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Kitchenaid KDTE334GPS is a built-in dishwasher measuring 23.87 inches wide. It features 14 standard place settings, so all your family’s dishes, glasses and cutlery have space to fit. This dishwasher runs quietly at an impressive low sound rating of 39 dBA. Plus, it’s Energy Star rated Tier I. 5 wash cycles are available for you to choose from. Enjoy outstanding performance with features such as the Fan-Enabled ProDry™ System, Bottle Wash Option spray nozzles, Stainless Steel with PrintShield™ Finish, the ProWash™ cycle, the ProDry™ option, the SatinGlide® Max Rails, Sani Rinse option plus much more. Kitchenaid KDTE334GPS is ready to serve your family.

SPT SD-9263SSA product review

Since you are looking to replace your dishwasher, why not have a look at the Kitchenaid KDTE334GPS? This built-in dishwasher is perfect for your family. Measures 24.5 inches deep, 33.5 inches high, 23.87 inches wide and just weighs 100 lbs. The PrintShield™ Finish resists smudges and fingerprints with a special coating for stainless-steel, so your dishwasher is easy to clean and looks great all the time. Enjoy a quiet time even as your dishwasher is running, because this machine is impressively quiet, with a low sound rating of just 39 dBA. Another added benefit is the low power consumption. Energy Star qualified with a Tier I rating, this dishwasher consumes just 270 kWh of energy per year, so you can enjoy some savings on your power bill. With 14 place settings, your entire family’s dishware will have enough space to be washed in just a single load. The silverware basket is in rack and removable. The SatinGlide® Max Rails on the upper rack creates a smooth feeling when pulling the rack, even with heavy loads.
Now let’s talk features. With 5 wash cycles, so you can choose the best type of clean depending on the load. The ProWash™ Cycle senses the type of load and soil level automatically and adjusts the ideal cycle for you. It continually monitors the cycle and make real-time adjustments to ensure excellent cleaning. When you can’t run the dishwasher now, you can choose the delay start option. Set the dishwasher to run anywhere from 2 to 8 hours later, whenever is convenient for you. The Fan-Enable ProDry ™ System lets you get great drying performance even without rinse aid, by combining the heating element and a fan to improve airflow and suck away moisture. Ensure even more thorough drying with Extended ProDry™. This dishwasher has a third level rack that adds up to 35% more space to your dishwasher, so you have extra room for flat items like lids and spatulas. With the Bottle Wash option, dedicated spots for tall items like bottles and glasses is targeted specifically by spray nozzles in the upper rack to ensure a more thorough clean. The nozzles can be adjusted to accommodate many other types of items.
Enjoy all these features and a lot more when you take home the Kitchenaid KDTE334GPS.

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