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The Whirlpool WDT730PAHW is a built-in dishwasher with a width of 23.87 inches, allowing it to fit into a variety of small locations. It is relatively quiet, with a sound rating of 51 dBA. With an outstanding Energy Efficiency Rating of Tier I, it uses only 270 kWH of energy each year. This machine has four wash cycles and a number of useful features, including Soil Sensor, a fan dryer, Sani Rinse option, a High Temperature Wash option, and a Heated Dry option, to name a few. Fingerprint resistance, an adjustable upper rack, a stainless-steel internal door and stain-hiding plastic tub, a cycle progress display, and more are included as extra convenience features.

SPT SD-2225DWA product review

The Whirlpool WDT730PAHW built-in dishwasher is available in four stunning colors to complement your kitchen: Black, White, Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel, and Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless Steel and Sunset Bronze. It measures 24.5 inches deep, 34.5 inches high, and 23.87 inches broad and weighs 55 pounds. Sunset Bronze, Black Stainless Steel, and Stainless Steel are fingerprint resistant finishes that are easy to clean and resist smudges. Every piece of cutlery has a place with 15 standard place settings. The location of the silverware basket is in the rack for easy access and convenience. With a sound level of only 51 decibels, this dishwasher is extremely quiet. The annual energy usage is expected to be 270 kWh, with a Tier I energy efficiency rating.
Soak and clean, 1 hour wash, normal, heavy, and sensor are among the 5 wash cycle options. During the prewash and wash cycles, two sensors assess temperature, soil level, and load size, and the sensor cycle automatically selects the ideal wash and dry settings every time. With the 1-hour wash cycle, you can clean glasses, dishes, pots, and pans in as little as an hour and have them ready to use in no time. This dryer has a soil sensor that detects how unclean the dishes are and changes the standard cycle as needed, ensuring that your dishes are always clean. Fan Dry guarantees that air is circulated, forcing damp air out and sucking fresh air in, putting all your cutlery ready to be stowed in the cabinets straight away after taking dishes out of the dishwasher. You can manually modify the height of the upper rack by up to 2 inches to accommodate taller objects. Sani RinseĀ® sanitizes dishes and destroys up to 99.99 percent of bacteria, ensuring that your dishes are always clean. The high temperature wash option provides extra cleaning power for delicate goods such as baby bottles and glasses that require a deeper clean.
The Whirlpool WDT730PAHW comes with a slew of useful features that make dishwashing a breeze.

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