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The Electrolux EFME627UTT is a front load matching electric drier with an attractive design. The ultra-large maximum capacity of 8.0 cu. ft. can handle large loads easily. Equipped with 9 dry cycles for ease of use. Release wrinkles with Perfect Steam™ or get your clothes ready quickly with 15-minute Fast Dry. LuxCare® Lint Shield ensures no lint will stick on clothes. 5 temperature settings to provide the proper heat for different fabrics. The Extended Tumble option ensures clothes are wrinkle free even after the cycle is complete. Luxury-Quiet sound package for a quiet dry. The end-of-cycle signal alerts you when the cycle is complete. This machine is surely packed with amazing features.

Electrolux EFME627UTT product review

The Electrolux EFME627UTT comes in an attractive design and is packed with must-have features. This vented electric drier has a massive maximum capacity of 8.0 cu. ft., so it can take on piles and piles of laundry in less cycles. Stack it on top of your favorite Electrolux washer or put it on top of a pedestal to add height (model number EPWD257UTT). It weighs just 130 lbs., and measures 31.5 inches deep, 38 inches high and 27 inches wide, the perfect size for closets and smaller laundry spaces. It features a reversible round door that lets you look inside to watch the drying action. With Luxury-Design® Lighting, loading and unloading clothes is easier because you can see the inside of the drier clearly. Your guests will never know you are doing the laundry with the Luxury-Quiet™ Sound System.
Packed with so many wonderful features! Equipped with 9 unique dry cycles for every kind of fabric and load. Handle anything from delicates to heavy duty in ease. The Instant Refresh Cycle removes wrinkles and quickly refreshes fabrics with steam in 10 minutes. Know when the cycle will end in 90 seconds with Predictive Dry™, so you don’t have to keep checking if the cycle is done and you can get it out in time before creases and wrinkles set. Special sensors monitor the temperature and dampness level during the cycle to prevent over drying or under drying with the LuxCare® Dry System. With Perfect Steam™, the steam comes from the bottom up to release wrinkles and reduce static to keep your clothes looking great. The Extended Tumble Option helps in keeping your clothes wrinkle free by continuing to tumble even after the cycle ends without using heat. Keep lint off your clothes every time, all the time, no matter when you clean your filter with LuxCare® Lint Shield.
The Electrolux EFME627UTT do not come with additional accessories.

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