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The Maytag MDB4949SDM is a 24.5-inch-wide built-in dishwasher featuring 14 standard place settings. The sound rating is at 50 dBA making it fairly quiet. It is Energy Star qualified with a Tier I rating. It comes with 4 wash cycles for you to choose from. Some of its nice convenience showcases include touch controls, increased upper rack height, full stainless-steel tub, modern touch controls and end-of-cycle indicator. Plus, enjoy Maytag technology in features such as the Leak Detect system, Dual Power Filtration, the PowerBlast cycle, Heated Dry, and more. The Maytag MDB4949SDM is the perfect dishwasher to replace your old one.

Frigidaire FFID2426TS product review

If it is time to replace your old dishwasher, the Maytag MDB4949SDM is one you should consider. Measuring 24 inches deep, 34 inches high and 24 inches wide, and weighing just 105 lbs., it’s the perfect size to fit in most kitchen cabinets. Run your dishwasher without even noticing it’s on. This dishwasher has a sound rating of just 50 dBA. With a Tier I energy efficiency rating, it’s Energy Star qualified and consumes just 370 kWh of electricity per year, so you can enjoy saving some money on your power bills. This dishwasher comes with 14 place settings to accommodate your entire family’s dishware in one cycle. The silverware basket is in rack. The fingerprint-resistant, easy-to-clean stainless steel resists smudges and smears, ensuring that your dishwasher looks great all the time. Increase the upper rack height to accommodate large dishes that are generally left for the bottom rack, eliminating the need for a second load.
With 4 wash cycles, you can choose the best one depending on the type of load. The delay start feature can be configured from 1 to 24 hours later, so you can run your dishwasher according to your schedule. This dishwasher comes with many great features. Maytag engineering eliminates pre-work by eliminating soaking, scrubbing, and pre-rinsing. Dual Power Filtration, a first in the industry, combines 100% microfiltration with a 4-blade stainless steel chopper to cut debris in its path and filter them out. The PowerBlast Cycle uses high-pressure jets, elevated water temperatures, and hot steam to remove difficult to remove food off dishes, so all you have to do is load them in. Heated Dry uses increased temperatures to so remove excess moisture from your dishwasher and dry your dishes quickly. The Leak Detect system is a collection of features that measure and monitor the flow of water at various points. If a leak is detected, the unit will drain the tub and notify you as needed. The dishwasher’s end-of-cycle indicator tells you where it is in the wash cycle: when it’s in the middle of the cycle, when it’s done, and even when the Steam Sanitize option is on.
The Maytag MDB4949SDM built-in dishwasher is perfect for you and your family.

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