Silent dishwasher

A quiet dishwasher is no louder than 43dB. This noise level can be compared to the sound of birds outside or classroom chatter. On this page, you will find the best silent freestanding, built-in and under-counter dishwashers from 2024 that are currently available. Take a look now!

Silent dishwasher



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Dishwasher decibel rating

The quietness of a dishwasher is, of course, determined by the amount of decibels produced while washing your dirty dishes. Perhaps a decibel doesn’t mean anything to you, and that’s not surprising at all. To make things a little easier for you, we have summarized the following information:

  • 43 db or less: very quiet
  • Between 44 db and 47 db: medium noise level
  • 48 db or more: very loud

What is a suitable dishwasher for you depends on the placement of your dishwasher. Noise is not a problem, but if you have an open kitchen that connects to your living room, having a dishwasher that is noisy can be very annoying.

Dishwashers are now available that only have a noise level of 39 db, which are perfect for open kitchens and living areas. The difference between a dishwasher with sound levels of 39 db or 40 db and one with 44 db is significant. In fact, you have to keep in mind that each additional decibel is a doubling of the noise.

The Best Quiet Dishwashers of 2024

During your search for the best quiet dishwasher, it’s important to look at the models that tested best this year. In this selection of the best dishwashers, you will find different models that have been evaluated on the energy class, the number of wash programs, the number of place settings, the quality of cleaning and the price range.


Best silent dishwasher

If a new built-in dishwasher is what you are looking for, have a look at the Bosch Ascenta (SHE3AR75UC), a top rated, well reviewed dishwasher that is sure to meet your expectations. This dishwasher measures 22.56 inches deep, 33.88 inches high, and 23.56 inches wide and weighs only 70 lbs. Enjoy being in the same room while your dishwasher is running, because you will barely even hear it since its sound rating is just 50 dBA. Plus, you are sure to save on your power bills monthly because it has a Tier I energy efficiency rating and just consumes 269 kWh of electricity per year. With 14 standard place settings, there is a place for every plate, pan and glass. The standard silverware basket is in rack and can be removed for easily loading of utensils and cutlery. The stainless-steel body is glazed with anti-fingerprint coating that makes fingerprints less visible, so the surface stays clean for longer and easier to polish. Equipped with 6 wash cycles, including Pots & Pans, Auto, Normal, Hand Wash, Quick and Half Load to handle all of your dishwashing needs. Run the dishwasher according to your schedule. Delay Start can be programmed for up to 24 hours later so you can choose to do the dishes when you are away. Intelligent sensors continuously scan and check the progress of dishes throughout the cycle with Bosch PrecisionWash®, and powerful, precision spray arms target every item in every load. The Sanitize Option uses a higher temperature and can be adjusted to meet National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) cleanliness requirements, removing 99.9% of bacteria while also improving drying performance. Bosch dishwashers are built to exacting specifications. 24/7 Overflow Protection System® helps prevent water leaks, even when your dishwasher is off, so you can have peace of mind. Every Bosch dishwasher goes through 485 quality checks to ensure that you get consistent results.
If you are looking for a great, simple dishwasher, consider buying the Frigidaire FFCD2413US. This built-in dishwasher is the perfect size at 24 inches deep, 35.25 inches high and 24 inches wide while weighing just 78.85 lbs. It comes in three different colors: white, black and stainless steel, so you can find one that fits your kitchen perfectly. It operates quietly, with a sound level of around 55 decibels, ensuring a quiet wash every time. With a Tier I energy efficiency rating and a total annual energy use of only 270 kWh, you can enjoy saving money on electric bills. This dishwasher has a high capacity and a tall tub design with 14 place settings, so you can wash a lot of dishes at once. The silverware basket is easy to remove and unload because it is in rack. The three wash cycle options (light, normal and heavy) give you the freedom to choose the type of cleaning that best suits your load, so you don't waste water or energy on smaller loads. Set your dishwasher to run on a schedule that suits yours. It can be programmed to operate four hours in advance with delay start. Now let’s talk about features. The heated drying technology from Frigidaire aids your dishwasher in eliminating moisture from dishes and glasses, allowing it to dry faster. Additionally, the durable polymer wash tub supports the drying process. Get perfectly clean dishes every time, because this dishwasher features three separate spray arms that target soils effectively. Frigidaire’s filtration system is self-cleaning and eliminates food particles by grinding it into smaller pieces, keeping your dishes clean. The stay-put door allows for easier loading and unloading of dishes because it stays put at what ever angle you open it. The Frigidaire FFCD2413US is ready to serve you and your family.
Since you are looking to replace your dishwasher, why not have a look at the Kitchenaid KDTE334GPS? This built-in dishwasher is perfect for your family. Measures 24.5 inches deep, 33.5 inches high, 23.87 inches wide and just weighs 100 lbs. The PrintShield™ Finish resists smudges and fingerprints with a special coating for stainless-steel, so your dishwasher is easy to clean and looks great all the time. Enjoy a quiet time even as your dishwasher is running, because this machine is impressively quiet, with a low sound rating of just 39 dBA. Another added benefit is the low power consumption. Energy Star qualified with a Tier I rating, this dishwasher consumes just 270 kWh of energy per year, so you can enjoy some savings on your power bill. With 14 place settings, your entire family’s dishware will have enough space to be washed in just a single load. The silverware basket is in rack and removable. The SatinGlide® Max Rails on the upper rack creates a smooth feeling when pulling the rack, even with heavy loads. Now let’s talk features. With 5 wash cycles, so you can choose the best type of clean depending on the load. The ProWash™ Cycle senses the type of load and soil level automatically and adjusts the ideal cycle for you. It continually monitors the cycle and make real-time adjustments to ensure excellent cleaning. When you can’t run the dishwasher now, you can choose the delay start option. Set the dishwasher to run anywhere from 2 to 8 hours later, whenever is convenient for you. The Fan-Enable ProDry ™ System lets you get great drying performance even without rinse aid, by combining the heating element and a fan to improve airflow and suck away moisture. Ensure even more thorough drying with Extended ProDry™. This dishwasher has a third level rack that adds up to 35% more space to your dishwasher, so you have extra room for flat items like lids and spatulas. With the Bottle Wash option, dedicated spots for tall items like bottles and glasses is targeted specifically by spray nozzles in the upper rack to ensure a more thorough clean. The nozzles can be adjusted to accommodate many other types of items. Enjoy all these features and a lot more when you take home the Kitchenaid KDTE334GPS.

Quiet dishwashers frequently asked questions

Even if you think you already know everything about quiet dishwashers, it is still good to take a look at the frequently asked questions.

Is a freestanding dishwasher or a built-in dishwasher quieter?

The difference is minimal, but it is known that a freestanding dishwasher makes slightly more noise than a built-in dishwasher. This is because a freestanding dishwasher is not muffled by the surrounding cabinets, so you will hear less noise.

The difference is minimal.

Can an energy-efficient dishwasher also be a quiet dishwasher?

In this case, one does not necessarily rule out the other; a quiet dishwasher can certainly be energy-efficient too. In fact, they often go hand in hand. This is because an energy-efficient dishwasher uses less water, which automatically results in less noise. Half load under counter dishwashers

What is the disadvantage of a quiet dishwasher?

There is one major disadvantage of a quiet dishwasher, and that is that you cannot see how much time remains to wash the dishes. This is because you cannot hear whether the wash program has finished. Most quiet dishwashers have interior lighting that projects the duration of the program onto the floor. This way you can still see how far along the program is. However, this may not work if you have carpeting or a rug under the dishwasher.

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