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If your old dryer is in its final days, or has totally given up, you may be looking for your next electric dryer. Well, you have luckily stumbled upon the perfect place to be in. Read on to find out more.

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Buy a new electric dryer

Making a big purchase, such as a new electric dryer, is not an easy decision. Large appliances like electric dryers are hard on the pocket, so we know you want to make a smart choice when choosing your next one. Cost performance is important.

To help you in making this important decision, we have compiled the best electric dryers in the market based on pricing, features and actual customer reviews. Check out our best of the best list to find the perfect electric dryer for you and your family.

Best electric dryers of 2023

There are many brands out there to choose from when it comes to electric dryers. Many companies boast decades and decades of history in the industry, making them familiar and more trustworthy. But there are also newer companies that are making a splash with great features and affordable pricing.

We reviewed the best of the best in electric dryers to help you make the best decision for you. Based on features, technology and most importantly, real people’s experiences and reviews, we ranked the top electric dryers of 2023. Check them out!


Best electric dryer

If it is a simple, no-nonsense drier that you want, the GE GTD33EASKWW might be the right one for you. This top load matching electric drier has a huge maximum capacity of 7.2 cu. ft., so you can get more laundry done in less cycles. The white-on-white coloring is classic and will look amazing in your laundry room. Weighing a measly 104 lbs., and with measurements of 29.5 inches deep, 44 inches high, and 27 inches wide, this machine is compact and can be placed in most smaller laundry rooms and spaces. Because the square, steel door is reversible, you have even more freedom in placement. The long venting capability of up to 120 ft. allows you to position this drier just about anywhere. Pair that with the 4-way exhaust options (rear, right, left and bottom) and you can literally put your drier anywhere. With an aluminized alloy drum, it not only resists corrosion and rusting, but also improves energy efficiency. Make setting cycles simple with the rotary electromechanical controls. Cleaning lint is easy with its upfront lint filter, too! The GE GTD33EASKWW is simple but does the job well. Choose from the three heat selections (less dry, more dry, or optimum dry) to give every load the right kind of dry they need. Doing laundry should be simple. Avoid unnecessary complications with 3 drying cycles. The cottons cycle takes care of most kinds of fabric well. The Easy Care Cycle includes casuals, cool down, less dry and more dry. Quick Fluff gives your clothes a quick dry with no heat to release wrinkles and creases. Because it has a removable up front lint filter, cleaning is easy and takes no time. With the end-of-cycle signal, your drier will let you know when the cycle is done so you can take your laundry out in time and avoid creases from setting in. The GE GTD33EASKWW does not come with any accessory.
The GE GTD42EASJWW is a great top load matching electric dryer that comes in a great price point. It delivers in performance using world class GE technology, but without all the extra bells and whistles to drive the price up. With a huge maximum capacity of 7.2 cu. ft., you can fit in even the largest of loads including beddings and comforters. It measures 29.5 inches deep, 44 inches high and 27 inches wide and only weighs a measly 101 lbs., so it is compact and will fit in the smallest laundry rooms and spaces. Encased in a classic white-on-white body, it will look great in any home. Featuring 4-way exhaust options (rear, right, left and bottom) and up to 120 ft. of long venting capability, you can place this machine nearly anywhere you wish. It has a right swing steel door for a sleek look. Because it has interior lighting, loading and unloading is easier and you can find any article of clothing quickly. Cleaning is quick and simple with the removable up front lint filter. With an adjustable end-of-cycle signal, your drier will let you know when the cycle is done so you can take your laundry out in time and avoid creases from setting in. Aluminized alloy makes for a durable drum that resists corrosion and chipping. With Auto Dry, clothes come out feeling good and looking great because it continuously monitors the air temperature during the cycle and sets the optimal drying time. The Wrinkle Care extended tumble reduces wrinkling and creasing by continuing to tumble at the end of the cycle with no heat, preventing wrinkles from setting in. With four heat selections from Air Fluff (no heat), low, medium and regular, you can choose the best temperature to dry each load. It features four drying cycles to help you get the drying done quickly: Casuals, Delicates, Cottons and Easy Care. The GE GTD42EASJWW does not come with any accessory.
