Whirlpool heat pump dryer

Are you in need of a new clothes dryer? If you're stuck on a budget, Whirlpool heat pump dryers are a great choice! Whirpool have a range of different tumble dryers, with all sorts of clever features that make drying your laundry as easy as possible. Find out all you need to know about Whirlpool heat pump dryers here.

Whirlpool heat pump dryer



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Information about Whirlpool heat pump dryers

Whirlpool is an American company that manufactures home appliances. They have a wide range of dryers with intuitive controls, making it a snap to do your laundry from now on.

Whirlpool is known as a cheaper brand. For that reason, you should not expect very exceptional results from your Whirlpool heat pump dryer. According to the Consumers’ Association’s annual survey of clothes dryers, owners of a Whirlpool clothes dryer are generally the least satisfied with its drying performance. However, owners still rate their Whirlpool dryer with an average of 7.6. In terms of value for money, however, Whirlpool performs above average!

Many Whirlpool dryers have brand-specific features – specifications that you will only find in Whirlpool dryers. We’re happy to explain which ones they are and what they do.

6th Sense ‘Infinite Care Duo Sensor’

This technology automatically adjusts the temperature inside the drum and the humidity level using a humidity sensor. This results in extra gentle drying, shorter drying times and lower energy consumption. This is environmentally friendly and keeps your energy costs down.

6th Sense 3Dry Technology

With its 6th Sense 3Dry Technology, your Whirlpool dryer gently adds multiple streams of warm air to your laundry. This way, your clothes, towels and bedding dry with care, and your laundry lasts longer.

Self-cleaning condenser

Several Whirlpool dryers have a self-cleaning condenser. This means you no longer have to clean your dryer’s condensation filter manually – the dryer automatically rinses it clean as it dries. This literally takes work and time out of your hands.

Silent technology

Washers, especially heat pump dryers, make considerably less noise than the average washing machine. But then the noise from your clothes dryer can still be distracting. For an extra quiet dryer, choose a model with Whirlpool Silent technology.

Whirlpool FreshCare+

This feature keeps your clothes fresher for longer, even if you can’t get them out of the drum right away. For up to 6 hours after your drying programmes have finished, your dryer’s drum will continue to spin gently. Combined with the smart thermostat, this ensures that your clothes stay fresher for longer. Good to know: FreshCare+ is not to be used in conjunction with delicate or closet dry/extra dry drying programs.

Best Whirlpool heat pump dryer

The best type of dryer at the moment is the heat pump dryer. These are quiet clothes dryers with a good energy label. Whirlpool offers several heat pump dryers at the moment. In the top 5 below you will find the best Whirlpool heat pump dryers of 2024. In order to make this selection, we looked at the different drying programs, the fill weight, the energy class, the options for ease of use and the noise level of all Whirlpool heat pump dryers.

Whirlpool heat pump dryers, what to look out for

Whirlpool has a range of different types of dryers to choose from. And no two are alike. That’s why it’s a good idea to find out what to look out for when buying a new tumble dryer. The list below gives you our tips for picking the Whirlpool dryer that best suits your household needs. Still can’t figure it out?

Type of washer dryer

There are several different types of tumble dryer, the heat pump dryer, the condenser dryer and the air extraction dryer. We would like to explain to you the differences between them. The heat pump dryer is the most energy-efficient. This is because it uses a heat pump and a refrigerant when drying. Because this type of dryer dries at lower temperatures, heat pump dryers are also better for your laundry. Looking at energy consumption, the condensing dryer is second only to the heat pump dryer. Condensate dryers dry at a higher temperature with the help of a heating element. This means they have a shorter drying time, but use more electricity and wear out your clothes faster. Airflow dryers use a lot of energy per cycle, so we don’t recommend this type of dryer. You can also choose to have a washing machine with a filter that is not too hot or too dry. Whirlpool heat pump dryers are often cheaper than similar models from other brands.

Energy rating

The energy label of a dryer indicates how energy efficient it is for drying. If you want to dry in an environmentally friendly way, choose an energy-efficient dryer. It will also help you save on energy costs. To save as much energy as possible, choose a heat pump dryer with energy label A++, also energy label A++ is considered energy efficient. By choosing an energy efficient heat pump dryer instead of a regular condenser dryer, you can save up to €888 over the lifetime of the dryer. You can choose to connect the dryer to the water drain, then the moisture will be drained directly through the water drain with a drain hose. You can also choose to collect it in a reservoir. The load should be emptied into the sink after each drying cycle.

Fill weight

The fill weight of a dryer indicates how much laundry will fit in the drum. But how much fill weight do you need? We recommend that you buy a dryer that has at least the same amount of filling power as your washing machine. That way, you can always fit all your wet laundry directly into the dryer. Are you buying a new washing machine and dryer? Check out the following list for guidance:

  • a 1 or 2 person household will need a 7kg capacity dryer.
  • a household of 3 or 4 people will need a dryer that holds 8kg.
  • a household of 5 people or more will need a dryer that holds 9kg or more.

Most Whirlpool dryers are 8kg, but they also have several models that are 7kg or 9kg.

Ease of Use

Everyday, more and more dryers are offering a variety of features and options to make drying as easy as possible for you. These include a residual time indicator, an anti-vibration function, automatic switch-off, a self-cleaning condenser, delayed start, a clothes protector and a child lock. Think you can benefit from all this? Make sure your new dryer has these features.

Noise level

The average dryer, especially the heat pump dryer, is a lot quieter than most washing machines. Still, the noise can be distracting, for example if you wash and dry at home or you have thin walls. If you are looking for a quiet Whirlpool heat pump dryer, look at the noise level. This tells you in decibels (dB) how much noise the appliance produces. Dryers are divided into three categories: loud (67 dB or more), normal (65 dB or 66 dB) and quiet (64 dB or less).

Building quality

The build quality of a dryer gives an idea of its expected lifetime and drying performance. For this purpose, tumble dryers are divided into 3 categories: basic, mid-range and top-range. However, not every supplier and manufacturer is as open about the build quality of their products. For that reason, it can be useful to look at the brand and the price range. According to the Consumers’ Association, AEG, Miele, Bosch, Siemens and Samsung are the best brands for tumble dryers. However, these brands are also somewhat more expensive. If you are looking for a dryer with a good price-quality ratio, Whirlpool, Indesit and Zanussi are excellent choices.

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