Why should I buy a dryer

You can buy a dryer for the following reasons: A clothes dryer dries all the clothes so you don't have to hang them up anymore, in addition, the laundry is also dry a lot faster. Because you no longer have to hang clothes you also save a lot of space.

Why should I buy a dryer



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Why buy a new clothes dryer

Wash dryers are very handy appliances that take a lot of work out of your hands. One of the biggest advantages of having a dryer is of course that your laundry is dried in no time. This allows you to put your laundry back into use a lot faster, which is very handy for things like bedding, but also when your favorite outfit needs to be washed.

A clothes dryer also saves you time. After all, it takes a lot less time to put your wet laundry in the drum of your clothes dryer than it does to hang it all up piece by piece. You also spend less time ironing, because a lot of clothes come out of the dryer wrinkle-free. Most newer dryers even have special drying programs for this purpose.

In addition to drying your laundry faster when you have a dryer, it also takes up less space. Sure, you have to put the dryer somewhere. But most clothes dryers are easy to put on top of your washing machine, and it won’t be in the way. Shelves and clotheslines can take up more space, and not everyone has the room for them.

And finally, using a dryer also reduces the risk of discoloration. Hanging your laundry out in the sun’s UV rays can cause it to become dull and pale.

Disadvantages of a clothes dryer

On the other hand, drying with a clothes dryer does have its disadvantages. For example, a clothes dryer is obviously a lot more expensive to buy than a clothesline or drying rack. If you look at the energy costs, it is also a lot cheaper to dry your laundry on the line. The energy consumption of clothes dryers is getting lower and lower. With an energy-efficient dryer you will spend an average of 50 euros on annual energy costs, but with many clothes dryers the energy bill will be slightly higher. If you want a lower energy bill, you will therefore have to invest in a more efficient type of dryer.

If you look at the impact on the environment, clothes dryers are also not a good choice. You would be better off choosing to hang your laundry.

And finally, your laundry wears out faster in a dryer. The spin cycle and high temperature are not good for your laundry. If you want your clothes to stay beautiful longer, it’s best to hang them up and keep them out of the sun.


Should you buy a dryer or not? That’s a question only you can answer. As we explained earlier, using a clothes dryer is not good for your laundry and you should expect an increase in your energy bill. But if you like your laundry to dry quickly and effortlessly, buying a clothes dryer can definitely be worth it. And a new heat pump dryer is also a lot more energy efficient than a regular condenser.

Tips for buying a new dryer

There’s a lot that comes with buying a new clothes dryer, especially if you haven’t done it before. Dryers have a huge number of specifications and features, which can make it difficult to find the most suitable dryer for your household. For that reason, below are our tips for buying a new clothes dryer.

  1. Type of dryer: there are several types of dryers; the airflow dryer, condenser dryer and heat pump dryer. The airflow dryer is the least economical, followed by the condenser dryer. The heat pump dryer is the most energy efficient and is also the most sold today. This is a quiet dryer that dries at a lower temperature, which is better for your laundry. Most heat pump dryers also have a self-cleaning condenser.
  2. Energy consumption: to find out how much electricity a dryer uses, look at its energy label. In the Netherlands, clothes dryers must have at least energy label B. You should note that energy label A is no longer the most economical energy label. A dryer is only energy efficient with energy class A++ or A+++. Most heat pump dryers have this.
  3. Drainage: there are three ways to get rid of moisture from the dryer. With condenser dryers and heat pump dryers, you have the choice of leading the condensation directly to the drain with a hose, or collecting the water in a reservoir. Airflow dryers use a hose to expel moisture through a window or hole in the wall.
  4. Fill Weight: The fill weight of a dryer indicates how many pounds of laundry will fit in the drum. It’s helpful to stick with the same or more fill weight as your washer. Are you buying a new washing machine and dryer (or a washer and dryer combination)? Choose 7 kg if you have one or two people, 8 kg if you have three or four people or 9 kg if you have a household of five or more.
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