What is a clothes dryer

A clothes dryer is an appliance that dries wet laundry that comes out of the washing machine. The advantage of this is that you don't have to hang clothes up anymore and the laundry dries a lot faster too.

What is a clothes dryer



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What is a dryer?

A dryer is household appliance made to dry your wet laundry after it comes out of the washing machine. Most dryers do this by heating your clothes and spinning them at the same time.

A regular clothes dryer, or regular condenser or drain dryer, uses an electric heating element to do this, reaching a high temperature. In contrast, modern heat pump dryers use a heat pump in combination with a refrigerant. This allows the heat pump dryer to dry at a lower temperature, saving you energy and making your laundry last longer. We’ll explain more about the different types of dryers later!

Advantages and disadvantages of a clothes dryer

Not all Dutch households have a clothes dryer. Many choose to dry their laundry by hanging it on a drying rack or clothesline. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Do you want to buy a clothes dryer, but are not sure whether it is the right choice? Here are all the reasons why you should or should not buy a dryer.

Advantages of a dryer

  • Your laundry will dry a lot faster if you use a dryer. If you hang up your wet laundry, it can sometimes take days before you can use it again.
  • You save time because you don’t have to hang up your laundry. You put it in the dryer, and you fold it when it’s dry.
  • Save space. Laundry racks and clotheslines can get in the way quite a bit. A dryer will also take up space, but you can often fit it on top of your washing machine.
  • Your laundry will come out of the dryer deliciously soft. And if you take it out of the drum on time, your clothes can be wrinkle-free.
  • Less chance of discoloration. The sun can help dry your clothes well, but sunlight also dulls your clothes faster.

Disadvantages of a dryer

  • Wash dryers are expensive to buy. You can easily pay between 300 and 2000 euros for one.
  • Your laundry wears out faster in a clothes dryer. Your towels, bedding and clothes won’t last as long as a result.
  • Dryers increase your energy consumption. While it’s free to hang your laundry.
  • Your laundry gets cleaner and whiter from sunlight. The UV radiation kills bacteria and acts as a natural bleach that breaks down stains.

What should you know about clothes dryers?

When buying a new clothes dryer, there’s a lot to consider. Dryers have a lot of different features and specifications that determine whether or not a particular dryer will fit your household. The average clothes dryer has a lifespan of 12 years. Therefore, you do not want to buy a wrong product! So read the information below carefully to find out exactly what you need to consider when buying a new dryer.

The type of dryer

There are different types of tumble dryer; the heat pump dryer, the condenser dryer and the air extraction dryer. Heat pump dryers are the most popular today because they are very energy efficient in drying. The disadvantage of heat pump dryers, however, is that they are more expensive to buy, so it is good to remember that – because they are so economical to wash – they are actually a lot cheaper to use. The condenser dryer has a higher energy consumption and the extractor dryer is the least efficient.

Energy consumption

If you like to dry economically, choose a heat pump dryer with energy class A++ or A+++. This means you use less electricity, which is good for the environment and your wallet. An energy-efficient dryer keeps your energy bill low. Energy-efficient dryers are also more expensive to buy but can save you money when you use them.

Condensation drain

There are different ways that dryers drain condensation. With condenser dryers and heat pump dryers, you often have the choice of whether you want to drain the moisture through a flexible hose to the water drain, or the condensation is collected in the built-in tank. In the latter case, you will need to empty the tank after every drying cycle. Airflow dryers discharge moisture through a hose and out through a window or hole in the wall.

Fill weight

The fill weight of a dryer indicates how many pounds of laundry fit into a full drum. It is important to choose a dryer of a size that suits your household. It is best to choose a dryer with the same fill weight as your washing machine or more. That way, all your wet laundry will fit in your dryer. Are you buying a new washer and dryer? Then look at the following recommendations: 1 or 2 people need 6kg or 7kg, 3 or 4 people 8kg, and 5 people or more 9kg or more.

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