Dryer for 2 people or couple

If you're only with 2 people, you don't need a big tumble dryer. Drying with a half-empty drum is not very energy-efficient. A dryer with a fill weight of 7 kg is perfect for a 2 person household. Below, we have selected the best tumble dryers for 2 people in 2024 for you. Take a look now!

Dryer for 2 people or couple



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When is a tumble dryer suitable for 2 people or a couple?  

Whether you live with your partner or a flatmate, 2 people do not generally need a large tumble dryer. To find out more about the size of a tumble dryer, look at its fill weight. The fill weight of a clothes dryer indicates how many kilos of wash will fit in the drum each time it is dried. For a household of 2 people, a tumble dryer will not easily be too small, but too big is a risk. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but the energy consumption of a large clothes dryer is higher. In addition, you will need more laundry for a full drum, so you may have to save your dirty laundry for longer. Drying with a half-empty drum is an option, but a full dryer will maximise the energy cost of the drying programme.

Now you’re probably wondering how much fill weight a household of 2 needs. First of all, we recommend that you look at the water capacity of your washing machine. Choose a dryer that has at least the same load capacity as your washing machine. This way, all your wet laundry will fit in the dryer. Are you going to buy a new washer and dryer? Check out the chart below to find out how much fill weight you will need:

  • For a 1 or 2 person household, get a 6 kg or 7 kg dryer. It will be easier to find a washing machine with 6kg fill weight than a tumble dryer. But 7 kg items should not be a problem for a dryer.
  • For a family with one or two children, get an 8 kg dryer. Most new dryers have a 8kg fill weight.
  • For a large family of 5 or more: a 9kg or larger dryer. Tumble dryers with a 9 kg capacity are considered to be large washers.

Best tumble dryers for 2 people or a couple in 2024

Are you looking for the best tumble dryer suitable for a 2 person household? The list below shows the best 7kg tumble dryers for 2024. In making this selection, we looked at the fill weight first of course, then compared all the 7kg dryers in terms of energy class, noise level, ease of use options, different drying programmes, expected life and customer reviews. These dryers came out on top!


Best dryer for 2 people or couple

Pick up the Whirlpool WGD4815EW, available in a classic white color. This top load matching gas drier can handle up to 5.9 cu. ft. of laundry in every cycle so you can do more laundry at once. It weighs a measly 109 lbs., and measures 26 inches deep, 43 inches high, and 29 inches wide so it can fit in many smaller laundry rooms with different kinds of configurations. The reversible metal door gives you even more flexibility in placement. The powder-coated steel drum resists corrosion and rusting so your drier can serve your family for years and years. Because it has interior lighting, it is easy to see inside your drier and makes loading and unloading more convenient. Be alerted when the cycle is complete with the adjustable end of cycle signal. The exhaust vent is located at the rear. This vented drier boasts a total of 15 dry cycles under Auto Dry, Air Fluff, Timed Dry and Wrinkle Shield. It has 4 temperature settings so you can choose the appropriate heat for different fabric types. This machine features 4 drying level selections including energy preferred (auto dry), damp, less dry and very dr. The AutoDry™ Drying System helps prevent over drying by monitoring the moisture content and automatically stopping the cycle when it hits the right level. The Wrinkle Shield™ Option protects from creases and wrinkles setting in by continuing to tumble the laundry every five minutes after the cycle is complete for up to 140 minutes or until you open the dryer door. Dry clothes without heat with Air Fluff to for your most gentle fabrics and to avoid creases and wrinkles from setting in. This drier is the perfect drier for your family, it’s simple and gets the job done. The Whirlpool WGD4815EW comes with a power cord.
Let’s talk about the Amana NGD4655EW. This no-nonsense gas drier is priced at an attractive cost while giving you the features you need in a dependable drier. This top load matching drier has a total maximum capacity set at 6.5 cu. ft. allowing you to do more laundry in less loads. It weighs a measly 113 lbs. and is compactly cased in a white body measuring 28.25 inches deep, 42 inches high and 29 inches wide, so you can fit it in most smaller laundry spaces. The reversible metal door gives you more flexibility in placement along with a venting capability of up to 64 ft. The steel drum is powder coated so it is not only durable and resists rust and corrosion but also protects clothes from snagging. The controls are simple and easy to understand featuring rotary dials. The lint filter is top mounted for easy access and cleaning. This machine boasts a total of 11 dry cycles to handle all your fabric needs. It features great Amana features like Automatic Dryness Control which uses a temperature sensor to assess the load at the end of the cycle in order to prevent over drying. Timed Dry allows you to set how long you want the drier to run so you can give each garment the right kind of dry. The Wrinkle Prevent Option helps you keep clothes wrinkle free even when you can’t take the load out of the drier right away by continuing to tumble clothes intermittently without heat in order to prevent wrinkles from setting in. You can choose from 3 different temperature settings for the best drying heat level depending on the fabrics included in your load. Air Dry allows you to dry clothes without heat so you can use it on your most delicate fabrics. The Amana NGD4655EW comes with a power cord.
If you are tired of over expensive dryers with all the bells and whistles that you don’t really need, the Amana NED4655EW might be the right dryer for you. This electric dryer has a timeless look encased in a classic while color. With a maximum capacity of 6.5 cu. ft., it is big enough to fit a family’s daily laundry load and even the regular washing of bulkier items like beddings. Weighing 120 lbs., and measuring 27.75 inches deep, 44 inches high, and 29 inches wide, it would look great sitting next to its matching washer, Amana NTW4635EW (sold separately). The vent exhaust is in the rear and allows for up to 64 ft. of venting, so you can place it comfortably anywhere in the laundry room. It has a side swing metal door that is also reversible, for extra flexibility in placement. It features a rotary dial control in the rear for intuitive controls. The drum is powder coated for increased durability and easy maintenance. This electric dryer features 11 separate dry cycles and 3 temperature settings that can handle any type of fabric and material. Air Dry allows you to dry clothes without heat, for those extra delicate textiles, while Automatic Dry intuitively chooses the right amount of time to dry garments depending on the type of material. The Wrinkle Prevent option is a must-have when you can’t take out the laundry and fold right away, as it prevents creases from setting in your garments, letting you skip another chore: ironing. It tumbles clothes intermittently without heat to help prevent wrinkles and crinkles from settling in. Amana’s Automatic Dryness Control feature lets you save energy by using temperature sensors to end the cycle at the right time and to help prevent over drying of your favorite garments. The Amana NED4635EW does not come with accessories. Electric cord and vent kit are sold separately and are not included.