Get the Maytag MEDC465HW top load matching electric drier to accompany your favorite Maytag top load washer. Enjoy life more and spend less time on chores with its large maximum capacity of 7.0 cu. ft., ready to take on your biggest laundry loads. It’s light and compact! Weighing only 109 lbs., and measuring 28.25 inches deep, 43 inches high and 29 inches wide. It will fit right into the smallest spaces and laundry rooms. The square metal door is reversible to give you more options in placement. Vented to allow the moisture to escape outside. This machine comes with a heavy-duty motor that has the strength to handle large loads by utilizing its larger pulley to spin the drum effectively. Featuring 12 different dry cycle options from delicates to heavy duty, it can handle just about every challenge you throw at it. Four temperature selections allow you to choose exactly how you want your clothes to dry. Two sensors monitor the moisture and temperature levels during the cycle, so it knows when the load is evenly dried and stops at the optimal time, giving your clothes the optimal dry. The wrinkle control cycle controls creases and wrinkles by continuing tumbling your clothes at the end of the cycle with no heat. With timed dry, you can set how long you want your clothes to tumble in the drier to prevent over drying. It comes with interior lighting, so loading and unloading is hassle free and you can find every article of clothing more conveniently. The adjustable end-of-cycle signal lets you know right when the cycle is done so you don’t have to worry about leaving a load unattended and wrinkles setting in. This Maytag drier is proudly designed, engineered and assembled from Ohio, U.S.A. to you. The MEDC465HW does not come any accessory.
The GE GTD72EBSNWS top load matching electric drier is packed with features and comes at a budget-friendly price. The large 7.4 cu. ft. capacity can handle even the biggest of loads you throw at it, including duvets, beddings and bulky winter jackets. Even with a large capacity, it comes in a great size at 107 lbs. and measurements of 30.5 inches deep, 46 inches high and 27 inches wide. This drier has a reversible glass door to allow for flexibility in placement along with the venting capability of up to 120 ft. Convenience features include interior lighting to help make loading and unloading easier and lint filter with reminder. This drier boasts 12 dry cycles ranging from delicates to mixed loads to towels and sheets and more. Packed with features, too! Four dry level and temperature options are available for you to choose from so you can customize the way you dry freely. Sensor Dry helps prevent over drying of fabrics thanks to the innovative dual thermistor technology which monitors temperature and moisture in the dryer continually. Protect your family with the Sanitize Cycle which helps in sterilizing fabrics by using high temperature levels. Heat up your clothes and release set wrinkles with the Warm Up feature. The Wrinkle Care extended tumble reduces wrinkling and creasing by continuing to tumble at the end of the cycle with no heat, preventing wrinkles from setting in. Avoid repeatedly having to set up your dryer with the My Cycle Settings which lets you save your personal preprogrammed settings for future use. With Quick Dry, you can dry a full load in less time so your clothes will be ready in no time. Get notified when your load is at the ideal moisture level for ironing or final air drying with Damp Alert. The Vent Sensor alerts you when it detects blockage and restricting in your vent. You’ll have everything you need in a drier with the GE GTD72EBSNWS. This machine does not come with any accessory.
The Whirlpool WED49STBW is a top load matching electric drier that would go well with your favorite Whirlpool washer. With its sizeable capacity of 7.0 cu. ft., you can dry large items like beddings and duvets in the comfort of your home. Weighing only 109 lbs., and measuring 27.75 inches deep, 43.38 inches high and 29 inches wide, the compact sizing lets you place this vented drier in most laundry spaces and rooms. The wide opening door hamper makes it easy to load and unload clothes. Three specialized dry cycles are available for you to choose from: Timed Dry, AccuDry™ and Air Dry. Timed Dry lets you set how long you want the cycle to run so each load can be dried at the optimal time. The AccuDry™ Sensor Drying System allows every load to dry evenly the first time using two sensors that measure the temperature and moisture levels inside the tub and automatically stops the cycle when the load is dry. Choose Air Dry for articles with a softer texture like pillows, beddings and curtains for a gentle dry and freshening. The Wrinkle Shield™ Option protects from creases and wrinkles setting in by continuing to tumble the laundry every five minutes after the cycle is complete. Use the Steam Refresh cycle to apply water and heat to clothes in order to relax wrinkles and reduce odors in just 22 minutes. 3 temperature settings help you choose the proper heat for every fabric type. Convenience features like the end of cycle signal lets you know when the cycle is completed so you don’t forget clothes in the drier and prevent wrinkles from setting in. Because it has interior lighting, loading and unloading is hassle free because you can see every article of clothing clearly. Enjoy all these features and more. The Whirlpool WED49STBW does not come with additional items.

