What is a condenser dryer

Condenser dryers are the most sold type of clothes dryer in the Netherlands next to heat pump dryers. Condensation dryers get your laundry dry faster because they dry with a heat element. In addition, they are relatively inexpensive to buy. Read everything you need to know about this type of dryer here!

What is a condenser dryer



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What is a condenser dryer?

A condenser dryer, what is it? Like the air dryer and heat pump dryer, a condenser dryer is a type of dryer. It is designed to get your laundry completely dry after it comes out of the washing machine.

How does a condenser dryer work?

The condenser dryer dries using an electric heating element that heats the air inside the drum to a high temperature. The warm air, combined with the centrifuge, removes the moisture from your laundry. Because a condenser dryer dries at a relatively high temperature, your laundry dries faster than in, say, a heat pump dryer, which dries at a lower temperature.

Condensed dryers have two ways to dispose of the condensation; it is either drained with a drain hose through the water outlet, or it is collected in the built-in reservoir. If you use the reservoir, you do need to empty it regularly. With a heat pump dryer, you get the same options, only with a drain dryer, the moist air is routed through a hose directly to the outside through a window or a hole in the wall.

Preferences and disadvantages of a condenser dryer

The heat pump dryer is the most sold clothes dryer today, condenser dryers are in second place. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which type best suits your needs and desires. For that reason, we have listed all the pros and cons of the condenser dryer below. Good to know: we look at the condenser dryer in comparison to a heat pump dryer. The air extraction dryer is largely ignored here, due to its high energy consumption and the scarcity of models.

Advantages of a condenser dryer

  • It is an expensive dryer to buy. Condenser dryers are generally a lot cheaper to buy than heat pump dryers.
  • Can dry your laundry quickly. By using a heating element and a relatively high drying temperature, your laundry will be dry faster than with a heat pump dryer.
  • Drain condensation: here you have the choice of drainage through the water outlet, or the moisture is stored in a reservoir. Heat pump dryers have the same options, but the drain dryer does not.

Disadvantages of a condenser dryer

  • Bad on the environment. Condenser dryers have a high energy consumption. Due to the use of an electric heating element and high temperatures, the condenser dryer is not energy efficient.
  • Condens dryers increase yourcost of electricity. Due to the high energy consumption of the condenser dryer, it will increase your annual energy costs. Because of this, if you want to dry economically, it’s better to choose an energy-efficient heat pump dryer over a regular condenser.
  • Wrong for your laundry. Your clothes, bedding, towels and other laundry are exposed to a high temperature. This increases the chance of wear and shrinkage.
  • No self-cleaning condenser. Both condenser dryers and heat pump dryers use a condenser. Most heat pump dryers have a self-cleaning condenser, with condenser dryers this is usually not the case and you will have to clean it manually.


If someone needs a new dryer, we recommend a heat pump dryer in most cases. These dryers are more expensive to buy, but because they are so energy efficient, this is often the more economical choice in the end. Do you need a new dryer and you do not have much to spend? Or do you like a short drying program? Then the condenser dryer is also an excellent choice.

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