Washing machine 2 people or couple

If you're just 2 people, you don't need a big washing machine. A washing machine with a 7 or 8 kg fill weight is perfect for 2 people. Looking for a washing machine for 2 people? We've listed the best washing machines for 2 people of 2024 for you below.

Washing machine 2 people or couple



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When is a washing machine suitable for 2 people or a couple?

Whether you share your home with a roommate or your partner, with two people in a house, you don’t need a big washing machine. In fact, it is better to choose a small washing machine. A larger washing machine uses unnecessarily a lot of water and energy. Besides that, it’s also not good for your washing machine to run with a half-empty drum. The machine can get out of balance and start to vibrate very hard, which can damage parts.

This is why it is important to consider the recommended fill weight of your washing machine when filling the drum. The load weight, also known as the capacity of the washing machine, indicates how many kilograms of washing you can fit into the drum.

For that reason, we recommend that a single or couple go for a washing machine with a load weight of 7 kg or 8 kg. With a machine of this weight, you can wash several times a week without having to save up for a full load.

Best washing machines for 2 or a couple in 2024

Will you be buying a new washing machine with your partner or flatmate soon? The lifespan of the washing machine is around 10 years, so you’ll want to make the right choice. If you’re looking for the best washing machine with a 7kg or 8kg fill weight, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we list the best washing machines of 2024. In making this list, we’ve looked at things like the energy rating, noise level, wash quality, build quality, and overall wash modes of all the washing machines. Who knows, maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for!


