Washing machine lifespan

A washing machine has an average lifespan of between 11 and 15 years, depending on the number of washes in the week. With five washes a week, your washing machine will last a few years less than with three washes. More expensive washing machines generally have a longer lifespan than cheaper models because they are made of high-quality materials. Miele, Siemens and Bosch are the best brands when it comes to a washing machine with a long lifespan. You can help make your washing machine last longer by maintaining it properly and paying attention to what and how you wash.

Washing machine lifespan



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How long does a washing machine last?

How long a washing machine lasts depends on several factors. First, build quality is an important factor. Washing machines that are built of sturdy materials tend to last longer than those made of materials that break down more quickly. Mainly during the spin cycle, the washing machine must be able to take the blows.

Another important factor is how often you run a wash. Of course, it makes sense that your washing machine will wear out faster if you use it more often. How long a washing machine should last is always determined based on two washes per week.

Maintenance of the washing machine is also important. If piles of soap scum get stuck, it can lead to poor drainage, which causes damage to the inside of the washing machine. Lime deposits can also cause the life of the washing machine to shorten considerably.

Finally, the way you use the appliance also affects its life. Washing with too much detergent, overloaded washes and washing garments with hard parts are all bad for your machine.

Which washing machine brands have the best lifespan

The lifespan of a washing machine varies by brand. It is unfortunately true that a more expensive washing machine has a longer lifespan than washing machines that have a lower price. Are you going to buy a new washing machine? Then check out these brands that have the longest lifespan:

  • Miele – 15 years – about 2350 washes
  • Siemens – 12.5 years – about 1950 washes
  • Bosch – 12 years – about 1930 washes
  • AEG – 11 years – about 1775 washes
  • Zanussi – 11 years – about 1700 washes

Please note that the average lifespan from this calculation is based on three washes per week. If you wash more often, there is a chance that your washing machine will break down before the specified time.

You can calculate the lifespan of your new washing machine yourself by first dividing the total washes by the number of times you wash per week. Then you divide this number again by the number of weeks (52).

How to extend the life of a washing machine

You can also have a lot of influence on how long a washing machine lasts. Here are some tips that will make a washing machine last longer.

  1. Keep your washing machine clean

A clean washing machine will last longer than and one that is dirty inside. Parts such as the pump can become clogged and broken due to dirt left behind. Lime deposits can also do a lot of damage to the inside of your washing machine. So always make sure you wipe the inside regularly and once every 6 months run an empty boil with a little vinegar.

There are also special products that can combat limescale in your washing machine, you can sometimes even run these during a wash. That way, you don’t have to put in extra effort to keep your washing machine clean.

  1. Invest in a good washing machine

A cheaper washing machine often has a shorter lifespan. If you are going to buy a new washing machine, it is therefore wise to invest in a model from a good brand. See above which brands have the best lifespan.

  1. Check your laundry

Belted clothes, bra clasps, a forgotten bunch of keys or loose coins are all things that can damage the inside of your washing machine. So always check carefully what you put in the drum. Always empty your pockets and put any clothing with sharp parts in a laundry bag.

  1. Leave the door open after a wash

Closing your washer door when the inside is still damp can make your washer break down faster. You can extend the life of a washing machine by leaving the door open until the entire inside is dry. This will also prevent the inside of the drum and your laundry from smelling.

  1. Always wash a full drum

You can make your washing machine last longer by always washing a full drum. This is because you can significantly reduce the number of washes. Instead of washing little bits each time, it’s better to save up all your laundry. This will reduce the number of times you use the washing machine, which will also reduce wear and tear. Be careful not to wash a drum that is too full, as this puts too much strain on the shock absorbers, causing them to wear out more quickly. For a household with less than three people, a small washing machine with a fill weight of 8 kg is sufficient, and for larger households, a large washing machine with a fill weight of more than 9 kg is needed. When buying a washing machine, the right fill weight is very important.

  1. Put your washing machine in a good place

The place where your washing machine is placed definitely affects the average life of the appliance. Always try not to put your washing machine in a place where it is very cold or humid. This is because cold can cause the water to freeze, which can cause parts to break down. A damp place can cause parts such as the power supply to break down faster.

  1. Always make sure your washing machine is level

A washing machine that is not level will not last as long. This is because it will vibrate too much during the spin cycle, which can damage the parts.

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