Compare electric dryers

You think you are only making one decision when choosing a new electric dryer, but you are actually deciding on many different things. How do you want your dryer to look–top load matching, maybe front load matching? Does it matter if it’s vented or not? Do you need ALL these shiny features or not really? If you have a few dryers in mind, and can’t quite decide, compare your favorite ones right here.

Electric dryer for the size of your household

One important consideration to think of when buying a new clothes dryer is the maximum capacity. There are dryers that can handle up to 9.0 cu. ft. of laundry, but does your family need a machine this big?

As a rule of the thumb, a drier should have twice as much capacity of it’s matching washer. A dryer with a capacity of 7.0 cu. ft. can fit in 9-15 full sized towels. If you want to spend less time doing laundry, then a dryer (and washer) with a bigger capacity might be the right one for you.

Choose additional features

Electric dryers have come a long way since your grandma’s time. Technology has advanced so much in recent years and gave birth to a plethora of new features to choose from. On one hand, they make the chore of the laundry easier, on the other hand, you get so many confusing choices! Easy: rotary or a touch panel? Requires a bit more thought: impeller or agitator? You might look for a dryer with steam, which is really handy but also gives the machine a price bump. Maybe a simple, uncomplicated dryer is right for you or maybe you want one with 35 wash cycles! Then comes features with the fancy names and then you are all but lost and confused.

Let us help you decide on what features to choose. Click on the options you are interested in and you will be redirected to a page shows the best gas dryers which have that capability. We’ve put these gas dryers under the microscope and checked out their real-life performances. Moreover, these gas dryers have consistently gotten the best ratings and scores from end-users, just like you! So you know they’re the real deal.

What to look for when buying an electric dryer

We want to make choosing your next electric dryer simple. With so many options, brands, features and technology to choose from, we know it can be overwhelming. But don’t panic! We are here to help you. Let’s take it step by step until you find the best one for you.

  1. Fuel Source

    The first step is choosing what fuel source you want your dryer to have, and it looks like you already have that in the bag since you are here. Generally speaking, electric dryers are cheaper to buy than their gas dryer counterparts. Installation is also easier as you can do it yourself without help from a professional, saving you from spending even more money.

  2. This or That

    Front load dryers are made to physically match front load washers. These dryers can usually be stacked on top of their matching washers, which is great if you want to save space. You can of course, also put them side by side or set them up on a matching pedestal, which are usually sold separately.

    Top load dryers are made to aesthetically match, you guess it, top load washers. These dryers have their controls in the rear usually, and can’t be stacked. This type of dryer has been around for a long, long time and many customers have used them before, which makes it very familiar and comfortable to choose.

  3. Perfect Fit

    When choosing a new dryer, it is important to consider how much space you have in your laundry room or closet. You may find the most perfect gas dryer in the world, but if it is an inch too big for your space, you can’t use it, and you would have wasted time and some serious $$$.

    Most (not all!) standard dryers are 27 inches wide. If you want to place your washer and dryer side by side, you need at least one inch of space between them. You also possibly need 6 inches behind the machine to accommodate for venting and wires.

    Something often overlooked is the size of the entranceway to your home all the way to your laundry room. If your dryer can fit through the closet door, but not through the front door, then you can’t buy it.

