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The Whirlpool WGD6120HW is a top load matching gas dryer that can handle up to 7.4 cu. ft. of laundry every load, so you can get ride of piles and piles of laundry quickly. It features a whopping 35 dry cycles including your preset preferences with the Favorite Cycles set up. The attractive price point comes with lots of great features such as AccuDry™ sensor drying technology, Wrinkle Shield™, EcoBoost™, the Sanitize cycle, the Quick Dry cycle, and more. It’s also smart-home ready. Connect to your dryer and manage laundry with the Whirlpool® app or use the optional voice control to use simple voice commands to run your machine. No matter what, the Whirlpool WGD6120HW will be a beautiful addition to your home.

Whirlpool WGD6120HW product review

A very handsome top load gas dryer, the Whirlpool WGD6120HW not only looks modern, but also has the features to back it up. And yet, this dryer comes at a great price point. Do more laundry in less loads with the large maximum capacity of 7.4 cu. ft. It weighs just 119.6 lbs., and measures 29.88 inches deep, 40.88 inches high and 27 inches wide; compact enough to fit in smaller laundry spaces. Enjoy flexibility in placement with its 4-way exhaust vent option and up to 64 ft. of venting capability. The window, hamper-style door let you look inside to see the drying action while the incandescent interior light makes loading and unloading more convenient. Easy controls are possible with the electronic-type display with easy-to-understand buttons. This dryer is smart-home ready and even allows for the option of voice control using a compatible voice-enabled device.
Enjoy 5 temperature settings and up to 35 different dry cycles including ones that you can program yourself according to your preferences using the Favorite Cycles option available through the Whirlpool® app. Kill 99.9% of known household bacteria with the Sanitize Cycle using high temperature levels. Get small loads ready in a few minutes with the Quick Dry cycle. The AccuDry™ Sensor Drying System allows every load to dry evenly the first time using two sensors that measure the temperature and moisture levels inside the tub and automatically stops the cycle when the load is dry. The Wrinkle Shield™ Option protects from creases and wrinkles setting in by continuing to tumble the laundry every five minutes after the cycle is complete. Get amazing drying performance while using less energy with the EcoBoost™ option. This feature uses less heat and a longer drying cycle to achieve lower energy consumption. There is more to discover with the Whirlpool WGD6120HW.
No accessories are included.

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