What clothes should be put in a heat pump dryer?

In principle, almost all clothes can be put in a heat pump dryer. However, be careful with clothes like tights and clothes with loose parts. Not sure? Always look at the label of the garment, it tells you if it can go into the dryer or not.

What clothes should be put in a heat pump dryer?



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Does the low temperature mean you can put all your clothes in the dryer?

Yes. In principle, almost all clothes can be put in a heat pump dryer, but of course there are always some exceptions. For example, be careful with clothes like tights and clothes that have loose parts on them, like studs or sequins. Most heat pump dryers have a special program for underwear and other delicate items, so you can dry them. However, you should always make sure that you select the drying program for synthetic materials, so that the heat pump dryer knows exactly what temperature the material needs.

Can I dry my jeans in the heat pump dryer?

With other dryers, you may be used to your jeans not feeling as good after they come out of the machine. That’s right, because the high temperatures of a normal dryer have a bad influence on the fit of your jeans and it often causes the fibres of the fabric to contract, i.e. shrink. A normal dryer is often also not good for the colour of your jeans and if you often dry them at high temperatures they can become faded.

You can safely dry your jeans in a heat pump dryer. When you select the special programme for jeans, the appliance not only ensures that they are dry, but also preserves their colour and fit.

What about towels?

Nothing is more annoying than a big, clammy ball of towels that has just come out of the washing machine and you’d rather put it straight in the dryer. The problem is that although your towels will come out dry in a normal dryer, they will be very hard at the same time. That’s because of the high temperatures that other dryers use. With a heat pump dryer, you don’t have to worry about that, the fabric will be nice and soft even after drying.

What should I look for when drying with a heat pump dryer?

You should always make sure that you are using the right program to dry your laundry. Each program is adjusted to a certain type of material, for example a program for wool uses a lower temperature than a program for cotton. So in some cases you may need to sort your loads first and dry the different materials separately. Be careful if you have just unloaded your laundry from the machine and want to transfer it to the dryer.

Why is a heat pump dryer better for your clothes?

Your clothes will wear out less

The drum of a heat pump dryer is designed to be gentle on your clothes, the edges are less sharp and there are no other protrusions inside the drum. There are also heat pump dryers that have special programs where the drum spins less and thus prevents your garments from wearing out. Another trick is that a drum doesn’t rotate in the same direction all the time. By alternating between left and right rotation, it ensures that your laundry is not rolled up into a big ball during the drying process.

Your clothes will wrinkle less

The drum of a heat pump dryer moves more slowly than other types of dryers, which means that it shakes up your clothes less frequently and less quickly. This reduces the amount of creasing and eliminates the need for ironing. This is better for your clothes because they are less likely to be exposed to the high temperatures of your iron.

Your clothes are less likely to shrink

You may be used to some fabrics shrinking when you dry them in other types of dryers, so many people are hesitant to put a wool sweater, for example, in the heat pump dryer. But, because a heat pump dryer uses low temperatures to dry your laundry, your clothes will not shrink. The lowest temperature a heat pump dryer uses for wool is around 5 degrees, which is even lower than the temperature of the coldest program on a washing machine.

How does a heat pump dryer take better care of my clothes?

It’s actually quite simple. Heat pump dryers are equipped with several new technologies, and they all benefit the quality of your clothes. For example, inside the drum of a heat pump dryer is a sensor that continuously measures the temperature and makes sure that it stays the same. A heat pump dryer can also measure when your clothes are dry, so it will never continue to dry your clothes when it’s not needed. It will always stop drying on time, even when the time of the drying program has not yet expired.

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