBA is the answer. Wash and dry using the same machine using a washer/dryer combo and save time doing your laundry. The 4.5 cu. ft. capacity is large enough to fit bulky items like blankets or beddings with no issues. Prop it on top of a pedestal (WDP4B) or the LG Sidekick™ Pedestal Washer (WD100CB) to wash even more laundry at once. Weighing 213.8 lbs. and measuring 27 inches wide, 39 inches high and 30.25 inches deep, it will fit in smaller laundry rooms or closets easily. The door swings to the left when opened. It uses just 105 kWh of power per year, so you can save some money on your power bill. The maximum spin speed is clocked at 1300 RPM, so your clothes come out cleaner and drier. Use the power of steam in both washing and drying. With 14 wash programs and 4 dry cycles to handle every type of laundry you throw at it. Special programs like Bright Whites™ (especially designed to give white fabrics great clean and maintain color) and Allergiene™ (specifically intended to give fabrics washing and rinsing to get rid of allergens) help you get the perfect kind of clean for every piece of clothing. It has 5 wash/rinse temperatures and 5 spin speeds so you can customize a cycle freely. Using the same outstanding washing performance that LG customers have come to expect, the LG TurboWash technology efficiently washes huge loads in less time. Enjoy more features like the ColdWash™ Option and the SenseClean™ System at any time. The TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration System makes this washer/dryer very quiet, so you can do your laundry and answer a phone call in the same room. Powered with the ThinQ® Technoloy, this machine is smart-home ready. Use features like SmartDiagnosis™ (v3.0), Remote Start and Cycle Monitor and Energy Monitoring with your smart device. The GE WM3998HBA comes in a chic Black Steel color that will look amazing in any laundry space.
The modern looking exterior of the LG Signature LUWM101HWA Washer/Dryer combo paired with its feature-packed resume make it a very attractive appliance. With a capacity of up to 2.8 cu. ft., it can hold up to 4-7 full sized bath towels. You can pair it with the LG Sidekick™ Pedestal Washer (model #LUWD1CW) and wash even more laundry at once. Of course, it is also Energy Star Rated (Tier I) and uses just 120 kWh of power per year so you can expect some savings on your electricity bill. The maximum spin speed is clocked at 1600 RPM ensuring your clothes come out drier. The drum is illuminated so you can peer into the glass, window door (which swings to the left) and watch the washing or drying action. The NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Drum is designed to last years and years of use as it resists rusting and corrosion. This machine is compactly sized to fit in smaller laundry spaces at 26.5 inches deep, 33.5 inches high and 23.63 inches wide. It weighs around 208 lbs. Now let’s talk technology. This premiere machine has a trove of great features! With the modern Quick Circle Interface, you can conveniently and easily control two washers (including the SideKick™) at once thanks to its unique circle LCD display in the main washer. It monitors usage trends and displays the cycles you use most frequently. LG’s Auto Dosing System automatically determines the appropriate amount of detergent or fabric softener depending on the type of soil or amount of laundry and delivers it at just the right time for the optimal clean. This machine comes with 17 wash programs including TurboWash®, Prewash, Hygienic Rinse, and FreshCare™ options. With the TurboWash® 2.0 Technology, you can expect to wash loads up to 20 minutes faster without sacrificing the cleaning performance. The FreshCare feature™ will tumble finished loads of wet laundry for up to 19 hours to keep it fresh and prevent wrinkles from setting in. This washer/dryer combo is also smart home ready, equipped with the LG Smart ThinQ® technology, so you can enjoy features like SmartDiagnosis™ using your smart device. The LG Signature LUWM101HWA comes with hoses.

What is the difference between a steam generator and a washing machine?

The difference between these two appliances is very simple for you as a user, with a steam generator your laundry comes out less wrinkled, but not completely dry. To ensure that your laundry remains uncreased in crease, you will need to find a method that allows you to dry your laundry naturally without creasing, or you will also need to purchase a dryer with a steam function.

The advantage of a washer/dryer over a steam washer, in this respect, is that you can wash and dry your laundry wrinkle-free, without having to find a different solution for drying.

The benefits of steam laundry dryers

Most popular white goods brands offer steam laundry dryers, but what are the benefits?

Less ironing

When your clothes come out of the dryer with less or no creasing, you don’t have to iron as much. Steam gets into the fibres of a fabric more easily than using water alone. Steam will therefore make your laundry significantly cleaner, which is very useful if you have allergies or want to wash baby clothes.

Fresh Up

Sometimes your laundry is not really dirty, but just needs a freshening up. In that case, the refresh function is ideal. It blows the steam through the drum and refreshes your clothes in no time. No water is added during this process, so your clothes will wear much less.

The disadvantages of a steam generator

Before you start looking at the different brands of washer-dryers, it is good to think about the disadvantages they can have.

Average fill weight of 8kg for washing and 5kg for drying

One of the biggest pitfalls of a washer-dryer is how many kilograms of laundry you can fit into the drum each turn. For example, if the load capacity for washing is 8 kg or 9 kg, which is enough for a family of 4, the maximum load for drying may be only 4 kg or 5 kg. This means that after each wash cycle, you will need to remove several kilograms of laundry from the drum before you can move on to the drying function.

Some fabrics may still need ironing

A steam combi will certainly help to reduce creasing, but not all garments can go straight back into the closet. For example, a cotton blouse might still have a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out.

Not all wash-dry combinations have the same steam functionality

When you are looking for a washer-dryer with steam functionality, you should always consider what the steam function can be used for. In some cases, the steam can be used only to freshen up your clothes, not to reduce creasing. Hygienic steaming is a completely different function from wrinkle removal and not every steam generator can do both.

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