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When looking for a new dryer, there are many things to consider. Not only do we have to look for a machine that fits our budget, but we must also consider the features, technology, size, capacity and even design. In this website, we will introduce you to some of the best Amana dryers in the market based on consumer ratings, sales volume, features and more. Let us help you find your perfect dryer!

Amana dryer



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Information about Amana dryers

Amana was founded in 1934 by George Foerstner as The Electrical Equipment Co. in Middle Amana, Iowa. It was later renamed after the place it was born in. The Amana company believes in quality and value. For that reason, Amana products are priced attractively, but delivers impressively in performance. Amana understands that people shopping for new appliances not only look for function, good design and innovative features but also cost performance and value.

Best Amana dryer of 2024

Amana is best known for its amazing products that are not only more budget-friendly, but also work outstandingly. This brand is perfect for someone who is single, a couple or a small family who need to wash smaller loads. There are some things to consider, of course, like how big you want your drier to be, or whether you want it to be vented or non-vented. But that is just the beginning of all the choices you will have to make.

We will help you decide which is the best Amana dryer for YOU. We have listed Amana’s best dryers currently available in the market so you don’t have to scourge the internet for hours on end. Have a look below.

Best electric dryer from Amana of 2024

There is a plethora of choices for you under electric dryers from Amana. You may be considering electricity as the source of fuel for your next dryer for many reasons. Most electric dryers come in a wide range of models, and have a lower upfront cost. That means they are generally cheaper to buy than their gas dryer equivalents. Electric dryers are relatively low-maintenance and repair costs are usually budget-friendly. Homeowners can also install them without professional help, unlike with gas driers which would require professional help for setting up.

Dryers are not cheap and we know it. We also know that you want to find one that has all the features that you want and fits right into your budget. Let us help you find the best Amana electric dryer that will serve your family for the years to come! We have listed the best of the best in Amana electric dryers of 2024 just for you.


Best amana dryer

If you are tired of over expensive dryers with all the bells and whistles that you don’t really need, the Amana NED4655EW might be the right dryer for you. This electric dryer has a timeless look encased in a classic while color. With a maximum capacity of 6.5 cu. ft., it is big enough to fit a family’s daily laundry load and even the regular washing of bulkier items like beddings. Weighing 120 lbs., and measuring 27.75 inches deep, 44 inches high, and 29 inches wide, it would look great sitting next to its matching washer, Amana NTW4635EW (sold separately). The vent exhaust is in the rear and allows for up to 64 ft. of venting, so you can place it comfortably anywhere in the laundry room. It has a side swing metal door that is also reversible, for extra flexibility in placement. It features a rotary dial control in the rear for intuitive controls. The drum is powder coated for increased durability and easy maintenance. This electric dryer features 11 separate dry cycles and 3 temperature settings that can handle any type of fabric and material. Air Dry allows you to dry clothes without heat, for those extra delicate textiles, while Automatic Dry intuitively chooses the right amount of time to dry garments depending on the type of material. The Wrinkle Prevent option is a must-have when you can’t take out the laundry and fold right away, as it prevents creases from setting in your garments, letting you skip another chore: ironing. It tumbles clothes intermittently without heat to help prevent wrinkles and crinkles from settling in. Amana’s Automatic Dryness Control feature lets you save energy by using temperature sensors to end the cycle at the right time and to help prevent over drying of your favorite garments. The Amana NED4635EW does not come with accessories. Electric cord and vent kit are sold separately and are not included.

Best gas dryer from Amana of 2024

Amana features a lot of great gas dryers. Gas dryers can be the more cost-effective option if you plan to use your dryer for five years or more. Drying one load in a gas dryer will cost you about 15-20 cents. That totals to roughly $72.8 in savings yearly compared to an electric dryer. On the other hand, the upfront cost for installation will set you back $200-300 dollars as you will need to hire a professional. Gas dryers dry loads more quickly than electric dryers and produce less static cling. They can keep clothes from wrinkling because gas dryers dissipate heat faster after the end of the cycle.

You must be thinking that your next gas dryer should be something that you can use long-term, is dependable and has great features. We got you. Make the choice for your next gas dryer easier with our list of Amana’s best gas dryers of 2024.


Best amana dryer

Let’s talk about the Amana NGD4655EW. This no-nonsense gas drier is priced at an attractive cost while giving you the features you need in a dependable drier. This top load matching drier has a total maximum capacity set at 6.5 cu. ft. allowing you to do more laundry in less loads. It weighs a measly 113 lbs. and is compactly cased in a white body measuring 28.25 inches deep, 42 inches high and 29 inches wide, so you can fit it in most smaller laundry spaces. The reversible metal door gives you more flexibility in placement along with a venting capability of up to 64 ft. The steel drum is powder coated so it is not only durable and resists rust and corrosion but also protects clothes from snagging. The controls are simple and easy to understand featuring rotary dials. The lint filter is top mounted for easy access and cleaning. This machine boasts a total of 11 dry cycles to handle all your fabric needs. It features great Amana features like Automatic Dryness Control which uses a temperature sensor to assess the load at the end of the cycle in order to prevent over drying. Timed Dry allows you to set how long you want the drier to run so you can give each garment the right kind of dry. The Wrinkle Prevent Option helps you keep clothes wrinkle free even when you can’t take the load out of the drier right away by continuing to tumble clothes intermittently without heat in order to prevent wrinkles from setting in. You can choose from 3 different temperature settings for the best drying heat level depending on the fabrics included in your load. Air Dry allows you to dry clothes without heat so you can use it on your most delicate fabrics. The Amana NGD4655EW comes with a power cord.

Amana dryer technology

Sensor Drying

Sensor drying is a feature that detects how much moisture is left in the fabrics during the dry cycle, so it ends at the perfect time and help prevent over drying.

Sanitize Cycle

Take care of your health while providing care for your clothes with the Sanitize cycle which eliminates up to 99.9% of common bacteria.

Eco Dry Option

Use less energy while getting great drying performance with the Eco Dry option. This feature saves energy by using less heat and extending the cycle time.

Wrinkle Shield Feature

When you are unable to remove clothes the moment the cycle completes, wrinkles can form in the fabrics. With the Wrinkle Shield feature, periodically tumbles and fluffs the load to keep wrinkles from setting in. Some driers with steam can also be set “with steam” where a short steam cycle helps smooth out wrinkles that may have already formed.

Quick Refresh

If you want to refresh a small load of garments and remove wrinkles and odors quickly without washing, the Quick Refresh option is a must-have.  This feature uses steam to sanitize and dewrinkle garments.

Enhanced Touch Up

If you have a load that you forgot to take out from the dryer or have packed clothes in a suitcase that you want to take out, Enhanced Touch Up is a useful in smoothing out wrinkles. Steam resets the fabrics and 4-5 minutes into the cycle, water is sprayed for about 1 minute.

Air Only or Air/Fluff Cycle

When using this cycle, heat is not used as the clothes are tumbled and dried inside your dryer. This is perfect for delicate items and fabrics that can shrink easily. It can be used with a dry rack so it is also convenient for sweaters and shoes.

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