  4. Vent Exhaust

    Another thing related to measurements and positioning is the location of the exhaust, that is if you are choosing a vented electric dryer. Move on to the next one if you are buying a non-vented dryer. Consider the location of your venting system. Some dryers come with just rear or side venting, and some have 4-way venting. While some dryers have long venting capability of up to 200 ft., it is a fact that the shorter the venting is, the more effective it will be.

  5. Dryer Capacity

    The size of your laundry load will obviously differ when you are single versus when you are married with 10 kids. It is important to choose the correct maximum capacity to avoid overloading your machine as it can potentially decrease the lifespan and cause mechanical troubles. As a rule of the thumb, a dryer’s capacity should be about twice as much as it’s matching washer, but of course this is not a strict rule, a little less than twice should be just fine.

    Look at the actual capacity of the electric dryer rather than describing words like large, extra large or ultra large.

  6. Price

    Ah, we arrive at the true factor that limits our choice: money. Naturally, the most modern electric dryers with all the features you can dream of are more costly. The most inexpensive dryers can be as cheap as $400 and the most expensive ones can be a whooping $1500 or more. That is a wide range!

    When choosing a dryer, consider not only the capacity and features in relation to the pricing, but also the manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure to choose a dryer that is known to be durable and has great customer service. Whether you choose a dryer in the lower end or the higher end, you will still be using your hard-earned money and we want you to get the best bang for your buck!

  7. Features, Technology and Options

    Number of temperature and drying cycles

    While some people want to have many choices when it comes to drying clothes, some people want it simple. The simplest machines will have as little as three dry cycles, making choosing easy. Some dryers, on the other hand will have as much as 35 dry cycles for every kind of load you can think of.


    Do you want a dryer with a touch panel or a physical rotary dial? You have to decide what kind of interface you prefer. Some dryers can also be controlled by a smart device. Is that important for you? If so, then you have to choose a model which can be connected to the wi-fi.

    Sensor Dry

    Many dryers have this technology wherein a built-in sensor monitors the temperature and humidity in the dryer to prevent over drying.

    Steam Option

    Steam is effective in removing wrinkles and refreshing clothes. If steam is an important feature for you, you have to consider a machine with this function.

    Sanitize Cycle
    Many dryers now feature a Sanitize Cycle which kills bacteria and germs by using very high temperatures. This cycle uses a lot of energy so it is more expensive to run.

    Many other features are available depending on the brand and price of the dryer you choose. Consider each one carefully as additional features usually mean additional costs.

Frequently asked questions about buying an electric dryer

What is an electric dryer?

An electric dryer is fueled by electricity. It’s convenient as an energy source because all it takes is plugging in your machine.

Is an electric dryer safer than a gas dryer?

Gas dryers always pose a concern for leaks and carbon dioxide poisoning due to improper installation. On the other hand, electric dryers also pose a small risk of fire or electrocution due to improper installation or faulty wiring.

How long can I expect to use an electric dryer?

Th durability of a product is highly dependent on the manufacturing and quality of materials. That said, most dryers are expected to last at least a decade.

When should I replace my electric dryer?

As mentioned above, electric dryers usually last 10 years. If your dryer is approaching the 10-year mark, it might be a good idea to start looking for your next one even if your current one hasn’t shown any signs of malfunction yet.

How much do electric dryers cost?

The price range is wide, the cheapest ones from $400 and the most expensive ones costing up to $1500 (or more!). Generally, gas dryers are more expensive to buy than electric dryers.

Is it expensive to repair an electric dryer?

Electric dryers are usually cheaper to repair than gas dryers.

Does an electric dryer need a vent?

Most electric dryers have to have an outlet through which it expels warm, moist air, or it won’t work. While it is uncommon in the USA, non-vented dryers have existed in European and Asian countries for decades.

What are Energy Star Ratings?

Thanks to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program, it’s possible to compare energy costs on various products. Energy Star promotes energy savings through the sharing of information between companies to help identify and promote energy-efficient products so consumers can save money and protect the environment.
Energy Star ratings show an appliance’s typical energy consumption per year in kWh (kilo watt hours). The lower the number, the more cost efficient it is to run.


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