Dryer lifespan

The average lifespan of a clothes dryer is between 13 and 32 years. Dryers from more expensive brands like Miele last longer than the cheaper dryers from brands like LG and Samsung. In general, heat pump dryers have a longer life than condenser dryers. In addition, dryers with a heat pump consume significantly less energy, which means you can save significantly on your energy costs in the long run. Dryers with a brushless motor also last longer because there is less friction and therefore less wear and tear.

Dryer lifespan



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How long does a clothes dryer last?

How long does a clothes dryer last depends on a number of factors. First of all, it is true that a more expensive clothes dryer will last longer than a cheaper kind of clothes dryer. Sturdy material ensures that a component does not break down easily. Mainly during the end of the drying process, the device should be able to take the blows.

A new heat pump dryer also lasts longer than a regular condenser dryer. The lifespan heat pump dryer should be long, though, because these economical clothes dryers will only save you on your costs if you can use them over a long period of time. At the time of purchase, a heat pump dryer is slightly more expensive than regular condenser dryers, but this will always pay off over the years.

It is also wise to invest in a dryer with a brushless motor. This is because it wears out less quickly, significantly extending the average lifespan. This is because a brushless motor has no friction, which prolongs the life of the inside of the dryer. The additional benefit of a dryer with a brushless motor is that it also makes less noise than most dryers do.

How you treat your dryer also affects its average lifetime. Primarily, the frequency with which you dry is very important. The more often you dry, the shorter the life of the dryer will be.

What you put in the dryer also affects its life. An overly full drum will cause the inside to wear out faster.

Finally, you should always make sure you maintain your clothes dryer properly. After each drying cycle, you should empty the lint filter and possibly empty the condensation tray. In the long run, you need to make sure that you clean the dryer drum and clean the condenser from time to time. You can make this process easier by purchasing a clothes dryer with a self-cleaning condenser.

Which clothes dryer brands have the best lifespan

As with many white goods, more expensive clothes dryers often have a longer lifespan than cheaper types of clothes dryers. This is because the expensive models are made of high-quality materials, which last longer. Here we have listed for you which brands have the longest lifespan:

  • Miele – 32 years – about 5000 drying cycles
  • ASKO – 29 years – about 4500 drying cycles
  • Bosch – 24 years – about 3750 drying cycles
  • Siemens – 24 years – about 3750 drying cycles
  • AEG – 24 years – about 3750 drying cycles
  • Samsung – 14 years – approximately 2200 drying cycles
  • Whirlpool – 13 years – approximately 2000 drying cycles
  • LG – 13 years – approximately 2000 drying cycles

Please note that these figures are based on an average of three drying cycles per week. If you dry less often, your dryer may last even longer than the table indicates. Conversely, the same is true, if you dry more often, your dryer may have a shorter lifespan.

You can calculate the exact lifespan of your dryer yourself by first dividing the total drying cycles by the number of times you dry per week. Then you divide this number again by the number of weeks (52).

How to extend the life of a clothes dryer

If you want your clothes dryer to last longer, there are a few things you can do. We’ve listed the most helpful tips for you:

  1. Always make sure your clothes dryer is level

A dryer that is level will stay solid. If your clothes dryer is crooked, there will be too much friction at the end of the drying process, which will cause the parts to wear more easily. Also, if you are putting your clothes dryer on top of your washing machine, it is important that you level both appliances properly.

  1. Clean your clothes dryer regularly

After each drying cycle, you should remove the lint from the filter and empty the water from the condensate tray. This will ensure that the clothes dryer can always do its job properly. Also, once every three months, clean the inside of the drum with a damp dish cloth to prevent the holes in the drum from getting clogged. Finally, you should also clean the condenser well once in a while. Don’t feel like doing this or are you afraid you’ll forget? Then look for a dryer with a self-cleaning condenser. This will flush some water past the condenser each time you dry, cleaning it.

  1. Place the dryer in a suitable room

The place you put your dryer will affect how long its life will be. Always try not to put the clothes dryer in a place with a lot of moisture or cold. This is because parts can break down more quickly if you get wet or freeze.

  1. Pay attention to how you use your clothes dryer

It is very easy to overload a clothes dryer by stuffing the drum completely full. First of all, your laundry won’t dry properly, and in addition, your clothes dryer has to work harder to achieve the same results. In the long run, this will cause your dryer to wear out faster.

  1. Invest in a heat pump dryer

How long will a heat pump dryer last? Longer than any other dryer! This is because heat pump dryers use a low drying temperature to dry your laundry, so a heat pump doesn’t have to work as hard. The dryer is put under less strain, so all the components last longer.

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