Best washing machine 2 people or couple

The Hotpoint brand appliances work as hard as you. The same is true with the Hotpoint HTW240ASKWS, a compact top load washer, which comes at a fantastic price point. It comes with a 3.8 cu. ft. total capacity which is plenty to handle your everyday laundry needs. Weighing just 138 lbs., with measurements of 27 inches deep, 47 inches high and 27 inches wide, this washer is the perfect size for many smaller laundry spaces. Consuming as little as 187kWh or energy per year, this washing machine is built to last for the long-haul, your family will use it for years and years to come. The maximum spin speed of 700 RPM guarantees that excess moisture is removed from the fabrics at the end of the cycle, so you spend less time drying clothes and more time doing what you love. The sensible 10 wash cycle options give you plenty of choices without overcomplicating things. Wash different types of fabrics from your delicates to your bedding. Delivering amazing washing performance with its heavy-duty agitator, this washing machine guarantees thorough, effective cleaning of all your clothes. The stainless-steel basket is long-lasting, low maintenance, resists rust and won’t chip or peel and furthermore protects your clothes from snags. PreciseFill automatically fills the perfect water level for your load size or select your preferred water level from 4 different choices. Choose Deep Rinse to remove leftover detergent, fabric softener and stubborn dirt. The bleach dispenser automatically mixes bleach with the wash water for optimal dilution and whitening action. The rotary electronic controls with cycle status lights lets you know the progress of the wash cycle with just a quick glance. Proudly made in the United States of America, this machine is simple and no-nonsense but gets the work done. The Hotpoint HTW240ASKWS does not come with accessories.
The Maytag MVWC465HW is a top load washer that features a large total maximum capacity of 3.8 cu. ft., allowing you to freely wash larger loads and bulky items like comforters, beddings and jackets. Suited for smaller laundry spaces with compact measurements of 27 inches deep, 42 inches high and 27.25 inches wide. This machine weighs a measly 126 lbs. Take care of stubborn stains and dirt while consuming just 254kWh or energy per year. The maximum spin speed of 680 RPM, removes excess moisture on fabrics so your clothes come out dryer at the end of the cycle and spend less time hanging outside in the clothesline or your tumble dryer. A total of 12 different wash cycles are available to choose from, giving you the freedom to wash all sorts of laundry from delicates to bulky items. The PowerWash cycle gives this washer the most powerful cleaning in its class, combining different wash actions and heated water to drive powerful cleaning. Paired with the PowerWash agitator, clean any load size thoroughly and efficiently, removing stubborn stains. Add more water to the load with the Deep Water Wash option. The extra water works with the PowerWash agitator to effectively break down crusted on dirt. The Auto Sensing option adjusts the water level automatically to match the load size, providing more effective and concentrated cleaning. Wash away excess detergent, fabric softener, and other laundry chemicals with the Deep Rinse option. Chose the Quick Wash for a 30-minute fast cleaning of smaller loads. Make two steps into one with the Colors with Soak cycle or the Whites with Soak Cycle. Soak fabrics for ten minutes and automatically run the Colors or White cycle after. Additional features include the cycle status indicator which lets you know when the cycle has ended, the late add (pause) feature which allows you to add more clothes in the middle of the cycle, and a stainless-steel drum which makes your washer rust-resistant and more low maintenance. The Maytag MVWC465HW includes hoses and a power cord.
Affordable and efficient, the Whirlpool WTW4816FW is a top load washer that delivers. The 3.5 cu. ft. maximum capacity is enough to handle your daily laundry needs. The measurements are 27 inches deep, 42 inches high and 27.5 inches wide and weights just 160 lbs. It’s compact so it will fit in the smallest laundry spaces and closets. This wash basket is made of smooth, white porcelain designed specifically to help prevent even the most delicate fabric from snagging. It consumes at little as 274kWh or energy per year while delivering great cleaning load after load. Enjoy the 12 different wash cycle options. Wash any type of laundry from delicates to bulky items and ensure that they are getting the clean and care they need. The Bulky Items/Sheets cycle takes care of bedding as well as those bulky winter jackets. The washer fills with enough water to wet down the load before the wash cycle begins, then uses a higher water level than other cycles. Save time with the Quick Wash cycle that's designed to clean small, lightly soiled loads in 30 minutes. Choose the water level you need for the cycle you want. No matter which cycle you choose, Water Level Selection lets you select Auto Fill to adjust water based on load size or the Deep Water Wash option to help break down loose soils with more water. Use the washing machine’s maximum spin speed of up to 700 RPM to remove excess moisture on fabric so your clothes can spend less time in the dryer or hanging in the clothesline. Take on your toughest loads. The traditional dual action spiral agitator provides the wash action and cleaning performance to give your clothes the clean it needs. Don't worry if you left a few of your items behind with Add-A-Garment. Extra time before the spin cycle starts lets you toss in any missed or forgotten items. The Whirlpool WTW4816FWdoes comes with a drain hose.
Look no further than the Amana NTW4516FW for your next budget-friendly and no-nonsense top load washer. Get the cleaning power you need without the extra bells and whistles that just drive the prices up. The 3.5 cu. ft. maximum load capacity is ample enough to take on your daily laundry needs. It weighs just 133 lbs. and it’s compact, with measurements of 27 inches deep, 42 inches high and 27.5 inches wide, so it will fit in most smaller laundry spaces. The porcelain tub is not only durable but also helps protect fabrics from snags. Handle dirty laundry daily while saving money because this machine only uses 162kWH of energy per year. The maximum spin speed of 680 RPM ensures that extra moisture is removed from your clothes’ fabrics at the end of the cycle, so drying time will also be faster. The 8 wash cycle options provide you with a variety of choices without overcomplicating things. Provide a gentle, effective wash for your sensitive items with the dedicated delicates cycle. The deep water wash option lets you add water enough to fill the tub so you can wash bulky items and bigger loads more effectively. Even the most sensitive skins are protected with Extra Rinse. Remove excess detergent, fabric softener, and other laundry chemicals with the extra rinse option. Don’t worry if you forgot to add a piece of clothing before pressing “start” because the late lid lock gives you some extra time to throw in any missed items before the spin cycle starts. Some soils clean better in cold water while some clean better in warm water. With 5 separate temperature settings, you have the ability to choose the right temperature for every load, for any type of dirt. Amana washers are proudly designed, engineered and assembled in the United States of America. The Amana NTW4516FW comes with a drain hose.

What makes a good 7kg washing machine?

If you have a family of 2, we would recommend a 7kg or 8kg washing machine. Of course, there are other things to consider when buying a washing machine for 1 or 2 people. These are our tips:

  • Energy Rating: Previously known as the energy label, this indicates how energy efficient the washing machine is. Energy-efficient washing machines are a little more expensive to buy, but in the long run they save you money because they use much less energy.
  • RPM: The RPM tells you how many rounds the washer’s drum makes per minute when spinning. The more revolutions, the drier your laundry will be. Most washing machines with 7 or 8kg load have a spin speed of 1400 or 1600 rpm. 1400 rpm is the most common, but 1600 rpm will get your laundry as dry as possible – which is great if you don’t have a tumble dryer yourself.
  • Sound level: A small household is usually not in a big house. For this reason, you and your partner or roommate will benefit from getting a quiet washing machine. For a household of 2 people, we recommend a washing machine that generates a maximum of 73 dB during the spin cycle.
  • Wash programs: There are no two different washing machines that have exactly the same programs. You and your partner/spouse will probably have preferences for certain wash cycles. Before buying a washing machine, check whether it actually has those programs.
  • Ease of Use: If you share a washing machine with someone, you may find that it has extra features that make washing easier. These include a load sensor, a clothes protector, delayed start, adding wash in between, and a self-cleaning detergent drawer. These features can add a little to the price of washing machines, so only go for them if you really want to use them.
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