Washing machine in bathroom

If you don't have space in your attic, kitchen, hallway or garage, you might have to place your washing machine in the bathroom. That's not such a bad place, because often the bathroom is also the place where you collect the dirty laundry and you're also not in the bathroom that much, so you're not facing the washing machine all the time. The bathroom is of course a humid place and many people wonder if it's a good idea to put the washing machine in the bathroom. In this article, we answer the most common questions about a bathroom with a washing machine and we explain what to look out for.

Washing machine in bathroom



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Is a washing machine in the bathroom safe?

In principle, it is not unsafe to place a washing machine in the bathroom, but it is advisable to take some safety measures.

A pull switch

If your washing machine is in the bathroom, it is recommended that you use a pull switch. You activate the washing machine by pulling a cord and in the same way you remove the power from the washing machine. A pull switch is often equipped with a light, so you can see if the power is on or not.

When you are not using your washing machine, there is no power on it and therefore it is less dangerous if it comes into contact with moisture or water. Do you have a washing machine and a dryer?

Please note that not connecting your washing machine safely to a pull switch may void your warranty!

Place your washing machine in the right area

In the Netherlands, there are a number of safety regulations that can help you decide where to put your washing machine in the bathroom. These regulations distinguish zones 1 through 6 and state that there must be at least 60cm of clearance between electrical machines and water sources.

So it is recommended that you make sure there is at least 60cm of clearance between the washing machine and the edge of the bath, shower and sink. This is safe enough.

Prevent water damage

When you have a washing machine in the bathroom, you always immediately think of water damage caused by water from the bathroom, but it can also happen the other way around.

Specially in small bathrooms, this can cause a lot of damage. So always make sure your washing machine is in a drip tray, that you use a water lock or a double drain hose. In addition, you can also install a water detector on the floor to the washing machine, which will go off if water from the bathroom or from the washing machine itself comes near the device.

Can you put your washing machine and dryer in the bathroom?

Once your washing machine is in the bathroom, it is natural to put your dryer there too. To do this you need to take the same safety measures as for the washing machine, but it is also important to pay attention to the ventilation of your bathroom.

In a warm and clammy bathroom, your dryer cannot do its job properly. This is because the difference between the temperature inside and outside the machine is not big enough. The machine cannot attract enough cold air and the contents of the dryer will not dry as well.

So always make sure that your bathroom is well ventilated and that the warm air is removed quickly. You can do this with a ventilation system, but also by leaving the window or door open for a while. Try to avoid showering while your laundry is drying and only turn the machine on when the room is no longer damp or wet.

Can you hide your washing machine in the bathroom?

Of course, you don’t just want your washing machine to be safe in the bathroom, you want it to look nice too. Fortunately, there are several great ways that your washing machine can be displayed in the bathroom in a nice way.

An extra cabinet

An extra cabinet is not only beautiful, but can also be very practical. First of all, it makes sure that your washing machine is not in full view and it also gives you extra space to store toiletries and towels.

A shelf

You can also easily hide the washing machine by putting a shelf on top of it. You don’t have to build a cabinet specifically then, but the washing machine is out of sight. A shelf also gives you some extra space for folding laundry or putting detergent on it. You can also hide your washer and dryer from view by adding a nice dividing wall next to the toilet or bathtub. It’s like having a walk-in shower, only there are two machines in it. You will only be able to see the appliances from one side, and they will be better protected from splashing water.

You should note that this solution almost always requires you to stack the appliances.

A Curtain

This option may not be the prettiest, but it is better for your budget and easier to use. You can easily hide your washing machine by hanging a curtain in front of it. However, be aware that this will not muffle the sound of the washing machine and you will hear the spin throughout your home. Is the sound of the washing machine important to you? Then this isn’t the best option.

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