Closet for washing machine and dryer set

It is very convenient to have a washer and dryer in your home, but unfortunately the appliances are not always fashionably designed. If you find it really annoying to have to look at them all the time, a washing machine cabinet is a very good solution. You build this around the appliances, so they are no longer in sight. This is not only much nicer, but you can also save space with it.

On this page you will find everything you need to know about the closet for washer and dryer sets!

Closet for washing machine and dryer set



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What is a closet for a washer dryer set

When you are looking for a closet for your washer and dryer set you have a few different options. You can choose a stand-alone or a built-in cabinet, and then you have the option of placing the two appliances on top of or next to each other. In the following sections, you can read about what to look for for each option.

There are a number of advantages to having what is called a built-in cabinet for your washing machine. The biggest advantage is of course that the appliances are no longer in sight. Especially if you don’t live that big, this can really make a big difference in the atmosphere.

In addition, the cabinets often have some extra storage space as well. There is an option to store other laundry supplies such as laundry detergent. Some options even have a pull-out drawer that you can place your washing machine on while loading and unloading.

Also, the sound of the appliances is muffled when you place them in a cabinet. Even a quiet washing machine with a brushless motor makes noise during spinning and this is muffled by the cabinet. Also, if you are washing something with a buckle, for example, you will not hear the ticking against the door the whole time.

It is possible to buy a standard cabinet for your washer and dryer. These are made to a size where most washer and dryer sets can easily fit into it. You then don’t have to go to too much trouble yourself and it is even possible to find a cabinet with a patented tipping fuse. You can then be sure that the appliances will not fall out of the cabinet. Always think carefully about what the best washing machine cabinet is for you and whether you prefer a sliding door or a French door, with the first option you will save the most space.

Finally, a cabinet also ensures that the appliances are sturdy, stabilizing them during the spinning process. This prevents the appliances from having to absorb blows all the time, which will ultimately give them a much longer life. So you have extra long enjoyment from your new washer and dryer!

Cabinets for washer dryer set together

The advantage of a washer and dryer sets against a separate washer and dryer is that the devices are always completely matched. Not only in terms of content, ease of use, noise level and energy label, but also the shape. So you always have a matching washer for the dryer and vice versa.

Stacking the two separate appliances on top of each other has the advantage of saving a lot of space. With a laundry tower you create a solution in height, a space that remains unused in many households.

Another solution to save space is the washer-dryer combination, but here you often have to compromise on ease of use, for example there are few washer-dryer combinations with a self-cleaning detergent drawer. Also, it is not possible to wash and dry with a combination at the same time, which can be very irritating especially with a larger household.

You can best use a stacking kit for stacking your washer and dryer. For a kit there is often one that goes with the brand, this is not a big expense. Most DIY stores and white goods stores also sell universal ones, with that you often have to check if and how they can be screwed to your washing machine.

Please note that the dryer should always be placed on top of the washing machine. This is because the washing machine is much heavier. Also, always make sure everything is level, otherwise you will damage both appliances at once and that would be a shame.

The big advantage of this setup is that your dryer is above your washing machine, so you can load everything right through. This saves a lot of bending down and is therefore much better for your back.

Cabinets for washer dryer set side by side

Of course, the best sets can also be placed side by side. The appliances are matched so that they have the same height and depth, so they fit in the same cabinet. You then have some extra storage space on the top shelf.

When you have a washing machine cabinet where the appliances are side by side, both appliances are often built right into the niche. This way, you avoid getting all kinds of dirt between the two appliances, which you can’t access properly later on. Even a more expensive washing machine will have a few hairs in it and a tumble dryer will have lint.

Even if you place the two separate appliances next to each other, you can make sure they are slightly higher. At the bottom, you then keep some space to store your detergent and laundry basket, for example, so that the appliances are at a height that doesn’t require you to bend over. The ideal height for a washing machine is just under your elbow, making it easy to load and unload all of your laundry.

Mounted washer and dryer cabinet

With a built-in washer and dryer cabinet, the best way to hide the appliances is to use one. Not only do you not see the appliances, but the cabinet itself hardly stands out. Basically, for this type of cabinet, you should look for the same features as with a regular cabinet, whether you choose the appliances on top of or next to each other.

A good washer for a built-in cabinet already has the right dimensions, of course, but you can also turn it around. Match the cabinet to the size of the washing machine. There’s no point in ignoring the best tested washer and dryer set because it won’t fit in your preferred cabinet!

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