Buy a tumble dryer for 2; our tips

When buying a new tumble dryer, one of the most important aspects is the capacity of the drum. This largely determines whether the size of the appliance will fit the size of your household. But there are, of course, many other specifications that you should take into account when buying a new tumble dryer. There are three different types of dryers: the vent dryer, the condenser dryer and the heat pump dryer. Of these, the vent dryer has the highest energy consumption, and the heat pump dryer is the most energy efficient. In general, heat pump dryers are also more expensive to buy, but remember that they keep your energy costs down. That way, you’ll end up saving money with a heat pump dryer. And it’s better for the environment! There are several ways for dryers to do this. The extractor dryer leads the water outside through a window or a hole in the wall. With both the condenser and heat pump dryers, you have the choice of a water collection tray (a condensation drain that you will have to empty a few times a week) or a drainage hose that connects to the water outlet.

Energy class

Each time we explained that the heat pump dryer is the most energy efficient. But there can still be a difference in the energy consumption of 2 heat pump dryers. This is why you should look at the energy label of the device. This tells you exactly how energy efficient the dryer is. Dryers always fall between energy class A+++ and energy class B. For the most economical dryer, choose an A+++ heat pump dryer, even though A++ is considered energy efficient too.

Sound level

The sound level of a tumble dryer indicates how quiet it is when running drying programmes. Dryers are almost always a lot quieter than the average washing machine, but if you plan to turn the dryer on at night, for example, it can still be nice to have a quiet dryer. The noise level of 7kg dryers fall into 3 categories: loud, medium and quiet. Most 7kg dryers have a ‘medium’ noise level, producing 65dB or 66dB. Quiet dryers produce 64 dB or less.


Wash dryers today include a host of technology to make drying your laundry better and easier. This includes options like a self-cleaning condenser, a delayed start and app-based controls. Think you can benefit from all this? Just like your washing machine, tumble dryers have all sorts of different programs for different types of laundry such as wool, shirts, silk, baby clothes and towels. These programs ensure that your laundry dries perfectly and lasts as long as possible. Almost all modern dryers have an eco-setting, for an extra energy-efficient way to dry, and many also have special anti-allergy and extra-dry programs.

Building quality

The build quality of a dryer tells you something about how sturdy it is and how long it is expected to last. Looking at the build quality, all dryers are divided into basic, mid-range and top-of-the-range. If the build quality is not mentioned with a dryer, you can also look at the price range and the brand. According to the Consumers’ Association, these are the best brands for clothes dryers: Miele, Bosch, Siemens, AEG and Samsung. These brands are slightly more expensive, but they all have 7 kg tumble dryers in their range. Miele, Bosch, Siemens, AEG and Samsung score less well according to the Consumers’ Association when it comes to value for money, because they are more expensive to buy. Brands that do score well in this category are Beko, Indesit and Zanussi. Zanussi also produces 7 kg tumble dryers.

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